Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong

There is a lot of photos and letters. Please do not break, over - write. I photographed as I can, in the case of notes accepted. About garbage littered the horizon do not write a lot of photos were made "vskidku" for several reasons.

Stupidly going to buy a ticket in Thai, but advertising is not for nothing that the motor trade: see poster Emirates. Freebies! And do not care, that is not a direct flight - we are not afraid of difficulties. At the same time even in the pair will visit stran.Srazu say that the second time I have this lust not vpisalsya.Golovnyak began even before we otleta.T.k.priletali Dubai 6, and departed to 3, then the hotel we did not need, and without the hotel through the site does not get a visa. I had to go do a visa to Moskvu.Poluchili without problems, and that it is a country of fairy tales in 1000 and one night

C went to the airport Emiratov.Muzey made history museum in the old fort, the ticket is 3 dirhams (1dollar = 3 65dirhema).

The country only 80 years, so the museum is not large, and says that it was in the Emirates, before oil was found, and how developing countries then

By and large, all the classes to local residents, before oil was found reduced to hunting, fishing, pearling and trade

One room is made in the form of the seabed

Then boarded the boat, went to ride on kanalu.Lodki ancient, almost the beginning of the last century.

Along the canal were built the first skyscrapers (against the background of the current word to say even funny)

Some of the helipad

Moves through the intensive, so the boat swayed, not all managed to make a photo even on the horizon

The building of the hotel is famous for the longest flyover.

With the channel board the taxi ride to the character Dubaya.Otel Burj Al Arab, the sail it, one of the most luxurious hotels in mire.Pri construction Arabs miscalculated and from the sea looks like the biggest cross mire.Fotografirovat, alas, I had the sun.

Nearby indoor ski resort (looks like a pipe)

Sail from going to the area of ​​new skyscrapers

configuration and height are limited only by the imagination of the architect

pictures of the most interesting

the ultimate goal of travel: Burj Khalifa, the biggest skyscraper in the world

the lens breaks trudom.163 floor with 828 meters in height.

would meet the sunset on the observation platform, not month time reserve necessary

darkens quickly

While waiting for his time, started the show fountains

an exciting spectacle

sorry there was no camera

is 2-3 minutes, depending on the melody

ringtone each time a new

To see and take pictures with a convenient place had to go to kafe.dva coffee and two buns with Fountain View, $ 25.

until the show started, much choked zhaba.potom not regretted never.

melody ends, finishes his coffee.

While watching the show, it was the turn on the way to the top smotrovuyu.po us all the stages stroitelstva.smotrovaya 122 etazhe.bolshe 500 meters above the ground

night view of the Dubai

We have to take pictures through glass, so the quality is average.

is raised, it began a new fountain show.

Dropped show freezes (at the top of the wind) .On the way back offer to buy a $ 70 Photoshop not interested

We sat down on the metro (could not take pictures, local very nervous when they shoot), go to aeroport.Metro goes straight to terminalu.Perelet 8:00 brightens service: how much is poured ask)))) Have tried almost everything: Hennessy cognac, whiskey Johnnie Walker , Beefeater gin, 2 kinds of red and one kind of white wine, Heineken beer and vodka Budvayzer.Tolko tried))) in Bangkok on selimsya Kaosane (the most you like this street + close to all attractions)

Independence Monument

fort.stoit the middle of the old city.

Loja Prasat.zdes we built a local taxi driver offered to drive a tuk-tuk (scooter with-chair) 4 hours for 20 baht (1bat = 1rubl) .We both fuckers fell for free, without assuming that this trip also included visits to all shops.

Gold gora.Kogda around here were stored the treasures of Bangkok

Golden Buddha Mountain.

Thais in different days of the week corresponding to pray to Buddha

The main shrine Golden gory.Sfotografirovat normally not possible t.k.postoyanno before her who is praying.

Next on our itinerary was happy Budda.Vidimo, so as not to interfere with his happiness, access to the church was closed.

Temple Wat Ratchanatdaram

Buddha from the temple

Big Temple Buddy.Budda so big that it is not got to the temple and stands before the temple

It is surrounded by smaller Buddha

square in front of the royal palace

While riding in the surrounding monasteries, dark + Palace closed an hour earlier t.k.priehal korol.Korolya sfotkat not given: I just took a camera down, all the policemen in the radius of 20 meters shouted, as if they were snake pokusala.Snyal only car when the king left the palace.

Catholic Christmas in Bangkok

Khao nochyu.Vsyakuyu garbage prepared on ulitse.Bliny bananas, delicious.

Fruits all: the usual watermelon and bananas, to exotic Dragon eyes and Duriana.Tak not understand why a nation so excited? I tried in different places, nothing special.

makashnitsa.zharyat any crap on palochkah.chto something to eat, something not very much.

Entrance to the Royal dvorets.Trebovaniya to clothing: pants, skirts below the knee, shirts, dresses closed plechami.Tem who wear it does not, offer to rent (for free, but bail 200bat) in the locker room at the entrance.

Log guard Rakshasa demons, different colors, 5 meters in height.

