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Winter - the holidays, magic and romance, especially when you want to take a vacation and go on a trip. But if the circumstances do not permit, do not despair: you can just wrap yourself with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate to see a cool movie about the wanderings.

Website has prepared a list of 15 films about journeys that expand consciousness, change of life and great mood charged.

Under the Tuscan Sun h3> Under the Tuscan Sun

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Writer Francis is experiencing not the best time of his life: problems at work, her husband's infidelity and divorce, depression. To get it out of the serious condition, a friend of Francis gives a ticket to sunny Italy. Going on a journey, the young woman completely changes your life. She buys an estate in Tuscany. But Italy is not only gives her a new home, but also a chance to re-believe in love and be happy.

My Big Fat Greek Summer h3> My Life in Ruins

Georgia, originally from Greece, has grown in America and works as a guide. Conducts tours for tourists, it is enraged because the tourists are interested only souvenirs, not Greek landmarks and history. But George was not discouraged and tries to find common ground with one of his bands, sharing the knowledge of the Greek culture. During the tour, she finds new friends, change your outlook, and most importantly - meet your love. The film is very easy, fun and inspiring.

Eat, Pray, Love h3> Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert understands that it is time to change his life and embarks on a journey in search of happiness. First it comes to Italy, where he studied the culture and tastes of Italian traditional cuisine, which brings her great pleasure and returns to life. Once he sent to India, where he engaged in spiritual development, learning to pray, and to perceive life differently. In search of harmony, she moved to Indonesia. There, Elizabeth finds not only peace of mind, but also the love of his life.

Mordecai h3> Mortdecai

The protagonist Charles Mordecai, art businessman and crook, embarks on a journey to find the stolen painting. He learns that she is not just a work of art, and the key to the Nazi gold. Hero unforgettable adventure, the problems with the British intelligence service, unfriendly and even Russian international terrorist.

The Wild h3> Wild

Cheryl Strayed in the doldrums, which began because of the death of her mother, and her divorce from her husband. All is not as it should be, and Cheryl on the verge of despair. Drugs, alcohol, casual relationships, and even an unplanned pregnancy - that passes through that character. But one day she decides to change everything and goes on a journey, a route which passes through the high mountains. The path is not easy: Sheryl have to go 4000 kilometers to overcome many obstacles and difficult situations. But most importantly, it helps her to understand yourself.

Hector Travel in search of happiness h3> Hector and the Search for Happiness

The protagonist Hector - charming psychiatrist who tries to understand why his patients do not become happier, despite all his efforts. To find answers to questions about happiness, he goes on a journey.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty h3> The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty - ordinary and unobtrusive photo editor of the magazine. His life is dull and unremarkable. But in his soul living a dream in which he is a hero, and his life is full of adventure. One day he decides to go on a journey that changes his life. Travel saturated adventures - Walter will visit Iceland and Greenland - will be the embodiment of his fantasies.

Monte Carlo h3> Monte-Carlo

Three friends on a journey, which had long dreamed of. In Paris, they encounter minor troubles. And quite lost hope, boredom, they come in a five star hotel, where one of her friends make for a rich Englishwoman. After that, the girls are sent in Monte Carlo to enjoy a life full of wealth and romance.

The path h3> The Way

American doctor throws all and embarks on a journey after his son was killed during the storm. A journey of 800 kilometers from the Pyrenees begins and leads to the northwest of Spain. There, in a way, the hero will meet new friends, who are just like him, trying to find the meaning of life.

Gulliver's Travels h3> Gulliver's Travels

Lemuel Gulliver is seeking the glory and dreams of mutual feelings editor Darcy Silverman. To get sensational material, it is sent to the Bermuda Triangle. Storm takes him to the island, home to tiny people. And he finds himself in Lilliput, where he was waiting for the adventure.

The art of travel h3> The Art of Travel

Connor Lane suddenly decides to change his life and goes to an unforgettable journey through Central America. Together with friends the protagonist falls into the dangerous Republic of Nicaragua, visited the jungle Darién Gap. Then the characters are sent to Panama, Colombia, Peru and even Machu Picchu. On their way they meet many obstacles and unforgettable adventure.

Around the World in 80 Days h3> Around the World in Eighty Days

The inventor Phileas Fogg, who lives in London, made the discovery and solve the mystery of electricity, flight, and many others, but no one believes him. The Company considers him crazy and he wants to prove to everyone that it is not. Hero enters into a dispute with Lord Kelvin, which promises to make a trip around the world in 80 days. Together with the French artist Monique and his lackey Passepartout, he embarks on a journey around the world.

7 lives h3> Seven Pounds

The protagonist of Tim Thomas feels terrible guilt. Two years ago, he was in a car accident in which his fault killed seven people. One day he decides to give up a successful career and embarks on a journey to atone for that unbearable torments him. In the journey he meets people who donate parts of their bodies to save their lives. Tim believes if he can save someone's life, then it will partially make amends and soothe the soul.

The Holiday h3> The Holiday

Author of the popular wedding column in London, Iris Simpkins living in the province and loves a man. But the man loves another. At a distance of 10 000 kilometers lives Amanda Woods, the owner of a successful advertising agency. One day she finds out that her husband was unfaithful. Two women decide to change their lives and find each other on the Internet, online exchange of property to swap homes for Christmas and rest for two weeks. Amanda moved to the province of snow and Iris - in posh house in sunny California. This trip will help women to understand themselves and give each new love.

The Runaway work h3> Outsourced

Normal manager Todd Anderson lives in the USA and did not suspect about upcoming life changes. He soon learns that the boss sends him to a new place of work in Bombay. Todd is waiting for an unforgettable journey, which for him will open a new and unknown world.

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