A journey to lake Baikal. Part 10

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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Trail Trials

We go to the foot of the mountain, the well-trodden path in a dense forest. Before the rise we were met poster-the route of ascent. Yes, this path is called "Path Testing". We see a map of the route. Next the trail narrows to the width of one person, and we go chain. I'm happy to skip ahead of the guys, I have a long time no matter what part of the group I'm going. But newcomers to know, ahead it is always easier to go. The responsibility for those who walking behind me, gives me strength and hunting go well.

The slope becomes steeper, but we still have a long (3-4 hours), we will go through the woods.

My physical preparation makes itself felt, and at some point I will overtake them and lose sight of the group. In climbing I do not need frequent stops. They are likely to interfere with, mislead streaming rate. Once, 5 years ago, I was surprised how good it was on track to Everest Victor of Olifirov (experienced climber, snow leopard). He then taught me to walk in the big mountains. It was not fast. Rather, it was slow, but like a tank. The speed has not changed from the height of the mountains, or the slope angle and slope.

The newcomer first, gambling jerk. After the obvious, panting breaths as his rate, and his enthusiasm, strongly depend on the slope of the trail. On the nearly straight sections of people eager to run. And when lifting heavily puff and strive once again to sit down, relax. I must say that this is the broken rhythm, if you walk a lot. Produced contact with his personal stream, and then it is important not to disturb the flow to carry yourself up.

It's like in the big categories... "the First man chooses the Path, after the Path chooses the person...".

Close to the exit of the forest stretched a parched land. It is the traces of fire, to the fire which was involved in the men who met us in the reserve. The sight of these places still was very dramatic, though it's been a month and a half.

Once the forest ended as madder. This large stones on which to go was not as good as in the woods, but interesting. It was possible to feel ungulates Bouncing animals. The shoes had very good, and seasoned mountain people know how great it is — the right shoes on the way. So I'm sure that much fun to as I got it, that was moving the rocks under the scorching sun, normal people in ordinary shoes can not get. Beauty! And on the rare stops — blueberry low bushes. A total of five and a half hours, I was on top.

And there's the tundra! The real tundra! Moss, lichen, berries, bunches, mushrooms among the blueberry bushes, cranberries, blueberries, low cedar slannik around the perimeter of this huge vertex plain. The height is 1800 m. the Plateau stretches into the distance to 5 miles, and taper out to the horizon. Therefore called the Holy Nose.

I went into variegated mosses. Lying on the ground and looked at the sky. And my internal attention watching the sensations. How weight is lifted bodily material sparkled and shimmered, flowing down under the action of gravity. All these "stars" of the sensation of falling, passed through the skin and waterfalls spilled into the ground unhindered. Vibrated joints, rang the muscles in a different key, swung open the cage, releasing bird, and I was gone...

There was nothing from "me".

The physical pulsation of life, which seems to be "I" is irrelevant.

My personality it (surge life) is not created. Ripple is, but not me. It is from the beginning of the physical world, she lives for me, as the breath breathes me. And I do not. Not at all. And it's such a pleasure to realize itself, that which is not.

As if a fine needle, we punctured the black velvet of the Universe. And imagine how through this hole at high speed sweeps through everything and have nothing left. It's such a full rasamoelina freedom — to feel the presence of yourself the void and speed speeding impressions, dissolving in the void, to complete transparency.

In my opinion, it is not correct to say "I breathe". No, this breath is breathing us. Any other activity which the person calls with prefix "I", the person may postpone, to stop doing. And the breathing, pulsating, he can't wait.

And because Life is living us. And once we accept it, we have become involved in the process. Although the question about who is this strong, or perceiving the "we" who "not the body" and remains rhetorical. But the best processes happen when we do not hinder life "live us." And this, I must say, it is very difficult people are given. More the most part people find it difficult to follow their inner impulses, forcing his nature.

Hard to relax with all his strength, in those places that do not participate in the event (not to think too much, and not to have chronic bodily clamps). And not easy to feel the line between the application of super, without which development is impossible, and not to fall into the violence on themselves.

I walked on a full tundra. This unexpected up here. Solid color patchwork low carpet impressed. Red, green, yellow, orange. Autumn, not fall. Summer in the tundra! It's so bright! And berries, berries... lots and lots of berries.

It's been two hours, and from "my" so no one appeared. I thought this was a really difficult trail. And decided to find the promised guide source. Explorer us up is not conducted, and brought to the beginning of the track and explained the route. Was the day and the trail is very clear – so that all of us are not confused.

