Travel Novosibirsk - Karelia for Opel Vectra

And it all began? On this trip I thought for three years, ever since my colleague that on Altai something and never traveled before, quite calmly, with his wife and young daughter, jumped into her old "Corolla" and drove off to Peter. Frankly, I was a little surprised by his boldness, I even admired.

In my head something clicked, lit up "light." Since then matured thought that someday in the distant future, I decide on your own is great as it seemed to me, the journey. I ripped through thousands of kilometers to the unknown for me Russian lands, cities, fields, mountains, rivers and lakes. I've eaten almost half of our great country by car on the European part of Russia!

I recently wanted to see Peter and Karelia, and indeed the Mother Russia. The capital city of the Golden Ring, the Ural Mountains, and many more interesting things. In addition, I wanted to go the whole route by car, get a feel for all the details and nuances of the distant haul, finally understand what "Federalka».

So there were all the circumstances, that this is the year I get to go in that direction. In St. Petersburg, friends call to visit the first year, and in Moscow there are friends who have not seen - all missed! In general, food!

I look for travel companions did not. Well, who would go with me on this route? I decided to go alone in a car, at least to Peter. And then we'll see, "feel", pofotografiruem and Peter, and at the same time Karelia. I have a free schedule. Well, do not call in on Ladoga, Onega, White, Solovki, Kizhi, Valaam, "where everything is so close!» © from Peter.

A route following. The city in which I called in, marked in large letters, the rest went without a break or bypass:
NOVOSIBIRSK - Omsk - Ishim - Barrow - Chelyabinsk - Ufa - Kazan - Cheboksary - Nizhny Novgorod - Vladimir - Moscow - Tver - Novgorod - St. Petersburg - Sortavala - Ruskeala - the island of Valaam - Staraya Ladoga - Vologda - Yaroslavl - Kostroma - Kirov - Perm - Yekaterinburg - Tyumen - Ishim - Omsk - NOVOSIBIRSK.

0-howl day I planned to leave May 28, Saturday morning. But the soul did not survive: how can we still wait the whole night, when it is possible to spread your wings and fly, fly, fly ?! Therefore, fast charges: check the status of the vehicle, the rear seats are folded, things are thrown into a car, money, passport, insurance. I do not remember? I forgot tripod for the camera, but, okay, is not fatal to cope without him. So, on May 27 in Friday's 18-00 zero-day journey began. Clay Sticker - where do without them? Solemn departure, all the cases.

Car Opel Vectra 1.8 liter, lift-back, on the robot, produced in 2007

I have in my arsenal: Navigator, Video recorder, Radar Detector, CB-radio - it's my best friends on the road. Refuelling on the outskirts of the city - full tank. Price 95-octane gasoline - 24-30 rubles. And here I am flying on the highway Omsk «Baikal» - M51 the sun. And every evening in the direction of Peter - a beautiful sunset. I do not know about you, dear readers, but when I go on a trip by car, experiencing some exquisite thrill that can not get in everyday life. It's kind of a carefree freedom from everything. And the more I go alone. With me there is no pesky smokers who need a stop every half hour. With me there drinking beer tovarischey who constantly demand stops. I am alone and I am free! I'm going with the speed that chooses, I stop where I have to, I stop there where I just want. I'm going as there is strength - it's wonderful!

From talking on the CB radio to truckers:

 - PG ... Guys, tell obstanovochku Omsk / Ishim / Kurgan / Chelyabinsk? ... Pysch ...
 - PG ... You away neatly ... PG ...
 - Pysch ... You too ... ...
pysch  - PG ... Udachki!
 - You too ... ...
After Uba went good track. It was getting dark, little machines, joined up for the "Camry", the speed of 140-170. The first stop in the Omsk region. UNITY - full tank. The price of 95-th - 24 rubles. The cheapest gasoline in my way. In Omsk, the night did not. Curled up on the P402 - I decided to go to the side of the Ishim, while there are forces. The quality of coverage has fallen slightly, but sometimes fresh asphalt sections allow to accelerate to 200 easily. Force ran Abatskii in the Tyumen region, about 70 kilometers before Ishim. There I spent the night in the parking lot of truckers. For zero-day, I walked 950 km. Average speed turned 107 km / h.


