Tip often comes in the form of the disease

It has long been our grandparents, talking about their bodies that was sick, called them affectionately, even tenderly asked for. Remember: Oh, my dear arm hurt, legs hurt for a day tired. At the same time, stroking the areas of the body that was disturbed by their pain.

Maybe in ancient times knew that the human body not only as a physical body, but also soul, and mind...

They lack communication with us. We pay attention to them when they already pray this communication, but in the form of a cry for help. And then running around in circles: home, hospital, pharmacy, home. Add the handfuls of pills is treated.

And just let go again I forgot about myself. And ought to appear, the disease was a lesson, was a signal that the body something is wrong. It's time to pay attention to their health.

But grandparents was easier, because the food was clean, and the air is fresh and purified himself, and order his thoughts led. Eating food from the Earth, not some hodgepodge.

Yes, people today pays little attention to themselves, ruining his body and soul, distorts and pollutes the mind. What kind of health can be said?

If to speak about the disease in the first place is a signal. Signal from our body that tells us to pay attention to something very important. In other words, sickness is just our body's way of talking to us.

Often I hear the question — why does the body speaks to us in such a cruel way as pain? Just because other people simply do not hear — because I have forgotten how to listen to your body and get valuable tips from him. So our body found a way to "reach out" to us as pain and disease...

If you look at the disease from this point of view we can safely say that the disease is good. Because the disease is prompt and the opportunity to correct those errors which do not allow us to live a full and happy life. After all, physical health is the only indicator of how healthy we are internally — namely, how happy, full and fulfilling lives we live.

If we don't listen to their true desires, if we are not honest with others and yourself, if we do not love, live in relationships that don't make us happy, no time rest and simple pleasures, don't spend time with those whom we love, if we are guided by false values, then we betray ourselves. And in this case, our body immediately comes to our aid and tells us that we're going the wrong way. And this tip often comes in the form of the disease.

The body knows how to speak a different language — you probably know how it is when the thought of something creepy or along the spine you feel a chill? Or Vice versa, when the body warmth and tranquility, and you realize that everything happens in the best way. Our body has many signals that it shows us the right path. Should only want and start again to listen and hear your body, and you will always get these tips and make the right decisions.

Why start again? Because this ability is in each of us since childhood, but over time we begin to think too much and be guided only by the brain, and as a result forget about such a powerful tool as the body.

Opportunities and ways to learn to listen to your body mass. For myself, I chose a special conversation with the body that you can turn to the body for help, for guidance, and to give my body love and gratitude.

This method is a special meditation that will help you not only start to receive answers from your body, but also to attain a state of harmony and unity. In order to begin to get answers from the body — just close your eyes, and the next 15 minutes, go on a magical journey and a new acquaintance with your body.

In this meditation there's a bonus — many people, starting to listen to your body and listen to his advice, got rid of the diseases that plagued them for years.

Some people use it all the time — and I can say that "my body has never let me down and I can safely call him my best friend on Earth."

How to talk with your body.

Each cell is a separate living organism with all the vital systems – power supply system, absorption and processing of substances, excretory system and even with some elements of consciousness. As with all our body, each organ consists of such separate and somewhat self-aware cells.

It is important to understand for the treatment of patients bodies. Healing the body that needs treatment, it is necessary to consider it as a small child, whom you love very much and who became a became a little naughty. You have to love this body as it is part of our body, how we love your child.

You just need to talk to him and explain to himwhat you want from him. How do you want this body worked to bring you health and vitality. As you want to participate in the work of the command organs of your body, successfully completing part of their work to get the whole and healthy body. And as a child, your unhealthy body says something, sometimes crying to attract attention, sometimes it hurts. Listen to him calmly and try to understand what he wants to say.

Each organ has its own character. Some of them much wiser and less stubborn than others. Use your intuition to understand the nature of the body. When you are dealing with such organs as the liver, stomach, etc., you can use a clear, almost Fiat and very flat tone. Firmly, but with love. However, your heart, eyes, bladder, etc. will not listen to your orders. You need to talk to them much more gently, with kindness, with love.

To preserve health and youth, you should take responsibility for their own healing. So when you say with a certain unhealthy body, you should do it seriously. You must firmly believe that really able to communicate their wishes, this body, this part of your body.

You can chat and talk with all of your organs, muscles, memory, brain, body parts, hormones, chakras, etc. We were created to be as one and every cell of our body knows it. I am sure that what they want is also to work together as a cohesive and healthy mechanism.

During a conversation with a particular organ you can try to understand how this body can feel healthy and balanced. That will return the memory and will help to return to a healthy state. Even thought it sounds very simple, but it really works.

