10 reasons why no one knows how to live in your 20

Why, when you ask the person about how he lives (or would live), it usually leads him into confusion, and the conversation subsides?

He will gladly tell you about music or movies. But ask him about the purposes of life, and the light in his eyes goes out. People don't want to talk about your future, career or school.

It's sad. Why talk about what you want to do with your life, all find it boring? Shouldn't it be the most exciting topic in the world?


As soon as it comes to life purpose, people come to a screeching halt. This is partly due to society, which constantly repeats to us that, by taking certain steps at a young age, then you will be able to achieve happiness and success. Higher education, corporate job, a house with a white picket fence, retirement savings plan and voila – life is good. We all know that life can't be this easy, especially now.

If you are in the moment, anything you do, this does not mean that you are sure in correctness of his choice. You learn in school, fine. You have a good job, fine. But why are you doing this? How do you see yourself in a year? And ten years? Who do you want to be? How do you plan to achieve this?

It seems that people follow blindly along the path of life, hoping that everything goes by itself. But why?

10 reasons why no one knows how to live in my twenty years


1. You don't have the opportunities in their College years. You have chosen to study certain subjects, because in school you were good grades, and you consider them "interesting". Have you thought to join any mug, but was afraid it would take too much time, so I said to myself: "Definitely to be written here, but only in the next semester", but this never happened. You enthusiastically studied the items that you liked, thinking that to have a high score is success. However, you were wrong, and now you're angry, because doing casual work, despite the fact that he graduated from high school.

Through what stages of life passes most people in their twenty years:

1) high school – they chose a specific profession purely for reasons of prestige, so have no real idea about what they will do with their education.

2) master's degree – they have received a bachelor's degree, but do not know how to proceed.

3) job specialty is not what they wanted to do; moreover, they are surrounded by people who feel the same way. They get a decent salary and benefits, live in a nice apartment, took a loan of a new car, so don't really want to change anything.

You invest a lot of money in their education, plus spend four or five years (maybe more) of his life. This is a huge investment, which oblige you not to be careless.

It is not about the prestige, the desires of your parents or what items you are most easily given in school. It is about recognizing that your true "I" always wanted to do. What you could do every day without feeling tired.


"There are times when a person has to choose between a full, rich, comprehensive life and vlachenie false, shallow, degrading existence that it requires the hypocritical world. You have a choice. Choose!" – Oscar Wilde

Imagine that uncle whom you never saw, died and left you an inheritance of millions of dollars. If you no longer had to work, what would you fill your days? What would you like to do? Most likely, the answer to this question would be that if you really wanted to do.

Find a way to turn their passion into a career. Right now you have to stop to neglect what you really want and start living for real.

Stop chasing money and start chasing happiness. (And no, money can't buy you happiness.)

Then select the job that will really have you in mind. Do not choose something that pleases your parents/friends, or what is considered prestigious. Study what interests you, what you're ready to go all day long.

2. You live in the future. You don't enjoy the current moment. It is not surprising that most people don't know how to live in my twenty years. You expect that some event in the future will make you happy. You live in the future and I think that it will bring you happiness once you do something, for example, will receive a diploma graduate from a masters degree or get a promotion at work. You lose opportunities in the present because looking for them in the future.

"You live as if in a maze stuck, think about how one day he will get out and that would be wonderful, and live this imagination of the future, but it never comes. You think about the future to escape the present." – John Green

Live a full life in the present moment. Don't live for being happy. Be happy while you live. Do not turn happiness in the end product of their own achievements/goals to find the perfect job, buy a car/house, start a family. Get happiness out of what you are doing at the moment.

You must enjoy not the end result, but the way you are. Time does not stand still, and it is impossible to return back.

Live a full life and take the present. You may think that the future will be brighter, however if you are doing things that have value today, then you will never reach satisfaction. You gotta love your way.

3. Your parents control you. Parents have a huge impact on the lives of their children, and there is nothing wrong, because they pay most of the bills. However, you should understand the following: your parents only want what is safe and secure for you. They are less interested in, does that make you truly happy.

They don't want you to go to the risks and suffered failures. They want you to be financially independent. They want to know what you are able to pay their bills and can provide a good future for their grandchildren. Sometimes the more difficult the route, the better for us, and we, as adults understand it but the parents don't see our life in the same light that we do.