Map of the 1st day.

Day 1: May 28th. Late morning. I sleep well. The mood is positive. Almost all of the trucks had left, there were only a few truckers who were engaged in repairing their iron monsters. Translated clock back one hour. I bought boiling water in a thermos, 10 rubles, by the way. Brewed coffee "three in one" and in a way.
Tyumen, Kurgan and the beginning of the Chelyabinsk region are very similar to the Kazakh landscape - "steppe and steppe around" - reminded the road to Astana, the eyes themselves, and not to be hooked.

In the area of ​​Ishim are bad sectors asphalt in one place a few kilometers of gravel road - there is a repair of roads. In some places, the road workers block the lane for repairs and put a traffic light. Because of this lost about 30 minutes.
In general, prior to the Ural Mountains asphalt it was more or less decent. After crossing the border with the Tyumen region of gasoline going up once for a couple of rubles. I asked at the gas station, "Why are you in Tyumen gasoline is more expensive than in Omsk, you're sitting on oil?" "Therefore, the more expensive" - ​​are responsible. Well, of course, what is there to understand.

Oh, and then it was Kurgan, Chelyabinsk and then - they, I traveled on the bypass.

I merge onto M5 - "Ural", and then met the first pointer to Moscow.

Well, it's time for lunch.

After Miass I met gloomy clouds, occasional rain, and the first Ural mountains!

Ural beautiful, no matter what anyone said.

Eye rejoices after Kurgan steppe: mixed forest, rock outcrops, lovely rivers and lakes, in general, I liked it.

It would be necessary to examine more carefully the Urals! But it is ever the next time.

As for the quality of the road. Urals - a narrow road, endless clamping truck in dense traffic and bad Tryasuchev asphalt. As a result, the average rate is low and dangerous overtaking.

To understand how the DPS becomes more cars in the republics, again I cite the example of a dialogue of CB conversations with truckers:

 - Guys, tell me the situation on Ufa / Kazan / Cheboksary?
 - Well, then: is on the rise for overtaking gentlemen police categorically welcomes unscrupulous drivers. Then, on the 41st, 56th, 74th km "kamerki" will be - be careful! Two more machines in your party went.
 - Thank accepted. You have too many "machines" will work.

Well, that's Ural Mountains to an end, the street was dark, I cross the border of Bashkortostan. The landscape here is me, in general, too, I liked - nice hills covered more bright spring fresh herbs.
Roads encouraging. But the only thing remembered a small negative - is that not in Bashkiria was marking on the pavement. Everywhere there - they do not. Probably did not have time to draw, but for me, the fact remains. That night was the rain, and it was hard to go. I missed the turn onto the bypass Ufa and navigator I decided to show the city. In the darkness I did not find anything interesting - navigator held on the margins, but they told me that the city is beautiful.

I go on the road M7 - "Volga". Again it started to rain. There was a squeak of radar detectors - yes, I did not notice the sign beginning of the village, a handsome man. Striped stick: "Come here - get the first penalty of 300 rubles."

Normally, at the same time exercise. He took the coffee and the first in the life of Uchpochmak. What it is? I've never before even heard of such a word. Reminded samsa. Triangular baked pie stuffed with minced meat, potatoes and onions - delicious, juicy. Snack and food on until there is strength.

Overnight already happened in Tatarstan at the gas station, about 300 km away, before reaching Kazan.

Map of the 2nd day.

Day 2: I would also like to tell you about Oleg Kazan, with whom we met on the forum Opel Antara Club. I posted an ad of his trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, and said that if someone suddenly agree to show your city, located on that route, then I will be very happy. Oleg responded graciously agreed to meet me, and to show Kazan. We agreed that I call him, how I should approach. Just like people put aside everything and agreed to spend your time on an unfamiliar traveler.