The palace complex is very compact, so you can only take a picture of the parts and not always with successful perspectives.

Phra Chedi Sirotana

Stone Buddha

The main temple complex: the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Sam Emerald Budda.V depending on the season wearing a different odezhdy.Odevaet Buddha personally korol.Semka banned, photographed on the go.

an attempt to remove the complex panorama

Phra Mondop

access to the recumbent Buddha

Wall royal pantheon

painted the whole, a lot of photos will not insert

Phra VIHARD YOD (though not exactly sure t.k.pod end entangled in these Phra)

Royal dvorets.ohranyaetsya chasovymi.prishlos shoot from behind bars.

Palace Chakri Maha Prasat

Wat Pho, or recumbent Buddha. gilded statue 46m.dlinnoy

courtyard Temple recumbent Buddha

He also

near the main church with To lying Buddha is the temple of the Buddha "younger" .hramy all monotonous, but the Buddha took off

standing Buddha

one more sedentary, but under a tree

Buddha with snakes

how this is called, I do not know.

At the exit of the complex there was a funny episode: my girlfriend did not find some attraction from the guidebook and decided to ask the aboriginal, where she nahoditsya.Oni somewhere piled up, and I sat down to drink a couple of minutes piva.Cherez return "should be given a money grandfather" .Dostayu 20 baht to give his grandfather, he repels with contempt, stands at attention and gives the phrase "Tu handrred bat" (meaning 200) .I ofigevayu, ask a friend the question "He got there by saving the dragons or something?" She then the ofigevaet: grandfather spent 30 meters and pointed to statuyu.5 minutes trying to reason with his grandfather, bezrezultatno.Posylaem tries and goes, after a couple of minutes, rushing "Tu handrred baht»

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is not konets.dopishu later.

swim across by ferry reku.tsena 3 bata.Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn

Buddha Temple of Dawn

at the temple, you can climb the ladder, but it's hard to come down

Praya river panorama Chyao

night to move to a couple of days at the hotel Bayok Sky-highest hotel Bangkoka.T.k many Russian, the staff are always present ruskoyazychnye.Bronirovali middle zone (characterized by price: the higher, more expensive) -Russian girl upstairs issued for the same dengi.Ochen many Chinese people, and they are not local lyubyat.Kitaytsy move in small groups, not more than 50 people, so as not to attract attention))) Bangkok morning.

Photo 86 floors

why such a fog, I do not know

from the hotel going to Ayutayu-old city destroyed birmantsami.putevka cost 3,000 baht per chel.Sezdili for 560 (260 300 bus and tuk-tuk on the spot) .metro and bus from Victoria Peak.

Ayuthya, the ancient capital of Thailand

Local Recumbent Buddha

Bang Ban

it is the same, but on the other hand

Bang Buddha from -Pa.My were dressing for the ceremony

pagoda.ustanovlena in honor of the Empress of China, has made hara-kiri because of the fact that the emperor did not express joy when it appears

himself Bang-Pa

Bang Pahan.Piramidy actually three, but all at once in the frame does not climb.

instead of fat-fat, you can take a trip on an elephant

Another Lie Budda.horosho seen how far the water reached during the floods

Our tuk-tuk

the ruins of Wat Maha That

Buddha head stuck in the branches of a tree

miraculously preserved Buddha

Wat Ratcaburana-main temple Ayutai

there were several temples, but everything is destroyed so that the meaning of remove net.Sadimsya a taxi ride to Pattaya-city corruption and poroka.Selimsya the hotel: instead of 4 stars, barely pulls on 3. Only pull out the drink to the arrival of the tables for the creeps "Stas" small centimeters 3.Moya screams, beat his sneakers, and was about to throw the corpse as the idea "and not to change the number for us?". call administrator imposed pokoynika.Administrator offers either free the same number, or + 100 baht Suite on the 2nd floor, but zavtra.Lyuks bolshe.Prinimaem like 100, I sleep all night, my hunts tarakanov.Ohota fails, there were no casualties, but the morning light revealed no lyuksov.Ustraivaem scandal-lodge in the super deluxe with the same doplatoy.Na that would tale and ended if the next day is not burned boyler.Pereselyat we had nowhere to go, nothing t.k.dorozhe was not))) As a result, changed the heater and hid when we appeared as tarakany.a suddenly even ask what compensation.

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4 th year, was in Tae, during which time the Thais learned russkiy.A New Year there at all in another language is not govoryat.Sredi visitors in Pattaya on n.g.russkih percent 70.Evropeytsy for the money to go are not ready, it is easier 2 week wait.

go for a walk: the famous Walking street-nest of debauchery and vice



striptease bars

and of course the bars go-go


and this is under the guise of rock bar

in addition to jugglers, prostitutes and transvestites meet more different characters

every night between Christmas and New Year fireworks in Pattaya

morning, we sit on a floating trough and will swim to a nearby island in Pattaya t.k.plyazh full of

is a 30 baht on such

150 can be on such a

unloaded on arrival in the time of Columbus pies and carry on co-Lan.Narodu bereg.Ostrov in Sochi, on the more expensive beds glazah.Iz advantages of clean sea, white sand, civilization (cafe, toilet, shower)

the next day we go to the park Nong Nooch

aka 1000000 park trees

You can also feed the tiger

photographed with live parrots

Orchid Pavilion

He also

Parrots as living

Pavilion of cacti

these being driven like tequila

terrace, the highest point of the park

view from the terrace

French park

then it was show of transvestites

somehow not impressed

and elephant show

elephants deserve a separate post

since all they did not fit here

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this is not the end-continued tomorrow (actually today)

