Spiritual guidance Vanga

Take care of your health from an early age or mid-life you will have nothing to protect!

Parents, protect your children! Help them with good advice and then when they already grow. Adult children need our understanding, no less than when they were young.

Often worry about your soul. The bustle and daily chores we often forget that we are God's children and should live not only material but also spiritual life.

Do not try to do a hundred things at once! Take the first one — the most important thing and do it well. Then just as well make another, third, fourth... don't rush. To do too many things at once is like doing nothing at all.

If you failed a case, do not despair! Wait for some time. During this time, consider carefully why the deal went wrong. And proceed to its implementation.

Want to have thick, beautiful hair? Live with a smile, enjoy your life! The truth they say: "From joy hair curly, grief whipped". Happy people are always beautiful.

To honor our parents — the first case for each! Take care of your parents relentlessly, only then your children will grow up-standing people.

What not to do, do not even think.

Don't start things with excessive expectations. When anything not in moderation is praised, it often does not justify the hopes. Not really to keep up with the imagination, after all, to imagine the desired easy, to reach difficult.

Never fret! An important rule of prudence — do not get angry. Great composure speaks of a big heart. Learn how to control himself, so as neither in happiness nor in misery you were not convicted of incontinence, but marveled at the height of the spirit.

Know your temper, your mind, your judgments, preferences. While myself I do not know, it is impossible to rule themselves. Face is the mirror of the spirit — no; let there be a mirror sober thinking about ourselves. You can forget about your outer appearance, but always remember the image of the internal to to improve improve.

Act only when have no doubt. To act when in doubt about the reasonableness of the case — is dangerous, better to abstain. Can we expect success when the thing is barely conceived, and already condemned by fear? And if the company, it is approved by the internal agreement, too, sometimes fail, what can you expect from the case, which began with the vibrations, with the ominous prophecies?

Do not try to kill many, strive for depth. Most importantly — not quantity but quality. Some people value books in volume, as if the books are written to exercise the arms and not the head. The trouble with people is that, wanting to know all, they really don't know anything.

Never lose respect for yourself. Alone and not be in dispute with him. Let your conscience be the judge of your innocence.

Don't do inappropriate, fearing not the judgment of the human, and his voice of reason. Learn to fear for yourself.

Learn to say no. Not to be all and everything to give. To be able to refuse is as important as to know when to give in! But, refusing, try not to offend anyone. Many always say "no" and it all adds bitterness; "no," they go first, and even then they are inferior, it is not appreciated because of the previous disappointment. And "no" and "Yes" to say for long, long time before we have to think.

Learn to be happy! For this there are a lot of recipes, but not all do. Some careless kind of waiting when life will present them. Other smarter — they are constantly working, relying on their own strength. But, properly speaking, there is no greater happiness than wisdom, and there is no worse misfortune than imprudence.

Learn to wait! A man who knows how to wait, must have great courage, and a lot of patience. Never rush and do not get excited. It often happens that while you wisely hesitate, good luck for future grows and future troubles shrinking.

Be patient with people, showing the breadth of the soul. A great man will not be shallow and casual. To much in the Affairs of the household, friends, and especially enemies see through your fingers. Fault-finding is always unpleasant, but as the trait is obnoxious.

If you have decided to start something, start it immediately! Not to do a case — less trouble than indecision. No running water deteriorates, and standing.

Don't look for benefits in everything you do. Just live honestly, and the benefit itself will find you!

Take care good name! It is expensive. To win a good name is hard, but even harder to preserve it. But to lose is easy.

Try to live with dignity, then your life will be long. Two things kill people: stupidity and debauchery. Some have lost their lives because the store could not, and others — because I didn't want. As virtue is its own reward, so Vice itself Kara. The health of the spirit is communicated to the body, the life of the righteous is not only the debt, years.

Learn to live for today. There is nothing pointless than to make plans. Life is so often overturns, bringing only disappointment.

Do not be afraid of the unknown, because everyone is able to find what he wants, get whatever he needs. We are all afraid to lose what we have... But when the fear passes, it is necessary only to understand that our fate and the history of the world written in one hand.

Return good for good; don't attack peace; read the Scriptures and understand it; help others; pay debts on time, and be relaxed and happy.

Live your life and do not envy strange! Want to be something else, and not yourself — it means to want to be nothing.

We must not forget about his dream. Even if you sometimes sure that other people and the world is stronger than you that none of your dreams will come take care of your dream! The secret is this: don't give up.