For most parents, the work is work that is partly generational. They spent their entire lives doing things they don't like, if only you were not needed. (You have to respect them for it.)

And while you should respect the wishes and opinions of their parents, you don't have to mindlessly follow the path that they paved for you. If you want to do something specific, you need to take control of their own lives. In the end, she's yours.

"Freedom is worth nothing if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes". – Mahatma Gandhi

Listen to their advice. They live on the Earth longer than you, they have a lot of experience, wisdom and common sense. However, there is nothing wrong if children have not the same values and goals as their parents. You must learn to define your own code. This phenomenon is the stage of growing up, as well as a natural, integral part of the human experience.

4. Your environment is holding you back. Your environment affects who you are and what you do. As you will understand how you should live in my twenty years, if your friends spend their time playing Xbox, watching movies, having fun in bars and doing things that bring immediate but transient pleasure, instead of trying to achieve their goals? You follow their example. Yes, it's fun. But everything should be in moderation.

Excessive indulgence (whether it be drinking, partying, drugs, sex, junk food etc) may prevent you to focus on self-knowledge and improvement, and even become your worst enemy. Social life is fine, but try to maintain communication with the correct people who inspire you.

Filling the night of fleeting pleasure, or a temporary phenomenon, which will one day be uninteresting for you. The problem is that when it happens, you realize how much time lost in vain, never having found his place in life.

"You represent the arithmetic average of the five people with whom you communicate most, so you don't underestimate the effects of your pessimistic, nucleostemin or disorganized friends. If someone doesn't make you stronger, so it makes you weaker". – Timothy Ferris

Instead, surround yourself with people who possess those qualities which you admire. May these people be more intelligent and disciplined than you. Let their success go to you. Gain their energy. Let them help you become better. But do not forget that you can also positively influence others, encouraging their good aspirations.

If you want to achieve anything, connect with people who have done it or as you intend. Change your environment and then your life will change everything.

5. You chose the wrong path. The majority of young people are suffering from their improvidence. They think they have enough time in order to achieve the desired, however, this is not true. While they do nothing, life is passing me by.

You should be happy right now, not to sacrifice any part of his life in exchange for happiness and success in the future.

You are stuck in an endless rut, because it suits you. School, work, gym, entertainment. It's not necessarily a bad thing, however, you are unlikely to achieve more.

You most of the time I spend on it to climb a ladder which is leaning against the wrong wall (as do most people). If before you see a ladder, that does not mean that you necessarily have to climb. Find the ladder that is designed for you. Find your future.

"Don't go where the road goes... Go where there is no road and leave a trail." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

You only live once. So why waste your time on what you don't like? No one will tell you what to do. No one will take you by the hand and lead you on the road, at the end of which you will receive lasting pleasure.

Most people don't care who you are and how you live. You must decide what you want to achieve in this life. Make your choice, and then take appropriate steps to obtain the desired. Forward!

6. You have ceased to learn. Your education after school is not over but just beginning. School is not the only source of knowledge. Think about the experience and results. What can you do? What skills have? Learning is a continuous process which can become the greatest tool necessary for success.

Read books. You just think, someone spent his whole life at learning painful lessons and offers you only $ 10 to acquire invaluable knowledge that you will definitely come in handy! Use this. Everything you want to know lies in the books. Read.

"I never let schooling interfere with my education." – Mark TWAIN

Surround yourself with people who are doing what I want to do you. Learn from their unique experience. Ask them actionable tips.

If you do anything interested, you'll be amazed at how quickly you're learning and grasping new knowledge.

It is the wisest investment you can make. Make it a habit to constantly learn something new. Knowledge cannot be stolen or destroyed, unlike material things. This is why millionaires who went bankrupt last year, have now become even richer. It is not money, but knowledge. The Bank cannot take over the debts of your mind. Invest in its development, and then it will work for you until death.

7. You do the same thing every day. Many people think that with age they will become more successful. However, this is not true. After graduation your progress in life depends entirely on the effort you take to move forward.

No one owes you nothing. You are mistaken if you think you default any of earned – in the end, you probably have not done anything yet in order to achieve the desired. In the modern world is full of twenty people with higher education who have no real career prospects. They don't know what to do with my life, and continue to live at the expense of the parents.

