A journey to lake Baikal. Part 11

A continued trip to lake Baikal.

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Its way

Only when we entered the forest, I took control of the group. Luxury led forward her personal guide. It showed that everything is in order. He made a good impression and was a grown man, as our playful Luxury.

But then I thought he was from another group. But if he knows that there, below you can go casually to the side, but then I thought, despite the complexity of ascent for human beings is not the glaciers, not winter, and even the bears are hungry this time of year, and besides, they are paired.

But after the incident with the extreme drop for the Shaman we all, including our Doctor, kept each other in sight. The best mobilization for the vigilance of man is the materialized risk. It stimulates attention, help to draw conclusions and make decisions. Then well go back again into the body and more efficiently be present in the moment.

In camp I tried to return as quickly as possible. And sent a guide to meet those who were returning. The twilight descended. The conductor followed the crowd and found that our Luxurious Woman has lost her partner, descending into another gorge.

Found them just before midnight. The satellite also went to look for his group. You could say that they went "left", if they hadn't gone to the right. So sometimes, you need to go left. Hike to the left is sometimes more the right way.

By one o'clock all were in the camp. And I had a bath... Standing in the freight Elevator in the booth covered with polyethylene by throwing water on the burning coals, we very quickly reached the desired condition, and immediately dived into the Lake. And so a few times.

And then dinner – pasta, fish, salad and stew venison. The Explorer managed to make a feast, while the people ran through the mountains-forests. Dinner is decent, the final last night on the shore of lake Baikal.

We told the details of his journey, sharing what we think about how all of these microevents reflect the characteristics of our basic way of life. And about how everything in this world is connected — as above, so below that small, large and in our life the pattern of destiny.

We talked about the insights and new solutions that I want to do. And this conversation went smoothly in goals and desires. So organically, logically flowing from this point the lake Baikal trip. Talked about how we had to live with our Actual Names. Who new, I saw the meaning of your name and yourself in it.

Make a wish and drank milk with herbs. The condition was absolutely magical — there was the expansion of consciousness. Allies was the mountain taiga and the sacred water of lake Baikal.

People feel accomplished, was so naturally beautiful. Exhausted only heavy that they have long nurtured, and filled with a in the light of new knowledge about themselves and their capabilities. Become easier and easier. Inspired, beaming with the anticipation of new horizons in your life, new roads and meeting new people.

In two days these people will be already on the "mainland" and meet those who were waiting there from the campaign. And again, like the first time, cast a fresh look to your living landscape. And they will think that this is not the reality that they left two weeks ago.

This is another parallel reality. It seems all the elements are the same, but somehow deeper, fuller. And relationships with family members warmer, heartier and easier.

After these expeditions is becoming markedly deeper understanding of the answer to the question "Where do you live?"

In the morning at 6 we shall gather the tents, say goodbye to the Great Lake, each in our own way. About something we tell him and something we will hear in response. I'll take a handful of sand from the shore and take it with you.published

To be continued...



Author: Natalia Walicka


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