Learn from your children! At least three things you can teach your child: to be happy for no reason, always finding something to insist on.

Listen carefully to what people say to you. Arrogant and stubborn makes things his own way, not listening to anyone's advice and soon becomes the victim of his errors.

Keep the heart calm and the mind is wisdom. The wise do not fight with anyone, because no one is angry.

"It is important to understand that one phase of your life came to an end. If you want to stay more than the period, you will lose the joy and meaning of life. And run the risk of being punished by God"

I want to be smart, learn to ask reasonably, to listen carefully, respond calmly and stop talking when you have nothing more to say.

Try to give the mind more food.

Always start with main case! Wisdom in all worldly Affairs, it seems to me, is not to know what to do, and to know what to do before, and after.

You must present this question: what will become of me, if will be what I'm looking for because of the desire, if not fulfilled?

Never do something just because you can approve or disapprove of the surrounding. Keep faithful to yourself, your individuality.

Husband is not a suit of ready — made clothes Department. That is, many think, will not do this, I will live with others... And with others easier? We need to understand to get you long life. So it is better to have patience at once, and not to change husbands in the hope for an easy and carefree marriage. Such marriages do not happen!

Don't go chasing wealth! Free money, they are like strong drink, like a poison. Who used, to more, every day more necessary, and there is no way back.

Some console themselves: behold, they say, they commit sin after sin, but he felt remorse, go to the nearest Church and repent and God will forgive them everything. But no! Even God can not forgive. Be careful not to commit so many sins that forgiveness, you will be gone.

Endure suffering and affliction with patience and without complaint.

And do not think that you are free to do what you want. The actions of their nobody is free, and everything is predetermined. You can only experience feelings: of joy from the act of kindness, bitterness, and remorse are bad.

Do not promise, if not sure that fulfill the promise, because the pain you will cause another, sooner or later you will return upon him.

The day will come when the lies will disappear from the face of the Earth. There will be violence and theft. Stop the war, the survivors will know the value of life and will protect her.

To unbelievers it is difficult to help — remember that!

Do not try to benefit himself, using my name and authority in vain, because they are obtained from human misery, and the one who comes to me with an impure heart and self-interest, human grief will haunt and severely punished. Come to me as real friends, for me, and I will answer you with his friendship. You're asking me, I ask, why not ask how I am, whether the heavy cross I have to bear, what are my desires? Where to get what you need from me? Personally, I have nothing but myself. What can I give you? I can give advice to teach something but you don't understand and never learn. More give you nothing. I only need spiritual food — that few people can give because you are all poor in spirit. Only one greed leads you, but I disdain it.

Everything is determined from above. If people believe and work, sooner or later finds the right answer. For every question there is an answer, just need to know how to ask the question and what answer you need. And if you're not determined, then so will ask your question and he will answer.

In the difficult times we live in. People have nothing in common. Mothers give birth to children, but they have no milk to feed. Justified: neurosis, they say. No. Kids just don't have anything to do with their mothers, they only came to light through them. Children do not receive from mothers, no milk, no warmth. Very little give in the kindergarten, in the evening put to bed separately, rarely see a smile on your face. Mother is unhappy that their husbands value them enough. Men think its part of being married because it seems so necessary. Adults, too, are dissatisfied with their children — there was no respect. No one who is not friendly. People only interested in money. I think if they have money, it's all right. Don't know that the day will come when the money would do them no service.

People come up with new laws — sew clothes new style. But still it will take some time before we will create a sturdy fabric. We need not an artificial clothing, and the natural, from which radiated great warmth. Yes, more than one year will fly until you are a tall man, a stranger, that he is a good tailor and a good tailor.

Sometimes you have to press a knowledge to make room for faith.

Before you have children, you should know that you will now belong not to themselves but to the child. You are giving life for which are responsible.

I do not recognize a treatment that should be drunk for 20-30 herbs at once. Sometimes people drink a bag of various plants, but the effect is negligible. I recommend that when specific disease, only one herb or one therapeutic agent to know what cures it and what cripples. It is important to determine what kind of grass from any disease helps. Not saying I'm a great connoisseur of herbs as herb tells me. Very often the name that I say, I'm unfamiliar.

For some reason many people consume the best time of my life to make the worst even more sad.

If you are able how to read the Bible, you would have got to solve problems that make your head go round. Yes, it is a pity that many of you don't.