"If you do tomorrow what you did today, you get tomorrow what you got today." – Benjamin Franklin

No one knows how to live in my twenty years, as very few realize that time is the most valuable asset in life; you can never get it back. Even billionaires can't buy more time. They are also mortal, like all of us. Time is your most valuable resource, which is peculiar to end. You can save money, you can aim to earn more and compensate for the losses from his youth, but time is a finite resource.

If you want to achieve other results tomorrow, do today is not what yesterday. When you're young, it's easier to take risks and try new things because you have fewer limiting obligations and commitments. If your environment is stopping you, change it.

Create habits that will define your adult life. Discard the negative, take the positive and develop habits that will lead you to success.

In the end, each realizes that he is only entitled to a certain period of time. You will not live on Earth forever. Be aware of it while you are young, not when you turn fifty, and you begin to regret your youth passed you by. The fact that your life can end and will inevitably end (something you neglected at a young age, because I thought that you have a whole life ahead), is becoming a reality.

For most people this realization comes too late. Allow yourself to feel it. Accept it. Meditate. The time will fly by. Start doing something today. Live with a purpose. Live with passion.

8. You decided to continue training in a magistracy. You have to go to the magistracy, if required by your future career. No need to enter into the magistracy, if only to delay the job hunt or improve your resume by adding another line. Employers want results, not your degree.

Many people continue training in a magistracy because I'm afraid of life outside the world of academia. That's all they know. Such people are usually not able to achieve anything after graduating from the master.

Master's degree is not a way to postpone the day of reckoning.

There are a huge number of job applicants with diplomas from a graduate that they can not be useful. I know a lot of young people who want to enroll in a master's degree, but cannot explain why they need it. Sounds nice: "I study in the magistracy." However, I feel that behind these words lies the uncertainty. Training in a magistracy requires a lot of time and money. Is it worth it?

Training in magistracy is unlikely to make you more competitive. However, it will definitely prevent you from getting experience, which is valued much more than a master's degree.

Meanwhile, other people who prefer work to study at master course, will be more competitive than you, because they will be behind real experience.

"But after a couple of weeks in graduate school, Sarah realized that he had bought a ticket on a sinking ship. Other graduate students willingly told her that the chances of finding a job even after a degree of zero. All the places have occupied by old people who are not in a hurry to die and give way to a new generation.

While you're learning, the University is willing to use you as cheap labor, and you for that time, necessary to gather material and to write a boring thesis that still no one will never read and can find a publisher willing to print them.

If you can do that and provided that you are incredibly lucky and talented, you can charge to read lectures on medieval English literature some players in Oklahoma. Upon completion of the course a contract is not renewed.

Meanwhile, the Internet becomes available to everyone, and yesterday's students hardly graduated from College from the comfort of your sofa, get rich buying and selling virtual stocks, while we're nagrevaem ass for a measly stipend, which is not even enough to pay the rent". – Tom Perrotta

In the worst case you will have to take additional student loans that will burden you for many years. These loans can make you keep the job you hate, but can't drop because of excessive debts.

Master – this is not bad; some people it can really come in handy. However, before you make a decision on admission to graduate school, think about whether you need it.

9. You are not fighting with laziness. To have talent is not enough. Success is the result of hard work, not talent. There are many talented people who do not use their skills just because they are lazy. Negative thoughts like "I Have no talent" or "I'm not smart enough" is not an excuse for inaction.

No one knows how to live in my twenty years, because few people realize that in order to achieve something, you need to work. Do this again and again. Suffer failure again and again. Cry again and again. Go back and learn from your mistakes. Learn from the experience of others, learn, adjust your strategy and try it. Perseverance and persistence is of excellent quality.

If you started, don't stop. Correct mistakes, but do not throw begun. You have probably tried many things in my life, however, most likely, was not fully committed to any one for an extended period of time. When the goal to which you aspire, what you need to do, you will not want to abandon it. The power that is within, will force you to move forward.

It wasn't always easy. When your social life went wrong or you have financial problems, don't throw what you have started. This is the progress to achieve which is not easy, but on the other side is light.

