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As promised in its extreme story about a trip to Socotra, share impressions about the trip to the Seychelles. At once I apologize for the quality of the photos, some - it's just still images with GoPro, and those that are made by Nikon - are clipped to 500 KB, for it is not intermeddle on Yap. At the request of Yapovtsev will write about the price (remember that) and other stuff, so it too is your interest.

It will be about 100 photos

Flights on the route Novosibirsk - Moscow - Dubai - Mahe - Dubai - Moscow - Novosibirsk Totale cost 33,061 rubles.

From Moscow flew a / on Emirates for the first time on the biggest cruise ship in the world Airbus A380. Always climbing aboard foreign airlines - Emirates, Singapore, Lufthansa, etc. in my soul calm. Hopefully, someday, our children will feel the same feeling, sitting on the board of Russian airlines ...... go to the salon .... This passenger, probably also flew for the first time on such a plane .

2. At the entrance to the salon meet. Generally, the staff and stewards stewardesses on the flight - some universal pandemonium races and peoples! From the report on the aircraft it is clear that the team of stewards may serve passengers in 15 languages! Smile ......

Seated on his seat (48C). In a multi-see greetings. Right at the bottom on-line broadcast from a camera mounted on the rear of the plane. Even you can choose the camera under the belly of the aircraft.

4. While the people are seated, looking around. This cockpit. Then you can not - it's not you Yemeni airline when I started up without problems in the cockpit and was allowed to take off on camera

Go ahead. The staircase to the second floor, where the business and first class. By the way, first class ticket costs about 500,000 rubles a ... Hmm ...

6. huge plane inside. In one series of 10 seats. Unobscured, legroom is sufficient for a comfortable flight)))

7.'s get into multivideotsentrom. Stuck comfortable. It allows you to pass the time and have fun. A bunch of movies, and you can choose the language - Russian here - not the most rare))), games, news tickers with the whole deal ... had neither the time nor the energy))

8. Full details of the flight. Travel time and prior to landing, the weather, the country over which we fly. Everything is clear and obvious.

9. You can connect your camera, player. See you captured photos and video files - no problem.

10. Immediately - shop on board. Select your favorite items - buy ... Yes, another little thing - the climate in the cabin ... It's a miracle! Fresh! For someone might even be cool. But for all absolutely - rugs. The airplanes of our airlines have always annoying stuffy ....

11. Well, we fly pleasant thing - if you are flying at night - there's your night sky directly overhead - in the ceiling)))). Damn ... like anything special, but so fascinating ....

12. Flight to Dubai passed unnoticed. Food - tasty. And you choose from a menu of pre-provided to you. As for alcohol - without any problems, all for free and in unlimited quantity. You name it, but from what I saw - whiskey - grades 6, cognac - 5, the wine - red, white, champagne, all kinds of juices, water, milk, coffee, tea ... .prichem bring all this on a simple flick of the wrist ... I very strong in the flights do not drink. Maybe, dry red wine serving - other blood thinners))) And if alcohol is reluctant - then aspirin .... Well, now approaches. At the bottom of the night in Dubai.

The hotel, as expected - excellent, 5 stars ... Elevator. 19 floor. Room - huge ... .Not know exactly what yardage, but 100 square meters - just ... more were only bungalows in Cancun (Mexico) ... For example, part of the bathroom (not included in the frame, and other shower toilets with bidet)

13. 7am. I wake up and go down to the 5th floor in the outdoor swimming pool .... Kaif ... blue sky above you ... dive into the pool ... .kipyatok !!! water - 30 degrees! Air - 29 !!!

14. Come on - I already carp - still better than at this time in Novosibirsk! :)

15. Next to the pool a fitness zal- people already here.

42 years ago on the site of Dubai was a desert. People rode on camels and donkeys, have lived on the sand .... Who of you was in Dubai in recent years, saw that the Arabs have done on their own land, that is, sand)))
This is a bus stop. I went inside - on the wall of the telly with a timetable. Powered air conditioning. Incidentally, such pavilions at each stop of two. Probably, for men and women separately.

Dubai is full of machines. There are very old and brand-new. Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and other "Porshakov with Mustang" - in the order of things. But I do not see any hybrid car may just past the eye was .... Self drive a hybrid, so always pay attention to them



The famous hotel in a sail -Burj Al Arab. Roundels on the top - a helipad

Everywhere is full of man-made waterfalls, big and small. This - in the shopping center.