I wake up, and the window is rain, and, unpromising sky overcast horizon. Well, I think, I was covered with a copper basin, my tour of Kazan. I called Oleg, he was surprised that I reached the day before. Yes, I was surprised, frankly, too good pace picked up. He said I was driving safely, and that the weather is wonderful in Kazan - the sun is shining and warm outside.

Passed Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk HPP. I did not know before, and it's a big city with half a million population.

The quality of the road surface after Ufa is not satisfactory. And the closer I approached to Kazan, the more on the way there, "Galizhanap politsiyskie" and the camera every 5 km. Radar Detector taxis, without it I would have been difficult.

Before Kazan is a good 4-lane bypass. The weather is getting better. At the entrance to the city was waiting for me, Oleg. We met in person, shared their impressions about the way talked about our "Opel" and the like. "Vectra" was delivered to the parking lot and on the tour, I sat in the "Opel Antara" passenger. Thus, I rested on the wheel, and I was able to look around while driving.
According to the number of cameras across Kazan ahead of Russia. Radar detector is not complacent. Fixed-line even stop at traffic lights, and if crossed - receive by mail 800 rubles.
Oleg gave me a very interesting and informative tour. He told how the city's history and its current status. It get enough light and interesting dialogue.

We started with a walk along the embankment of the river Kazanka. How good legs to walk after two thousand kilometers of driving. Outside the heat, the sun was hot, warm breeze from the Kazanka - good!

I always wanted to feel the power of 'Antara' with the engine 3 2. Oleg gave me a test drive at the site.
Then there was the Kremlin, Annunciation Cathedral, Tower Syuyumbike - local Leaning Tower.

Kul-Sharif Mosque impressive size and beauty, even managed to get inside.

Spasskaya Tower.

Then drove to a pond with fountains, Kazan State University, where he studied Ulyanov.

Kazan Arbat - there I took the ice cream production Naberezhnye Chelny, the birthplace of "KAMAZ". Incidentally, it was on the counter, and our ice cream - "Inmarko" and "Russian Holod."

Walk through Kazan was delayed 5 hours, which I have never regretted. This large beautiful city left a good impression. I wanted to stay for a few days, even for a walk, take pictures of the night Kazan. But, alas, the timing of holidays - for three weeks, need to meet. Goodbye to my new friend. Oleg, thank you very much! Always very nice to start these new acquaintances. He, incidentally, it is recommended to call in Raifa Monastery, which is 20 kilometers from Kazan. I stopped, and did not regret.

Beautiful monastery, lake, pine forest. Accumulated water source. Rumor has it that the frog does not croak near the monastery, because the monks asked for the grace of God - to save them from the croaking of frogs, prevents them from singing. A miracle happened - the frogs were silent. And silent to this day, although on the lake, where there is Raif monastery, they are found in abundance. Many scientists have tried to debunk this myth. French toads were brought here to close the monastery fell silent. Abduction explore monastic frogs. But a kilometer from the monastery they started to jump excitedly, and then were filled with loud rumbling croaking.

At seven o'clock I went back to M-7. To Moscow was about 800 km. I passed the bridge across the Volga River, the border with Chuvashia. The terrain is slightly hilly, species not dull. On the road repair work at times, a lot of cars traffic police is common sign "overtaking is forbidden." Cheboksary slipped on the bypass and bypass Nizhny Novgorod, as I understand it, and was not completed, but I could be wrong. Therefore, the food on the navigator, in the dark along the wide avenues, on the outskirts of the city of Vladimir on the left. Quality of roads was pleased with the Nizhny Novgorod region. Basically, three bands with ratchet, a 4-lane road.

From talking on the CB:
 - Track prompt on the Lower / Vladimir / Moscow?
 - Far away neatly ...
 - You too ...
 - Udachki.
 - Udachki.

