A journey to lake Baikal. Part 12

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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We will go to a Holy place for all Buddhist around the world. The monastery, which is now 77 years old retired in Samadhi Hambo Lama Itigelov.

He was idolized contemporaries during his lifetime. His unique abilities were legendary. Before the first world war, he blessed the 300 men going to the front, and they are all as one, returned from the war alive.

In the events of his childhood and youth had read the signs are obvious and formed "Providence" to his spiritual mission. His life was full of obvious signs of his unique journey.

Thanks to Lama Itigelov's believers strengthened in their faith, and unbelievers have decided in their spiritual belonging to Buddhism. Prophecies Lama left a believer in the legacy that has come true and come true continue to this day. And those that concerned the local key events, and those relating to the arrival of Soviet power, was also confirmed.

In 1927, he, the Abbot of Ivolga datsan, aged 75 years, prepared for such care, as repeatedly warned his disciples. During monastic service made a sign for him to sing a Requiem mantra. None of his entourage did not dare to start, and then Lama Itigelov began to sing it himself.

The disciples had nothing to do, how to support their priests. He sat in the Lotus position and retired from the world of the living. In this position his body is still. Persists it is without any extraneous appliances. His joints have poor mobility, as reported by those who care for his body. Skin, nails and hair (according to the forensic medical examination), in amazing condition for his age.

We got there around noon, and found out that the Lama allowed visitors only on major Buddhist holidays. And for us to get to him, you need a special exception permit.

The priests of the monastery carefully tinted in bright colors separate the facade of the monastery where Saint. The monastery stood several buildings. And between them went believers — monks and pilgrims. In the yard in an unexpected place growing a sunflower. He was lovingly fenced with a small fence.

Was there a stone of verifying the truth of human desires. In order to fulfill the plans, it was necessary to pass with my eyes closed 30 meters, not having lost with a straight, and touches the stone hand. It was very difficult and rarely successful. People deviate significantly in the 30 meters way. But our Luxury immediately fell, and the shaman, too, touched the stone!

Luxurious Woman found the Abbot of the monastery and was very convincing in the petition to give us a pass to the Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigelov. And a permit has been issued!

It's hard describable experiences that cover those who come to Lama Itigelov. And of course, it is very different people have the process.

When we opened the heavy doors, it was as bright as the sun-drenched street. We were greeted by the monk who cares for the body of the Lama. Inclination of the head he proposed to enter. We proceeded on the left side of the hall, and got to a small room. In the centre was seated in monastic garb, and, indeed, it seemed, looked at us Hambo Lama Itigelov.

It was surprising that his cheeks and forehead was drilled with a characteristic of smooth roundness. The color of the skin of a living person, did not leave doubts that in front of us was a unique phenomenon.

The space in the room was thick like milk, and I got very very lost as his happy childhood in the Ukrainian village. My grandmother's house was trimmed inside as "hut-hut". I woke up this morning on a high bed — I was not woken up... In the house was nobody, nobody at all. Grandma ruled the household and animals, waking up at dawn.

I have for some time sat in high feather, and watched on the floor, in the projection window, moved the light and shadow of leaves falling in the room from rising outside the window of the pear. This play of light and shadow revealed to me the images of familiar animals. And I played guessing them, with itself, with wood and sun and wind.

I was 3 and a half years. The bed seemed incredibly high. I liked not rushing her jump. Liked this awakening in solitude, filled with light and speaking branches of the pear, which thanks to the sun and wind, draw me stories on the floor.

I loved as a child autonomy, and could spend hours entertaining herself, finding the world is infinitely interesting in its different properties. I was interested in creating something with your hands and study the properties of things. And I was wondering what people and objects can be viewed presenting them very close or very far away, and inside me with varying degrees stretched some threads. These threads must bind all things in this world.

And the space around it was thick like fresh milk with foam in the bucket, which brought the grandmother to the house, coming from a huge red - and- white cows. Such a huge cow, her eyes were the size of my palm, and wet the nose with its powerful breath move my bangs. Grandma chose the air with a spoon the milk foam from the bucket into the Cup. This white foam was drinkable, just inhaling like sweet sparkling air. The world was very lively, telling and magic. The living were all phenomena and all objects.

This place gave me back a piece of my soul – I remember! How long have I not relied on this status...

It seems to me that in the world of our advanced and high States, we humans do not learn them we remember. You can learn the language, the dance steps, the rules. You can memorize texts and dates, learn the laws of music and mathematics – Yes.

But the state is a different "science". That's what the whole spectrum is built in to our healthy "pattern of man". We are all basically of similar construction and access to all human conditions present initially at birth.

But circumstances sometimes form in us the gaps, and we lose them – these high condition. Lose when we don't have enough protection and security. Compressed to become denser and safer for themselves.

When the closest — mom and dad, their attitude or frightened, angry or suspended person will no longer give us the protection. Every traumatic event we decide to be more armor. A little more background to keep the defense, not to relax much, not to trust to the end, not playing carefree... We begin to "defense". And so gradually lost the ease, simplicity and radiance.

But, lost in transit, you can return. To remember what he had always known. But due to circumstances of personal history we chose to forget. Remembering the high state of the body, we will return your ease and glow. Its as a tuning fork, we are embedded in its unique destiny. Or rather... It's our destiny stems from our States.

"Sow an act — reap a habit, sow a habit and reap a character, sow a character and reap a destiny"...

Luxury asked questions to the monk, and he willingly told. Pointed to the cube to the left of the altar:

This cedar cube — it is almost fresh (but nails, which he downed very rusty). It is made to preserve the body of Hambo Lama Itigelov, which in 2002 took out of the burial. The earth does not crumble, and the body remained in one piece.

- And you have it disguised?- incessantly, Luxurious sleep of the monk issues.

Yes, I disguised it, his hands weakly mobile. During major ceremonies, sometimes on his forehead and in the armpits are sweat.

The shaman cried.

Me and the other was reverently silent. But I was very thankful gorgeous Woman for such spontaneity. The monk really wanted us to not only show and tell about the details of this unique phenomenon.

When we left the hall, the monk handed us a plate with the sacred offerings. It was the "prasadam" — food that ritual brings the believers of the deity when visiting a temple. On the plate was the goat cheese in small pieces, many flavors and shapes.

Said the Minister: — This is for you!

It was incredibly delicious.

In a completely different state, we left the monastery and went to the river Selenga, which flows into the lake, spend the night with water. Overnight at narrow river... beautiful sunsets... the closing of insight.

In the morning, in the car, we watch the sunrise light up. On the way to the airport laugh and some kind of our faces. How will they now pleasantly different from those with which people came from their native cities.

We take secular names, and leave yourself, along with the memory of this journey, the range returned high soul States.

Thank you companions for your sincerity conditions, and the courage to be honest!

Special thanks to Anna Dobrovolskaya for organizing this trip. Her sensitivity and concern for people in the journey. For a great conductor, whom she found in the online space.

Thanks to a conductor Vladlena Vydrino for the amazing route of the wild places, the secure way and the practical resourcefulness of a marching person.

Until next time, friends!




Author: Natalia Walicka


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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