About the spice market for a long time and need to talk separately. 99, 9% of what they sell me know.

In Dubai, there are Gulf Dubai Greek and yet it is called Dubai Creek. Here you can ride a wooden motorboats (Abra). For a leisurely conversation boatmen await tourists. Crossed over to the other side is worth 1 dirham per person (about 9 rubles)

Bay - a historic place. Here came the first commercial port and the first defensive fortress. At the dock are wooden ships that brought goods from all over the world

The sailors one of the vessels

And it probably came to the owner of cargo

16. Well, you have to climb the tallest building in the world - Burj Khalifa (828 meters height). Forward! In practice, this city within a city. The first few floors takes a mega mall - shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment for different tastes ....

There is a paradise for the sweet tooth

17. The huge aquarium right in the mall! Just at this time divers feed the fish.

18. The rise to the observation platform - strictly for the time specified on the ticket. Buying tickets in advance is recommended on the internet. The queue control points in general admission. 3 travelers elevator ride up and down. The cabin fit 20-25 people.

19. The observation deck located on the 124th floor! Rise quickly! Lift speed - lays the ears!

Time 6pm - already dark. That's even better - all the same night in Dubai - a beautiful sight. Several species. Look ...

Photographed through the "hole" in the glass wall. Ie at a level of about 2 meters is the width of the band of open air about 20-30 centimeters. You can stick your hand out

Road interchange - it's something ....

It's time to dinner at a restaurant at the foot of the tower. Every half-hour presentation begins - fountains "dance" to different music. Wonderful!

The Jets beat the fountain to a height of 150 meters! The second fountain can lift into the air 83 tons of water! Also spotlights are used gas injectors and smoke generators. Cool show!

20. The next day ahead for pokatushki jeep in the desert. Basically, the chase on the new Kruzak, and white. We got a Chevrolet Tahoe - too anything.

21. The road from the hotel to the desert took about 1 2/5 hours. Along the way we meet the camels

22. Arriving at the place. First of all, reduce the tire pressure.

23. chase! I must say that sometimes breathtaking)) The process of shooting on video. These shots - just still images and, therefore, not the best quality))

24. drive, I must say, great!

25. These drifts were sometimes - think turn over .... But no - it went without an accident))

We arrived at the so-called "parking Bedouin." At the entrance of such lanterns

26. Tourists gather in the evening with the entire neighborhood. Food, drink, dance - and the hotel. Tomorrow early morning flight to the Seychelles ...

27. Airport in Dubai is huge! On the bus from the building to the aircraft traveled about 15 minutes out from under the wing of the aircraft sticking his nose already familiar A-380.

28. However, the Seychelles flying aboard modest.

29. We met the amiable hostess of the Emirates. Bah! On the badge read «Natalia Ivashchenko». Sisters Brothers Slavs!

30. I told you - the board is more modest. Anyway. All the way overslept.

31. land. At the exit of the plane I met a man, the

... And the kind stewardess escorted

33. Well, that's arrival area. Airport on the island of Mahe (Mahe) is quite small, but like all such places in the world

34. Security guards working. Look for drugs and other byaku

35. And my suitcase checked. All is clear!

Just another early morning. View from the balcony of my room.

Breakfast is almost on the shore of the Indian Ocean

Completely forgot! Seychelles are here

By the way, about the price of food. As you can take the equivalent of beer. For example, Heineken 355 ml worth 120 Seychelles rupees. We multiply by 3, 6 get 432 of our ruble. Decide or not expensive. Seychelles practically all imported! Well, except for some fruits and seafood. Therefore, the prices are high.

There is one local souvenir - Coco-de-mer. This sea coconut grows only on the Seychelles. It looks like a female hips (front view). Exportation only if officially bought in the store. It is worth USD 250 per share. My hand was raised to buy

The menu includes even Russian cuisine - Borsch and Solyanka 140 rupees per serving. Try also not decided. Prawns much tastier

In the Seychelles people do not go for the entertainment, not at the party, and for enjoying nature, marine life, solitude and silence.

"Postcard" species - everywhere! The color of water, sky - simply stunning. No emotions and pictures do not give a real feeling of what he saw

Explore the area ... Probably not a bad place to stay



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