To fight for peace not necessarily with arms in hand. If you give people good thoughts — will make a serious step towards peace. Many leaders of different countries have directed their efforts in this direction. There's no other way. Need with kindness and love treat each other to escape. All to be saved. Together. If we do not understand downtime of truth in our minds, we are forced to understand her indefatigable laws of the cosmos. But then it will be too late, and insight will cost us too much.

From the height of the vast Universe, man is nothing. A tiny speck lost in infinity, vain creature who constantly explores, looking for something and still can not find. But the man charged with the divine spark that allows him to beat his own growth, to seek, to risk, to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, to make stunning discoveries. He resolutely stares even in heaven and is not afraid to call it.

Don't let the kids have a lot of money! To have money for children almost as bad as not learning to work, because spending other people's money is easier than earning them.

Every day I visit different people. I help them, but they give me their disease, their sometimes impure thoughts. Tough for me this weight, so I accepted to put things in order, and it brings relief.

Do not expect that life will be easy and carefree. It will be hard work, and sorrow, and doubts, and failures... But cheer up! Always keep in your heart the germs of hope and faith, they will give you a way out of the difficult situation.

Every day you need to strive to shake off the sins.

Raise the purity of the cult. Do not wash with very hot water, use the best homemade soap.

There Is A God! And if you shut up forever, and the stones speak about God. As blind people know that there is light as cripples know that there are healthy people and healthy should know that there is a God.

Man should love himself and everything around him. In our times it is most needed. And he should be grateful to God for aid in our hour of need, for wisdom, which owes its success.

In cities was something terrible in the cities... something terrible. Pass in front of me who each had the neck plate that says: "I'm a hypocrite" "I am a thief," another: "I'm a liar", the third, the fourth: "I am a scoundrel", "I am a scoundrel" and the like. So many people return to the villages, and this process will intensify.

No bouncer, even the most pracharova who managed to outwit his own destiny. Will cheat as God will allow. And then we shall not mercy!

If the soul you are forgiving, you are nothing. You'll turn into the kind of pieces of paper blown along by the wind, which will never find their place on earth.

Every living creature, the whole Earth and the universe are subject to strictly defined cosmic rhythm and order. Violations of this procedure, even minor ones, lead to large, sometimes fatal, accidents for which people are paying bitterly. Do not break the harmony, be kind!

Greed must disappear from the face of the Earth. This is a very terrible quality, from which we must protect at any cost. The aim should not be to accumulate wealth on earth will have the sun and the benefits for each person.

Often you will meet people who have eyes, but do not see, ears, but hear not. Brother against brother goes, mothers would throw their own children. Everyone will be looking for a way to escape alone. Some — a handful of them get rich, and the people impoverished, it's only getting worse. Many diseases will appear, people will start to die like flies.

We need to be kind and to love each other in order to survive! The future belongs to good people, they will live in a wonderful world that we can imagine.

Pray to God and don't ask for more than you need.

To love others is difficult. But without love life hard.

Life is constant work, and only he understands her quite human, who looks at it from this point of view. Work hard and your life will have meaning, and you will gain the respect of people around you.

The more one gives people less requires, the better it is. The less and gives others more requires, the worse it is.

Life "for himself" — not life, but existence.

Only good deeds and kind words, the ability and the desire to help others makes us human.

The number of years still does not indicate length of life; human life is measured by what he did.

If you are facing a dilemma, do not rush to do it. Before you decide anything, think carefully. Many troubles come to us because we made a rash decision.

People must often raise his head from the ground to the sky. Over the years, we rarely remember that the sky — stars.

A man devoid of courage, can create so much evil as did not create a criminal.

Alas, nothing people don't take disgusted and internal protest as tips. And how many ills could be avoided if we listened to each other's opinions.

Never give advice to someone who asks you for money.

Any errors are the man advantage. Error is the experience that we have acquired in our business.

Resentment to the disease — one step. Do not rush to do it! Do not accumulate in the soul of resentment.

Better to have fame than to have false glory. To deceive people is the last thing.

Who can be considered smart? One who seeks only to attainable goals.

Try everything in life to make my judgment. This is especially important in cases important. Fools destroy themselves because not thinking; not able to understand half of the case, not being able to foresee neither harm nor benefit, nor can they properly act. There are things, which should penetrate deep and keep them in the depths of his mind. Wise is a judgment about everything and the fool sees only what lies on the surface.

Somehow, in all the troubles of his life in the last turn blames himself. And reproaches himself it would cost to start a reflection about your troubles.

Each person is as happy as he decided to be happy.

A small man in his small mountain, and the great — great and in the most bitter distress.

If you look closely at the people who no praise, and no one is unhappy, then you will see that these are the people that no one is happy.