Vladimir region - a beautiful 4-lane road with a dividing. It was already late at night, Vladimir I went on the bypass. Joined up for the "Porsche" with Moscow numbers, truckers said: "Far away cleanly", radar silent - drive 180-200. Who goes slowly, trying not to take the left lane, give way - just a fairy tale! But the forces leave after had to let go of "Porsche" and to call for refueling - when you go 200, petrol ends much faster. Coffee and loud music do not help. And in my head spins: "We must get to Moscow until the morning, and it'll get stuck in traffic." At 4 am I just cuts off, to go further so unsafe. I decided to sleep in the car, even a little, but slept for 2 hours. Accordingly, I got into a huge traffic jam after Orekhovo-. Oh, how I wanted to avoid it, but failed.

From talking on the CB:
 - Guys, as far as Moscow is such a jam ??
 - Yeah.

By marking two rows, but go three, and even in two rows along the roadside. I'm going in the second row on the side - pylischa! Just get the shock of the prices for gasoline - by 30 rubles per liter, 95-ultra. And in Omsk - 24 rubles. Let me remind you, it was in 2011.

Long or short, but I reached the Nerezinovoy. Hooray! I have arrived. Did protocol photo, send close - in fact worry, worry. And once again he got stuck in traffic on the road enthusiasts. I went strictly by the navigator, and moved down to the Enthusiasts, got rid of the traffic jams, and traffic was more free. So, we can say that over the weekend I drove to Moscow, and on Monday morning I was ready to walk through the capital.

Day 3. Moscow. Good friends met me capital. Alex and Lena, thank you very much! Shower, internet access, a tasty homemade breakfast, a short nap, and then taken to show me Lena capital. I rubbed the car to the parking lot - we need a break from each other. Next we move on the subway and on foot. The weather was beautiful, elegant mood.

Somehow, I immediately wanted to go into complete isolation! Bank "Jaguar" - bang! Well, there was a young, sorry, now I do not drink it. The gap went!

Now, where was this route. By the way, this one paragraph about the route you can not read, if not interesting. I write more for ourselves, lest we forget: Alexander Garden, Manezh Square, Red Square, Vasilevsky descent to the Kremlin embankment, Big Stone bridge, Patriarchal Bersenevskaya embankment to the bridge, Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

At the monument to Sholokhov on Gogol Boulevard dogs photographed with Philip Kirkorov - that's a joke!

By Sivtsev Vrazhek to the Arbat, where the dull guitarists and singers with his hat in his hand trying to earn money. Politely ask to convey tools into my hands. The gap continues - annealed "Soldier", "Take me to her" and "Union ironclad" - to earn extra money for beer.

And immediately I drank a bottle with Serj Tankian.

Novy Arbat to the Boulevard Ring. Pushkin Square. There Tverskaya turned, and the restaurant "Teahouse" - trying metropolitan pilaf.

Petrovka met strange iron bird, ride with torches. Then there was the Theatre Square, the Bolshoi Theatre.

On the subway to Vorobyevsky waterfront. There I saw for the first time in a stall such prices for beer, as they say, "all 100".

Already it getting dark, and did not have the strength to rise to the Sparrow Hills - sore feet, heels erased, and the cable car, for some reason has not worked. Ah, would replace them in the second set, as the battery in the camera, and the supply to recharge.

On the way home, we are hoping to see the red fountains on Poklonnaya Hill, no luck - they did not work too. All right, we are at home - to sleep.

Day 4. Moscow. We agreed to take a walk with a childhood friend, Nadenka. They met in Tsaritsyno.

As suggested by Wikipedia - a palace and park ensemble in the south of Moscow; founded by order of Empress Catherine II in 1776.

In 2007, over the full restoration of the museum-reserve.

He slammed a glass of cold kvass.

Therefore, there is now good, nice, cute and cuddly. A great place to walk, but you can walk there all day.

Then he visited the Patriarch's Ponds. Ever wanted to look at Annushka with butter and Berlioz.

After dinner, Alex took us to the New Jerusalem monastery near Istra, Moscow region.



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