A journey to lake Baikal. Part 8

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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A journey to lake Baikal. part 8


Climbing as a study of strategies of life

Trail Testing.

In the morning, getting up at 6 in the morning, we had Breakfast, stocked up on dried fruit, water and went on climbing. I shared with the people her secrets long climbs, the ones that gave me my teachers and those I opened in the way.

One of them, and for me it is important — it is a triangular interest.

The first face is the place: path, top, the beauty with height.

Second, with the goal that I set before climbing up and investigating in which way, drawing an analogy with your life and facing difficulties on the road. You know, you can read tea leaves, by the way, some of my friends pretty well, you can read the Tarot cards, but you can on the track.

The third face is of interest to your body in the way. To how it goes and how you can contrive in the way to give it a rest and be entertained in the way, with all the existing with tenderness and gratitude to him, but otherwise no. Otherwise, the body will be offended and will not go further, and say, "I do Not believe you, master, you tortured me and raped. All, here is my top! I'm back, and if you want, go on alone, without me."

That's why, and some do not reach. Well, not because their strength is not enough.

The fact that someone strength is not enough — this excuse "from the mind". If you can do the step, then you can go. The path is always a repetition of the same step. Delay one step and repeat it again and again. It's natural. By the way, the human foot and legs are adapted more to go up the incline is the most natural movement for the body, natural as the breath itself.

Yes, Breath! The breath is of equal length inhale to the number of steps and the same breath. Then the body enters the mode of a metronome, and it is important not to disturb him with the – "can not". To be in him, in body, be present in what is happening here and now. To be more in percentage terms in the feelings than in the world of thoughts. To trust my body more than ideas in your head. To be strong in the head is very dangerous. Everything, absolutely everything, injuries happen at a time when people flew in thoughts. He could microsecond to withdraw attention from the "here" unacceptably higher percentage, more than is possible in this moment to strike, stumble, run into a branch or worse. The pain will return again in the body. Much convincing to come back!

Even painful old age of the people is an attempt of the body to return to master, always "hustling" in their speculative worlds, through the sensation of pain. In the presence of living Life, at least before the "finish line" to give him one last chance to be Present. The body always helps, remember this.

When it helps, when it hurts — it helps when wants something – it helps. Gives the owner the signals on the "dashboard indicators" to not miss the moment "to replenish the energy resource."

To listen body – wise. The corporal somatic intelligence wiser heads, though, because of a much older brain. And he proved his wisdom when he formed you in the womb, thank God, without any interference from your thoughts. The body itself is recovering from fatigue after integrity violations (for injuries). And, mind you, not consult with your mind.

It's useful to consult with your own body. And treat it with respect and tender care as the most important teacher in your life. How the students relate to the teacher in the Oriental tradition. So, when so, then you body and take you wherever your mind not even dreamed of, and you will get more than expected.

After all, you can only expect something familiar in the past. It means facing the past and back to the future. Actually, the way most people live. Living is not living – back to the future, and the world is a mirror, you know... He to the man, as he...

This was my speech before the ascent. And I continued to think this topic further as we walked across the plain. Sometimes sharing your insights aloud.

And instead of expectations to better meet the world in all its unpredictability. Carefully and curiously to peer at what he wants to see us. And resolve issues and problems as they arrive. You may notice that most of the possible human fears never come true.

Imagine people living in fear, finances your inner "army"... And these achievements are not enough resources, because all the time on guard and defense, and it is the abyss of energy. Or, if he thoughts, expectations and dreams, he "lends" the attention of the notoriously ephemeral projects (expected danger or pipe dreams), and his attention slips from the present – "here" now not enough energy.

It is NOT ENOUGH. It is chronically LACKING and it is not the facts of his life — is the position of his mind. If the Mind is not in the "now", its not "home" – "he's not home right now, call back later", and this is the biggest shortage, which he confuses with the objects and subjects of the external world. This lack is not treated by any external factors: material benefits, comfort, acquisitions, gifts and signs of attention to yourself.

All this, of course, pulls the "traveler on virtual worlds" at the moment, in short the joy of presence in being. But when the gap "in the head", it is without awareness of its presence himself master of the head, not locked outside.

And even an honest joy about the appearance of the gifts will be fleeting and finite. To all external a man accustomed to and soon after all the "amazing facts" and "gifts of fate", he again falls to its base emotional state, which is his life. Someone returns to grief someone into trouble (there are), someone in the aggression, looking for the enemy.