Clean the liver talking

How it's done:

  • • ask forgiveness from your liver for the fact that overloaded its abundant and unhealthy food...;
  • • and only then start a conversation with her, lightly stroking the spot in the right hypochondrium.
Say, what is it good to be strong and courageous. Together, you will help her to be cleansed and become healthy. And she, ass in turn, and the entire body clean will begin.

Talk and talk liver, your heart, hands and feet. And after a while the pain will fade away and turn into ashes.

In short, tell with their bodies. Love them and have mercy. You will have a lot of "friends" that you never knew existed is your organs, your body.

Man and the stone hears, that's a pity that we have forgotten how to listen, and therefore all sorts of diseases appear. Take care of yourself, take care of yourself – because no one else for you to do.

The body constantly communicates with the mind. Long ago our ancestors knew that the body and soul are one. Modern quantum physics suggests that body and soul is actually a manifestation of the one consciousness.

"Never and in no way try to dominate the body. The body is your base. Once you begin to understand your own body, ninety-nine percent of your suffering just disappears. But you don't listen.

Body says: "Stop! Do not eat!" You keep eating, you are listening to the mind. The mind says, "It's so tasty, great. Some more!" You're not listening to the body. The body feels sick. The stomach says "Stop! Pretty! I'm tired!" but the mind says, "Think of it, a taste... a little more!" You continue to listen to the mind. If you listened to the body, ninety-nine percent of the problems would simply disappear, and the remaining one percent would be just accidents, not real problems.

But from childhood we are distracted from the body, away from the body to the side. The child is crying the child is hungry and the mother looks at the clock, because the doctor said the child needs to give milk only after three. She looks at the child. Child — that's the real clock that you need to look at, but she keeps looking at the clock on the wall. She listens to the doctor, and the child crying; the child asks for food, the child needs food right now. If now the child does not provide food, you lead him away from the body. Instead of giving him food you give him a pacifier.

It's on your side cheating and fraud. You are giving something false, plastic, trying to distract and destroy the body's sensitivity. The wisdom of the body is not given the right to vote; interfere with the mind. Pacifier calms the child and he falls asleep. Now it says three hours passed, the milk should be given.

Now the child is fast asleep, now his body is sleeping; you Wake him, because the doctor said that you need to give milk. You again break his rhythm. Little by little, disconcerting all his being. There comes a point when it loses contact with the body. He doesn't know what he wants to his body: does his body is, he doesn't know;

Listen to the body, follow the body. Mind is stupid, the body wisely. And if you sink deep in the body, in those very depths you will find your soul. The soul is hidden in the depths of the body.

The body is wonderful — It is immensely beautiful, immensely difficult. Nothing so complex, so subtle. You know nothing about him. You only see him in the mirror, you've never looked at it from within; otherwise you would know that this is a universe in itself.

This is what mystics have always said, calling the body a microcosm of the universe. If you can see it from the inside, it is limitless — millions and millions of cells, and each lives on its own, and each acts so reasonable that it seems almost incredible, impossible, unimaginable.

You eat and the body converts it into blood, flesh, bones. You eat and the body converts it into consciousness, thought. In every moment a miracle happens. And each cell acts systematically, so ordering from this inner discipline, that it seems almost impossible — cells by the millions.

Seventy million cells contains one your body to seventy million souls. Each cell has its own soul. And how do they operate... what sequence, how regularly and in what harmony!

The same cell can become eye can be skin, can become liver, heart, spine, mind, brain. The same cells spetsializiruyutsya — cells become specific tissues — but it is the same cells. And as they move, and how subtly and silently they work!..

Get into this deep sign in this secret, because it you are rooted.The body is the soil in which you grow; you are rooted in the body. Your consciousness in the body like a tree. Your thoughts are like fruit. Your meditations are like flowers. But you are rooted in the body; the body supports you in everything. Tate support everything you do.



Flatfoot is not a harmless disease!

Psychosomatics muscle spasms


You love; the body supports it. You hate; the body supports it. You want to kill somebody; the body supports it. You want to protect somebody; the body supports it. In compassion, in love, in anger, in hatred — of anything — the body supports you. You are rooted in the body; the body provides nutrition and support. Even when you begin to realize who you are, body supports you in this.

Body is your friend; the body is not your enemy. Listen to his language, decipher its language, and little by little, as you penetrate into the book body and leaf through its pages, you realize the mystery of life. It briefly in your body. Magnified millions of times, it extends to the whole world, but condensed in a small formula, it is contained in your body.".published

Osho — Excerpts from various lectures, a collection of "Balance of Body and Mind"


Author: Galina Kislyakova


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