4 places that must visit in Bulgaria

Don't leave the country without visiting the Rila monastery, not seeing the Madara rider and not dance in a nightclub. If you are new to Bulgaria, try to discover this country from different sides. Because Bulgaria is not only the beach, sea and sand, and the country with thousands of years of history, culture and a vibrant nightlife. Twenty eight million four hundred thirty seven thousand eight hundred six

The pearl of Bulgarian historical is male Rila monastery. The monastery is a complex of cultural, residential and industrial buildings with a total area of more than 8 thousand square meters. This architectural structure will surprise even seasoned travelers: a 24-metre high stone wall forms a building of irregular pentagonal shape, which looks like a fortress. Inside the monastery is full of arches and colonnades, which seemed carved wooden staircases and balconies. In 1983 the Rila monastery listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Also at the convent there operates a historical Museum, which houses more than 35 thousand exhibits.

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I think few people do not know about a blind Bulgarian seer Vanga. Thousands of people (among whom were many representatives of the Soviet leadership) to derive a prediction from this woman day and night stormed the house of Vanga. Vanga died in 1996. Death wish seer — the burial of the body in the yard of the house in which she lived - was not fulfilled. Instead, Wang was buried on the site of the chapel of Santa Paraskevi. Since that time, this chapel called the temple of Vanga.

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It's time to discover the romantic streets of the Bulgarian cities. Our editorial team suggests you to go to the resort town of Nessebar and to look at the life of this place under the scorching summer sun and in the cool weather of autumn. Nessebar — the ancient town that will charm you with its diversity. It and comfort the little cobblestone city streets, and a number of small temples and other architectural creations. You will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of peace in one of the many cafes or restaurants on the beach.

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Continue to discover the beauty of Bulgarian cities, going to the city of Shumen. This town will delight all travelers a huge number of historical attractions and a quiet, measured life of a small town. Attractions of the town: historical and archaeological reserve "Madara" is located 15 km away from Shumen. Worth seeing the rock bas-relief depicting the Madara horseman with a scepter and a stick in his hand, and under the hooves of a horse seen a snake, a lion and a dog. Ladder with 386 steps leads to the fortress, the Madara on the Madara plateau. On top of the plateau is a majestic architectural monument "1300 years Bulgaria". Here you have a breathtaking panoramic view.

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Well, as without rest in the coolest Nightclubs of the country! If you want to party, we invite you to visit the capital club Night Flight. The club is on 2 levels: the 1st floor and a VIP balcony with a total capacity of over 1000 people. The club is decorated in a modern style and come with the most ambitious in the whole of Bulgaria sound, lighting and special effects. The club is constantly held various concerts with participation of famous DJs and international stars.

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