"What happens when nothing happens?" — this is a favorite question of my teacher Sergei Strekalova. When he was speaking at a seminar, he immediately came to the circle, and came and sat down and sooo long not uttered a word. And even, no, didn't consider, and slid a glance at the participants, then he turned his glance inward and again avoided the attention of the participants. And another 10-20 minutes, and painful for the people, did it again and again. In fact, he really "did nothing". He lived, so just being in a circle, just full of weighty and present in every moment.

At this point, most of the participants of the seminar, "just in case", I began to feel guilty. Another part is a concern, and some resentment, and quite a few — the joy, or the emotion of all this dumb spontaneous, but very live, honest emotional process, read the faces, gestures and postures, and especially in trying to control your emotions calmly.

Towards the end of silence, which he conducted without notice, spontaneously, he could ask this question aloud: "What happens when nothing happens?", or not ask it and move on as if nothing had happened, to verbal conduct of a seminar – lecture or discussion. For example, "how was your morning?" or "who are you and what is happening to you now."

So, man, when he is not in the "now", it is attention in the past or in the future. He has very little power, the consequences of this foolish energy-spending and sponsorship of their attention not the actual fact, and those missing in his life in the present moment. From such unwise spending he feels poor and deprived of attention in point of space in which there is.

We can get a full, full life energy only from the present.

In pathological strategy of the mind "is not to be in the present moment", people really do not understand why it is not enough happiness in life, strength, energy, enthusiasm, courage and all that you can get in life, taking it out of myself just by being and living at the point of "now".

Those who can't "be in the present moment", and most of all, constantly dreaming that someone loved. That is, the other someone who will love them, sponsored them with your energy. That is, thought about them, yet they spend all units of their attention to thinking about things that are not, or have not. While they replay in my head conversations and events that never happen in reality. While dreamers or "originali" continue to engage in all sorts of supernatural nonsense and continue to "arm themselves". They do not realize that they live in the present reality at the point of here and now, is NOT there. To love nobody. There's only one in them who can sympathize, but sympathy it and they will find love, and then be offended that the "action of mercy" ended unexpectedly. And someone with a grudge to quote Saint-Exupery: "we are responsible for those who tamed".

How do you say? And Yes "not Yes".

All these the above formula of happiness and unhappiness, flashed in my mind a short video. I did not say all this rants people before climbing, and they would come out of the body, and is firmly settled in my head, trying to watch my "movie". It is not necessary. Let everyone remain with his "movie".

And additional advice was brief: I Remind you who have forgotten, why the head... once again I will remind: the head is necessary to draw Conclusions and make Decisions, the rest of life you need to include the body.

Prompt: "And I eat it and...".

Interrupting before he could finish: It's "and" and physicality. When you eat it and "something else" (she asked) — it is also body! Yes, Yes, it happens. The head is still part of the body. But this is the second function.

So people sometimes feel that they have a headache. This pain often has a physical cause. Ill there is, in principle, nothing special. The head not the abdomen. This is to ensure that if you have a headache, find the topic is not "about now", which you tend to twist in the brains, and release it by forgiving everyone that is involved. And most importantly is yourself for something, what do you think of this story. And pain, immediately let go. You can experiment.

Another farewell...

You can wear two pairs of thin socks for those who have a suspicion that you can RUB his feet in the way. And at the slightest hint of rubbing, stop, remove their shoes and glue the patch, not waiting until the yellow fading. Take the layered clothes so you can undress in the way and get dressed in Parking lots. As we go? Everyone chooses its own speed, no need to adjust to others. The trail to the top one.

The guide explains features and trails specifically this way:

"The track is called Path Testing. You will often feel that the top is already here, but it will still be terraces and are still following the top. And then, when you finally coming to another vertex, you'll see a long, long ridge, you will discover that it was only half way.

Mountain 1800m and if you feel that you are enough for you, you can return to camp and prepare dinner for everyone. Plus karma will be counted... When you go back — be careful! There is a risk of getting lost, if at the fork in the wooded part of the mountain to go down the right slope to another gorge. There is a swamp and a mountain stream. They need to jump through to get on the road, otherwise it is impossible. Otherwise you'll have to climb back down, but left...


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It is so much attention will be paid to this deviation in the wrong direction and so details about this will tell you that our Luxurious, truly, I will repeat this "feat". Speaking of Attention. As in all of life. Where is attention – there is energy.

And our Luxury — it is a very energetic woman! published

To be continued...


Author: Natalia Walicka


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