"The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. This is a very dangerous, harsh place. And if you let slack, he's upset with such force you that you can no longer stand. Neither you, nor I, nobody hits as hard as LIFE. It does not matter how hard you hit, but it is important, WHAT can take a hit, how to move forward. Are you going to go then GO, if fright did not swerve. The only way to win!" – Rocky Balboa

There is unconfirmed information that in order to learn, you need to spend 10 thousand hours. That's five years of work.

Don't take a job where from year to year nothing changes. You do not develop. You don't grow. You're wasting your time and live a life of complacency. If you want to see changes, you have to take risks and overcome your laziness.

10. You are dependent on incentives. You are affected by trends. You are always aware of the latest fashion. You have developed a sense of style. Are you a Shopaholic who loves shopping malls. You have watched all the seasons of popular TV shows and new movies.

Sound familiar? If Yes, then most likely you are addicted to incentives. You absorb the latest media and trends, like a drug addict.

Nice watch, nice glasses, a nice car – what's the difference? Will they be as important to you after three years? And ten years?

"The things you own, eventually, begin to own you. Only after you lose everything, you can do whatever you want." – Chuck Palahniuk

Things themselves are not bad, but when you become absorbed in them, they begin to distract you from a full, active life. They turn you into a net consumer, not the manufacturer. Stop consuming information and start creating a worthwhile life.

Stop wasting time filling your life with things that impose multi-billion dollar marketing company. Direct your efforts to achieve, where you want to be in accordance with their own values.

Each time making decisions, ask yourself, "will This make me a more confident person and will lead to the desired results or take away from who I want to be?" If your habits are not conducive to progress, get rid of them. Do not stay in place. Move forward.

You are in an unhealthy relationship. Relationships require time and energy, which are two of the most important assets in life. Many of us continue to invest in the relationship time and energy, even if they are outdated. If someone pulls you down or you feel unnecessarily obligated to this man – on the progress of the question can not be.

Believe it or not, but the person who attracts you, may not be "your" in the long term. Attraction on a physical level is associated with sex and procreation and has nothing to do with a happy life together.If the person you meet will become your best friend, then your relationship can stand the test of time.

Parting is always pain, but the longer you delay this moment, the harder you will be.

You deserve to be with you was the best person in the world – don't settle for less. If this person has not yet appeared in your life, focus on yourself.

When did you and your partner there is a real connection, it has a positive effect on other aspects of life. When things are going well, the person who is next to you, helps you not to stagnate in one place. Every year your relationship only become better. They should not be a fight; it's the way that you overcome together.

No need to hold onto the relationship just for the great sex. If you were with this person on a desert island together, would you be able to withstand it, or would you be mad?

If your girl is not helping you become better, then you need to rethink your relationship. In addition, you should also help her to improve. Relationships at a young age are often toxic and codependent. It is for this reason they crash.

"Cease to maintain an unhealthy relationship with a man for any stupid reasons. The relations must be approached intelligently. Better to be alone than in bad company. No need to rush. If something is meant to happen, it will happen at the right time with the right person and for the best reason. Fall in love when you ready, not because of that alone." – Unknown author

The point is to be close with someone who motivates you to improve yourself. Enjoy the good times is easy; much more difficult to withstand the storms that will in no way accusing each other. If you find someone that helps you grow, never let it go.

So, how to avoid these mistakes? There are two ways.

First – be honest and true to yourself. Spend some time to determine their true life goals. Get to know yourself and follow your dreams. It will ignite the fire within you. Listen to your heart and pursue what's really important.

Get alone and think about the following question: what do you want to achieve before you die? Answering it, you will be able to write a plan and begin its implementation. Take action and don't stop.

The second way is acceptance of the change. Don't be afraid of them. You can't be absolutely sure in what you're doing, however, is an integral part of life – those little pushes that we need in order to become better and stronger.

Don't settle for the temporary pleasures of the stupid complacency that accepts the majority of young people. Force yourself to get out of the comfort zone. Every day do one thing that scares you.

Insecurity, pain and disappointment mean growth. You will become stronger. I guarantee you that.

Pursue their dreams. It's your life, and it you have one. Continue the movement. Don't lose hope. Fight. Victory is waiting for you. In the end, thanks to you the world will be better.

Now close your browser, because now you have better things to do.published


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