A man can be seen not only by what he does and how he does all his work.

The meanness in mind is no better than meanness, is already perfect.

No the world is neither good nor bad — only our attitude to everything that happens around.

From angry Yes from the hurt don't wait for mind.

The saddest sight — the ignorant, who does not want to know.

The winner in this life only one who has conquered himself.

Violence is always the result of fear, weakness and cowardice.

Grief presses on the man the stronger, the more he responds.

How a person overcomes his fear, so he — man.

What a pity that the many people almost always stronger than the desire to learn something.

Don't let the fools of the wise councils, if they decide to use them?

Strong drink, but krasnic nose Yes black reputation.

When one day is like another, people stop to notice the good that happens in their life every day after sunrise.

Easy to hide hate, hard to love, but only more difficult — indifference.

Many do not believe in the reality of clairvoyance: try to convince the blind that people see. It's just hard to believe it, as he had never seen.

The best way to defeat an enemy is to become his friend.

The Lord generously gave us all the ability to make a choice and take a decision. Unfortunately, we often applied.

How could a man drown out in the heart of the pain of losing? No, but he can find comfort in their Affairs.

In life there are times when God requires of us obedience. But sometimes He calls us to fight, to test our will. Thereby He gives us to feel his love.

The mind is not only knowledge, but also the ability to apply knowledge.

Sometimes God can be very severe, but not so much that people couldn't withstand His wrath.

For some reason people never believe what they are told, they need to just walk themselves.

It often happens: the happier people can be, the unhappier they become.

Happiness goes to the one who works hard.

Actions — the fruits of the thoughts. Was reasonable thoughts — will be good deeds.

When you don't know where to go next in life, not Sarahyba, stay where you are. The Lord will provide.

Think good thoughts will ripen in kind acts.

You can't live thinking about death.

All great thoughts come from the heart and not from mind.

People have always been and will be the most curious phenomenon for the other person.

"Adopt a child, says Wang, a young woman, because there is still unworthy of the mother who voluntarily deprive themselves of the joys of motherhood. Nature with the same generosity pays and the one who begot, and the one who raised. The Majesty of the mother, adopt a child, no less than the greatness of the one that gave birth. Your merit will be even greater because your heart is open to give happiness, and you deserve to wear the name "mother"..."

Young Housewives Wang said: "If the husband knows that it is waiting for a hot lunch or dinner, it is always time to go home. What have you for wife, — she reproached, if not up early in the morning and didn't make Breakfast, set the table clean and ironed tablecloth and nicely filed my husband's Breakfast?"

"No man, said Wang, who would be born only to be happy. For example, one excellent worker, but there is no happiness in the family. And the other has both, but no health. And the third is healthy, but children are sick, and so on. In every man there is both good and evil. The way of the world. For me, the root of happiness — patience person. Ask me: "why should I be? Is it not possible to avoid it?" Why? Because the earth requires a gift that we come and live on it. The land we pay taxes, as payment of the rent... That even for departmental housing, which provides the state, and take charge. So! We all pay for as many years as the world exists. But best of all are the people who live in the mountains. The woman takes the distaff and spins, will take the sheep to pasture and singing. You will find a husband — so much love. Raise children and live in..."

One day, Wang asked: what is a man? Wang laughed: "this question contains the answer! Man — vain creature that searches all things, always watching, all the time looking for something and did not find — but I say this in jest. If you look at the body from a height as part of the vast Universe — a man is nothing. It is a tiny grain of sand, lost in infinity, but infused with the divine spark. Therefore, he often exceeds his abilities: he is always looking for risks, explores, unravels the mysteries of existence, makes an incredible discovery. He determinedly fixed her eyes to the sky and is not afraid to challenge him..."

The will of the great Vanga

Before leaving, Wang left people with something spiritual will. It was very short:

Never forget that wisdom is simple. Wherever you live, whatever you do, remember:
The man — who he himself holds. If you manage to change your thoughts toward goodness, we will change everything in his life.

Man should love himself and everything around him. In our times it is most needed. And he should be grateful to God for aid in our hour of need, for wisdom, which owes its success.
Don't fight with fools — they are not terrible painful, do not try to fix them or change. Much worse assholes. They are ready to present such that all people can stir up.

Don't put unrealistic tasks, know what you can do and what is not, it will not then blame themselves.
Do not promise, if not sure that fulfill the promise, because the pain you will cause another, sooner or later you will return upon him.
Pray to God and don't ask for More than you need!

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