15 photos which prove that good will to live

In this world of wars, demonstrations and political upheaval it is very important to be a man and be able to help out a friend in a difficult moment. Sometimes to do a good deed is a snap, but many people just pretend that they do not notice anything. But even the smallest act of kindness would bring more love and joy than all the wealth of the world.

In this article Website shows that while around us there are good people, this world deserves to be.

Welcome to live as long as there are odnogruppniki

The guy could not come to your prom, graduation so came to him.

Welcome to live as long as there are romantiki

So my friend who likes to run, made a proposal to his girlfriend. He just showed her the route on the tracker, when they reached the place of their first date.

Welcome to live as long as there are politseyskie

This baby name Glenn Buratti. He was 6 years old and autistic. Most recently, he had a birthday, and none of the 16 invited guests did not come. The local group on Facebook of his mother wrote: "My heart aches for my son. We invited all of his class, but we were ignored. " After the post 15 people came to congratulate the kid. And they are not alone. The house began to catch up with the fire and police gifts! They treated Glenn like a real superstar.

Welcome to live as long as there is such internet

People laughed at the man who wanted to dance in the club, and posted his photos to the network. As a result, Twitter has started a whole campaign to support the "dancing man", which resulted in a huge party with Moby and Pharrell Williams.

Welcome to live as long as there are sportsmeny

Japanese fighter Genki Sudo enters the ring not with the flag of their country and with the cloth on which is written, that we are all one.

Welcome to live as long as there are vypuskniki

Ben and Mary are friends since primary school. Between them there was always a special bond. Mary suffers from Down's syndrome, but it did not affect their friendship with Ben. When they were in the 4th grade, Ben promised her that would lead her to the prom. Years later, recalling its long-standing promise, he decided to make a surprise, Mary and took her to the prom. She was really happy that day and all night, Ben stared at the girl and looked after her.

Welcome to live as long as there are animatory

For many years, the Scot, painted by Mel Gibson in "Braveheart" is photographed with tourists. Earned money transfers to fund the fight against childhood leukemia. Today turned over a million pounds.

Welcome to live as long as there are zhivotnye

Black Cat Rademenes appeared at an animal shelter in 2014. His condition was so bad that even the cat would lull. But he fought hard for his life, and eventually cure Rademenesa still managed. Having recovered, the cat began to take care of other guests shelter. Regardless of whether it is a cat or a dog.

Welcome to live as long as there are uchitelya

It happened during the lectures by Professor Sidney Engelberg. He teaches at the applicants for the master's degree. Among them are many students who already have children, and if they do not have anyone to leave their kids, Sidney you can take them with you to class. And during the lecture one of the kids started crying. Mom got up to go out with him in the audience, so as not to interfere. But the professor suddenly took the baby in his arms and comforted him and continued talking as if nothing had happened.

Welcome to live as long as there are mediki

The old man had a heart attack while clearing snow in front of his house. Paramedics took him to the hospital and then returned to complete snow removal.

Welcome to live as long as there are sosedi

"This laundry at my expense! Have a nice day! »

Welcome to live as long as there are uborschiki

That's garbage collectors have fun during the lunch break.

Welcome to live as long as there are fans zhivotnyh

Passer noted that the cat sleeping in the rain, and covered him with his umbrella.

Welcome to live as long as there are not indifferent lyudi

He writes the author of the photo: "Yesterday morning saw these rugs were scattered throughout the park. It seems to have someone sleep, and after a rainy morning, they became terribly dirty. Later I noticed that some office worker put them in a basket and carried. And this morning I saw a picture ».

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