Why would a woman beauty

Have you ever thought over the question, why would a woman beauty? As if the answer is obvious: to attract, to seduce, to fascinate. Beauty is power, a resource, a commodity. And this situation rightly causes resentment and a wave of protest among women who win the right to be groomed, not blooming, careless, and other "not". However, in the sacred value of beauty duty. This word carries with it the element of coercion, as we are taught from childhood. But let's go beyond today's stereotype that no one owes nothing, and look at the beauty in terms of natural processes.

In nature everything is lovely. A lush flowering spring seasons chilling charm of winter, the sad beauty of autumn, the richness of the summer months, soothing expanse of oceans and seas, calling the inaccessibility of mountain peaks, the frightening power of storms, volcanoes – nature is beautiful and varied always. She is the mother that gives life to everything on this planet. Beauty is an inherent property of nature.

The woman – the personification of nature. It is the gateway to the world for their children, creative ideas, thoughts and fantasies. Like nature, woman has the power to inspire, to encourage, to admonish. Able to elevate someone that accepts and loves, she's able to destroy. A woman displays a multi-faceted beauty of this world.

But is it easy to be a messenger of nature in human form? Nature manifested millions of forms for which it is responsible, the woman is responsible for own form. The body is a divine instrument given to each of the responsible use, through him, the woman had a unique opportunity to show creativity and to show the world the new face is beautiful. This complex, thinking, living, developing, dynamic, responsive structure given to us in order to fully reveal themselves.

The obligation of each who are eager to call yourself a woman is the responsibility for their own body.

The body is a perfect canvas for creativity, and a brush and paint the emotions, aspirations, actions and hands. Touch face, feel his soft fingertips. Surprisingly, the hands – the best tool for their own beauty. To be beautiful is natural and pleasant, not burdensome, because what we need always with you.

To do yourself is immense scope for self-realization, leading to enjoyment. For someone that is willing to take responsibility for their own bodies, to discover and realize through him the charm of natural processes, beauty becomes a source of pleasure. In a woman's nature is a perfect mirror, and generously rewards excellent health, a great sense of self, confidence in themselves and in the future. The beauty of a woman is a gift, which she presents not only the man but also his children. Beautiful mother is the best example for the daughters and the standard of femininity for sons. To be beautiful and healthy for their children, to translate them in the right way.

Beauty is mandatory, an integral property for women and for nature itself. Nature does not think about to be beautiful or not. It perfectly copes with its responsibilities by default. Woman carrying beautiful all of its existence, embodies natural processes in their grandeur and pristine. published


Author: Maria Lipkewich



Source: Maria Lipkewich


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