The source was found. It appeared to be a lake of the purest water. Round as fairy tales, and the perimeter is thick, as in the masterpieces of landscape design, a thoroughbred grass.

How? As here, at an altitude of 1800 meters comes water? This is what the pressure should be! It really must be a very living water. I'm on the track on the way up, usually almost do not drink. People sometimes confuse the sport with bodybuilding and mountaineering. These seasoned trackers never drink a lot of water in the way. Walking and drinking plenty of fluids man, sweating heavily. And the continuing stickiness of the body is distracting, creating discomfort.

But now the water was very welcome and impossibly sweet. How great to want something, to be with this desire, not in a hurry to get rid of it. After realizing a desire — it is as if to kill him. The desire dies after implementation. It as desire ceases to exist anymore. Its implementation follows the birth of a new reality. It is quite another thing and another level of enjoyment to give the desire to stand and to multiplied the pleasure of implementing it and not in a hurry even in this process, savor the details, to feel, what makes us the implementation of our query.

Drunk plenty and typing on my little bottle, I went back over the plateau to the descent. And here was a shaman. She was to meet such enthusiastic and beautiful. It was impossible not to embrace, Yes, so much to hear the sound of her heart. And of course, we went back to the source.

I offered to swim. We threw each other bottles of this strong water which was so many layers and has risen to such heights. Soon after the Shaman seemed gorgeous. She wasn't alone. With a man she met on the ascent. Yes so radiant, that your eyes. And he felt like a real hero. Of course, they motivated each other. The novelty of the energy of a stranger, which makes what we are, we are includes a sense of recognizable kinship. This is a very wonderful and inspiring process, providing the synergy effect. When energy is the sum of two is equal to three, i.e. more of them are mathematically stacked parts.

We bathed with water from a source, undressed for the fun gorgeous Woman. Soon came Dancing Thunder. I was so happy for them and myself that this joy on the mountain you can share with your friends. Yes, have already become each other friends. After we learned so much about each other in our evening discussions and experiences from the place from themselves in the actions and practices of peace research, about the study itself, the congestion, the insights about myself and life in General. People sometimes do not have time to know each other for many years.

I'm happy that we can now not only talk about grief, but also to be silent about it, knowing each other. We now have in this experience is a common reality. While I understand that when the "ten people, go on one bridge in one village", in fact it is going "ten people on ten bridges in the ten villages". We can enrich each other details of their roads.

People are brought together three factors: acceptance, communication and shared Reality. In this triangle, if to raise one of the corners, increasing the quality of interaction on all three sides. And, accordingly, if one parameter falls, the fall and the other two. Relationships come to naught.

Dancing thunder said that rainbow waiting for us at the other end of the ridge. Where the ends of the forest. This is the middle of the road where it was proposed to complete the ascent of those who will be enough height. Here a view of lake Baikal from the height is already thoroughly amazing. So much so that it becomes clear — the path was worth it!

We went deep into the plateau, toward the edge where we could see views of the places where we sailed on a catamaran. From this height you could see the distance, shrouded in the foggy afternoon mist, kilometres two or three hundred. And there, further layered strip of mountains, all shades of blue.

Avaleuses naked on the soft moss, after eating a large blueberry, the five of us plus the Luxury companion went for the descent.

Once depicted views of the Lake. From here the lake looked aquamarine in the frame. A long semicircular curve of coastline left no doubt that Baikal is a treasure.

On the way back became much clearer that the descent is often more difficult recovery. And I also just remembered that. Large rocks under the weight of the whole body sometimes started to go. The pieces of the paths on a light ground and then stopped. Dalse were huge boulders. And it is not clear where the path passes through them. Some of the stones were treacherous going underfoot, which did not help confidence in the actions. How was a shaman at him in this frivolous shoes? – I thought, looking at her "gym shoes". I've been so proud!

Down we're all relatively together. In one steep place, after the turn of the trail I heard a cry behind him: "Help!". Looking around, she saw her friend sprawled back on a small hillside, but the most unreliable of the stones, his head down. Another breath and the rocks under it are starting to go!

I jumped up and grabbed her ankle. I was struggling to hold it with two hands, stopping the slide. Thank God that it stopped and the body stopped. There, in the open, I wasn't even trying to look. Slowly revolving in the direction of the trail, it rolled out a little higher and were able to submit up to and hand.


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A minute later she was standing on the trail. In the arms. This moment, before the arms were of a lifetime. I heard her rapid breathing. There were no words. And so it was all clear. Catching his breath, we silently looked at each other. I missed it forward. published

To be continued...


Author: Natalia Walicka


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