Prophecy Vanga true one by one

Most prophecies Vanga very vague. And yet they are much clearer than the same Nostradamus. At least for interpreters.

January 31, 2006 the legendary Bulgarian prophetess would have turned 95 years

The most shocking prediction blind Baba Vanga made in 1980. Then she said the following: "At the end of the century, in August 1999, or 2000, Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn».

What then seemed utter nonsense, 20 years suddenly acquired a terrible sense. Killed nuclear submarine "Kursk" - the namesake of the city that really could not be under water.

Foresight really exists?


Gone tornado

Wang (Vangelia Pandev) was born January 31, 1911, died August 11, 1996. Lived in the town of Petrich (Bulgaria). She was buried at the church "Saint Petka Bulgarian" in the Rupite area.

At the age of 12 Vanga lost her sight. She blew a powerful vortex. Woman found alive but covered with earth and stones, sand with powdered eye sockets. As a result, she became blind.

Wang predict start in 16 years - helped his father find a sheep stolen from the flock, which he folded. It accurately described the yard where sheep were hiding. Said she saw him in a dream. But professional visionary ability was 30 years of age.

To Vanga was visited by many of the powerful. There was even Hitler. Left frustrated.

Global Forecast

Predict the outcome INTERPRETATION
"Fear, fear! American brethren will fall, pecked by birds iron. Wolves howl in the bush, and innocent blood will be shed River "(1989). Fulfilled. In September 2001, after the air attack of terrorists on the US skyscrapers collapsed World Trade Center. Collapsed skyscrapers called "twins" or "brothers". They crashed planes - "iron bird" - terrorists. But what's the bush? And despite the fact that in English it sounds like Bush. That is the problem relates to the time of his presidency.
"The world will survive many disasters, strong shocks. Change people's consciousness itself. Will come hard times. People are divided on the basis of faith ... "(date unknown). Fulfilled. Hard times yet arrived. And with the consciousness of people is something going on. Disasters galore - some tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of lives are worth. And numerous attacks recently? Or riots on religious grounds?
"We are witnessing a momentous events. Two major world leader shook hands (grandmother, obviously hinting at Gorbachev and Reagan). But it will take a lot of time, a lot of water will flow away until the eighth come - he will sign a final peace in the world "(January 1988). Coming true. At least with respect to "Eight". By the way, at a time when the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, Wang had already hinted at the next, although the name is not called: "This is quite an unexpected figure. Not exactly Zyuganov and Lebed. " "Eight" has already come: because Russia has expanded the "Big Seven". Recently, it has become the "big eight". It is now up world peace.
"Russia will once again be a great empire, especially empire of the spirit" (date unknown). It is not yet fulfilled. To the great Empire us so far away. And with the spirit - weak. But the search for a national idea go. It was one of the last prophecies of Vanga. Making his grandmother drew a large circle of hands.
"Everything will melt like ice, only one will remain untouched - the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russian ... All will sweep it out of the way and not only continue, but will be master of the world" (1979). It is not yet fulfilled. Although ... Russia since remained. And note, said it was in Soviet times, when the word "Russia", few spoke. About what Vladimir referred to, is unknown. But certainly not about Zhirinovsky. Something real contenders for the role of Vladimir fateful only three: Prince Vladimir Lenin and our current president - also known as "Eight».
"In 2018 the train will be flying on wires from the sun. Oil stops, the Earth will rest "(1960). Coming true. By 2018, earth scientists intend to organize production on the Moon helium-3 on these plans was announced a few days ago. Helium-3 - and the product of solar activity, and fuel for fusion reactor, which, in fact, himself - a little sun. The reactor will give electricity "in the wire," and fly the train.
"In space, will find life, and it becomes clear how life appeared on Earth." It is not yet fulfilled. Riddle of the origin of life has not been solved. Could not find it even on Mars. But the search continues. Especially in terms of catching signals from intelligent aliens.

Baba Vanga Testament

 - Do not fight with fools - they are not afraid to hurt, do not try to fix them or change. Far worse than fools. They are ready to present such that the whole nation can excite.


 - Someone has calculated that over the 55 years of its activity at Vanga visited more than one million visitors - says mathematician Mikhail Hillside. - "Prophecy" is, of course, much smaller. And yet so many of them that, according to statistics, need to find the right. But this, in my opinion, random coincidences. And on erroneous forecasts usually prefer not to. Although it is known, for example, that in 1973, Wang insisted that the Soviet Union during the month will bring the troops in Chile. And he never introduced.



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