15 photos which prove that good will to live

In this world of wars, demonstrations and political upheaval it is very important to be a man and be able to help out a friend in a difficult moment. Sometimes to do a good deed is a snap, but many people just pretend that they do not notice anything. But even the smallest act of kindness would bring more love and joy than all the wealth of the world.

In this article Website shows that while around us there are good people, this world deserves to be.

Welcome to live as long as there are odnogruppniki

The guy could not come to your prom, graduation so came to him.

Welcome to live as long as there are romantiki

So my friend who likes to run, made a proposal to his girlfriend. He just showed her the route on the tracker, when they reached the place of their first date.

Welcome to live as long as there are politseyskie

This baby name Glenn Buratti. He was 6 years old and autistic. Most recently, he had a birthday, and none of the 16 invited guests did not come. The local group on Facebook of his mother wrote: "My heart aches for my son. We invited all of his class, but we were ignored. " After the post 15 people came to congratulate the kid. And they are not alone. The house began to catch up with the fire and police gifts! They treated Glenn like a real superstar.

Welcome to live as long as there is such internet


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