Everyone who went to the Thai tour touting the river Kvay.My tried to go yourself, but understand that without travel agencies can not do purely ekonomiki.Tsennik travel from 2800 to 7500 baht from of hotel gidov.V skating program channels in a Thai village (cesspool still the same)

riding on elephants

Falls Erivan (actually a chain of 7 waterfalls look really 4-5)

7 can be, but begom.togda time on a photo and swimming remains

we had just 4, there can be a rollercoaster ride

then go to the same Kvay.tam waterfalls

All put on a raft, transported to the middle of the river, within a half-kilometer swim (can be waived if you can not swim)

at the end of the village on the river path, dinner, massage (for some money) .Krokodilov and snakes in the river net.Nam lucky and got the last house of the normal neighbors, a couple of Kazani.Vecher at Kwai: silence, splashing fish, someone sings in the trees, someone fucks someone guzzle, in general sounds not only spoil peredavaemye.Vpechatlenie understanding that all sewage goes into reku.Prishlos wash in the shower twice and take 0, 5 for dezinfektsii.Krayny left our house.

in the morning was still monkey village, where you could feed the monkeys

Railway Bridge over Kwai, called the road of death, and that's what I hate the eastern tour-shop with all g.Nikak I can not understand how the 50, mostly educated people, the guide team running to buy any rubbish for mad money: Ointment sperm monkey magic juice, infused with grasshoppers, tea with parrot poop and other means of popular photo meditsiny.Na Erivan god in the form of an elephant with 3 heads.

New Year back to Pattaya

Our all chudyat: Thais asked the children to write in Russian

Pattaya taxi, tuk-tuk

panorama of Pattaya

on the review site is a monument to Admiral Udomasaki, the youngest son of the king who built the navigation school in Tailande.Ochen revered by Thais dzhentlmen.Dlya reverence even coined a special ritual: to buy feed and firecrackers exploded near the monument of concrete in a special booth at the base pamyatnika.grohot is continuous.

dupe, but somehow I could not get past

Pattaya leave, going to the island of Chang

a small island 70 km in diameter

Living in the hotel, we find another kidalovo: pictured the sea lapping at the walls of the pool, but the photo was taken at high tide

Doing nothing on the island, but to lie on the plyazhe.Ostrov mountainous, the idea of ​​a bike, you can forget srazu.Berem Motik, 20 years did not go, and here the mountains and left-hand dvizhenie.Chtob not ditch the two to test-drive the food odin.Estestvenno the right lane rear yelling, rebuild, 2 km, to get used to decide razvernutsya.Kak in a driving school, chose a spot 150 meters in one direction straight, 150 to another, waited until no one is unfolding ... some bastard from local start up and begins hysterically buzz reflexively pull the gas ... damn, in turn horseradish vpisyvayus.Snoshu some pot that backs billboard upizdyakivayus krepko.Vstayu, feel full asshole-driving school pupil: knee tore a piece of skin 2on cm 2, a pair of black eyes clearly displayed .Tut going neozhidannoe.Taytsy always polite and correct, they even have the concept of "not losing face": I have got the wrong taytsy.Vyshli two aunts-broody and began to wail Vgolos, as if I did not split the pot, and killed their beloved aunt , leaving millions of the best plakalschiku.Ya already stood ohrenevshy, and then all fell into a stupor, though a couple of minutes otoshel.Vopros "how match?" stopped crying srazu.Ot price tag I ohrenel again for uronenny shield that I have put place and split-pot 2000bat.Na help broody 2 guy came and started something clatter locally like "what was the pot" .Vmesto guilt, a desire to give a face, but these bastards have already begun whining something about & quot; Polis & quot; .Polis I smiled: no rights, jamb face, quotations known to call 500, 500 fine, and yet these monkeys have something to dat.V pocket as luck would have one-thousand tysyachnye.Prishlos to shut up and piled up at once, though One thing to aid proposed: the leg by the time from the knee to the heel blood flooded byla.Krov washed, wiped the dirt, adhesive tape bought took a girlfriend, went to the waterfall-vodopad.Doroga 700m walk through the jungle

a beautiful waterfall, sorry little water.

You can swim to the point of falling water

you can dive from the cliffs

reached the observation deck

the neighboring islands can swim on a boat or catamaran

neighboring plyazh.narodu much.

our long-suffering Honda.vecherom went to hand, thought the owner will take out the whole brain-nifiga.Muzhik turned rocker in every sense of the word, not a word is said, just surprised that we are alive and zdorovy.Iz uvazhuha went into boutiques, bought him a bottle of brandy, what he was even more surprised.



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