How to choose a gift and not go crazy

Gift - is our message to the other person, which shows our attitude and feelings. To the eyes of loved ones truly erupted with joy, expressing gratitude, we must carefully approach the choice of a present.

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How to start the search h3> New Year gift universal recipe exists. Therefore, an important moment in the beginning of your search should be "tuned to the recipient." Imagine a man who chooses a gift, remember his character, inclinations, and you will feel the direction in which we must move.

For someone a gift h3> For the child

New Year for kids - a real magic! First of all, the gift should be a surprise - bright, impressive and memorable. Well, if the surprise will consist of small gifts of different sizes and destination: the child will be interesting to have several of gifts.

The original bright packaging will cause admiration, and deployed an elaborate bow on the box or search for candy in the tinsel is a hundred times nicer.

Do not forget to take into account the age of the recipient. For younger children perfect costume for a bright mornings, painting sets, toys and sweets. Older children can give something of Technology (player, phone) - the main thing that the child knew that he presented "an important adult gift" and to treat it is with care. Well suited sports gift - skating, snowboarding, and so on. D.

For a woman

Women, like children, the New Year, too, believe in miracles, and looking forward to a surprise under the Christmas tree. However, to please them much more difficult, so here's a hint.

If a woman is calm, laconic, restrained, choosing her a gift, follow these guidelines: Do not give what is at rest, let the best gift will be unusual or even bizarre, it will cause her interest. For example, exotic plant or antiquarian books.

Emotional and uninhibited woman will be pleased to receive a gift in the same style. A good option - it is a gift-an impression. An excellent idea is an invitation to spa treatments, a professional photo shoot, as well as ice skating under the romantic music, or New Year's Eve with friends in some unusual places, such as rustic chalet hotel. Or maybe she likes extreme and vivid emotions - then walk on snowmobiles will leave a memorable impression in her memory.

Traditional gifts has not been canceled, so the woman will be pleased to welcome you to perfumes, jewelry, and anything that helps her to be more beautiful.

To the men

Men do not like women receive less show. To gift was received with joy, you need to pay attention to the nature of man. If he is not inclined to express their emotions, and sometimes it's hard to guess what he was thinking in fact, the it is better not to take risks and to give something practical The main thing here - do not be a hero jokes about socks and shaving cream. Practical option for a lot of gifts from kits for hunting, fishing and other interests to the figures, which he collects. Useful items - machinery, car repair certificates, tool sets.

If the man - the soul of the company, full of wit and desire to have fun - gift with humor will be a win-win option for example, a photo collage with a funny inscription or the name of the medal "Star of the Year." Such a present first of all lift your spirits, sometimes more important than any practical gifts.

The perception of the world h3> There is a link between psycho man and the gift that he would be pleased to receive And, although psycho - is a collective image, it can help to see in him the traits of human nature.

The visual perception of the world

People with visual perception - great art lovers, so your gift should be especially beautiful and refined. If you give a picture, it must be exclusive work. Best to choose a gift not in stores, and art galleries.

The sensual perception of the world

Representatives of this type of feeling like the world through touch, taste, smell. They will be happy gift of soft, pleasant to the touch: you can give a warm sweater, confectionery or perfume.

Sound perception of the world

Such people perceive their environment mostly by ear. As a gift they will approach what to do with music - discs, Audio, or even musical instruments.

Discrete perception of the world

The perception of the world based on logic. These people are building a chain, draw diagrams and all phenomena are evaluated on the basis of usefulness or harmfulness. They are perfect for the intelligent Present - encyclopedia or invitation for courses, where they can develop their abilities.

What are your views h3> In fact, is not only important to buy the right gift, but it correctly pripodnesti , to your man feel special attitude. Here, too, has its own peculiarities. Important for women to all the nuances of attending associated with a gift - a word that you accompany the presentation, gestures, looks, and so on. D.

Men tend to react differently. No, of course, the kind words he is also nice, but more important to them the essence of the gift, and not the details.

And, most importantly, regardless of who and what you are giving a gift, handing him sincerely and with love , because this time the most important in the present.



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