How to understand that Your body is intoxicated

Seven stages of contamination of the body with the wrong diet and stages of the disease state of a man. The extent of contamination of his body, eating correctly, a person becomes diseases of the nervous system and diseases of organs that macrobiotics divides into seven stages.

1. Disease General fatigue.

2. disease fatigue, headaches, aching and vague pain.

3. Disease with abnormal secretions of mucus, rashes, phlegm.

4. Diseases with stagnation and deposits a cyst, a tumor, polyps, stones, obesity.

5.Disease with organ deformation. The form and function of organs change (atherosclerosis, rheumatism, arthritis).

6. The development of paralysis (legs, parts of the face, internal organs).

7. Disease with decomposition of cells and organs (cancer-as a revenge of nature for incorrect food eaten).

Seven stages of pollution body shows the system classification of the many thousands of diseases and explain the nature of many hundreds of thousands of symptoms. Often specific diseases are a manifestation of 2-3 stages of contamination of the body at once. But if you understand the seven stages of pollution of the body, then all types of diseases easy to understand, and therefore to know their roots — the cause and with ardent desire and love for yourself — to cope with them.

1. Total fatigue.

Most often, this first stage of the contamination of the body starts giving signals when the sedentary lifestyle. More moving people "slip" it in transit, not noticing. If you compare the energetic and active person with a lazy, lazy tired faster. If you compare working in motion and working behind a Desk, the second gets tired faster. If you compare a person who eats a lot, someone who eats little, the first gets tired faster.

A few exercises for self-analysis the first step of contamination of the body:

1. Click on the upper part of the side shoulder (acromion) left and right simultaneously. Do the same along the spine to the left and right of the vertebrae. If you feel pain when pressing, it means dairy products, soups and multicomponent mixed meal did the trick at the wood of the body. The tension along the back and shoulders makes the body solid and leads to a constant state of fatigue.

2. Join hands and try to take the fingers back at an angle of 90 degrees to the palm. If it hurts and does not work-1st stage contamination occurred.

3. Remove the left ear with the right hand, bending it over the head, and Vice versa for the right ear with the left hand.

4. Try to put the head on the left shoulder, and then on the right.If the pain begins osteochondrosis is the Most affordable method of prevention of cervical degenerative disc disease — getting up on all fours and wrestle.

Fatigue is the result of stagnant energy in the polluted and sedentary body. When you expose the spine, clean body, learn any of the appropriate methods of supply, energy will become possible to circulate in the body, disease, fatigue will take place.

2. Illness fatigue headaches.

They come if in the first stage of pollution measures to cleanse the body and to move towards a more active lifestyle were not taken.

The brain is a highly mobile tissue, richly supplied with blood. If the blood is not sufficiently cleaned. she irritates the brain tissue expands, squeezing the nerves in the abundance of penetrating the brain may have headaches.

Analgesics, which are usually the sick, make the plasma in the nerve wires is not able to transmit impulses of pain. But do not remove the cause of the headache. I know hundreds of people who got rid of headaches only after cleaning the intestines and by improving nutrition.

A separate contamination from foods processed foods are characterized by pain, unlike pain in other cases.

So, pollution by the blood of bilirubin (a dirty liver) causes always a strong temporal pain.

The lack of silicon with vascular dystonia on hypotonic type-the pain below the occipital and frontal bones.

3. Painful conditions with abnormal secretions.

Disease of the third stage of contamination of the body in our days is considered to be the reactions or allergic desensitization.

Usually, once a person has signs of allergies, no he is not talking about the third stage of the contamination of the body, and are looking for allergen-natural or social factor that catalyzes (increases) the reaction of cleansing the body. It can be household dust, evaporation of the aquarium or the pollen of flowers, or perfume, or powder, or "parachutes"flowering poplar, or strawberries, or citrus fruits. The list is always long, research and a lot of work. Finally, find the allergen and prescribe a drug of allergen, i.e. a drug which stops the release of toxins from the body caused by the allergen, the natural cleansing process of the body. Patients with allergies with the third stage of the pollution of the body, had the right to receive free medication and a vacation during the summer, when many flowering plants and allergies is particularly active. The most " egregious allergen is ragweed, or rather the pollen of its flowers. Meanwhile, thousands of years ago (according to the writings of Hippocrates, Avicenna and recipes) people used ragweed as a purifying body factor.

Also at this stage of the contamination of the body takes place of the disease, which in our day and diseases are not considered.This is the white slime and grease discharge from the reproductive system in women. They appear as a consequence of our poor eating habits, harmful components which is discharged with blood through the genitals, These pollutants are generated by dairy products (milk kefir, yogurt, cheese, sour cream, cheese, butter, ice cream, creams, cakes) fatty foods and creamy chocolate. If you do not stop eating these products, slime doesn't manage to be whiter accumulates and develops ovarian cyst, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, fibroids, sealing in the breast gland. The beginning of these diseases occurs in возрасте3-5 years. At older ages, in the period of climacteric adjustment slag is periodically released from the reproductive system in blood, increases temperature to burn them. There are so-called "hot flashes" in women, usually with a high shortage of silicon and other microelements.

The output is very simple! To reduce (preferably remove from the diet of these harmful products, enter in your daily diet essential micronutrients, and of course, to regularly clean and maintain proper bowel function.

This group of slagging of the body are referred, and Enuresis (bedwetting).

4. Disease with the stagnation and sediment.

This disease is the fourth stage of the contamination of the body from the intestines. They are the most common. And usually they work surgeons. If a person has not taken measures to cleanse the body at the first three stages of the contamination of the body, then the waste products are compacted and formed in the cyst, a lipoma, fibroids, adenoma, stones, mucus fills the sinus and air cavities in the bodies. Especially painfully the processes associated with the stagnation in the air sinuses of the head.

Will conduct a self-test:

1 Fingers click on the area under the cheekbones in an upward direction. If they feel pain so, in the nasal sinuses of accumulated mucus.

2 Click the point under the ear lobe on the right and left.

If the pain is — the accumulated mucus in the passages of the inner ear. The white bumps under the jaw indicate the accumulation of mucus in the pulmonary alveoli. The respiratory surface is blocked.

Check the skin on the cheeks. If roughness, acne, fistula-lungs fat accumulated mucus.

In women fat accumulated mucus still and at chest level, it happens, if You love ice cream and other chilled dairy products. Men love a cold milk-dishes, treats and beverages, contributes to the development of defects of the prostate. The first signs of fat accumulation of mucus in the prostate the appearance of pimples on the skin around the genitals. A particularly large accumulation of mucus may be in the region of the liver and kidneys.

Check out the Achilles tendon. Stretched, thin. Painless during a massage — all right. If it's fat, swollen around the genitals accumulated mucus.

Eye very early signal about the accumulation of mucus in the breast, ovaries and prostate gland.

Under the lower eyelid in the lower part of the eye sockets seen deposition of white and yellowish mucus means that the pelvic organs intoxicated with mucus. In women, whites, men develop impotence.

5. Disease-voltage and overvoltage associated with the deformation of the bodies.

The most pronounced diseases in this step, the pollution of the body are diseases of the voltage of the cardiovascular system (heart, arteries, veins, lymph system)

There are two types of changes of the circulatory system, causing overvoltage of the heart.

Decrease in clearances of vessels.

The enlargement of the heart.

Vessels become stiff, and falls on the walls of cholesterol. Often, when excess in the body of undigested proteins develop the disease arthritis, polyarthritis, etc.

Use by eating large amounts of dairy products, sweets, dough products first leads to contamination of the liver and kidneys, and then when they are not carrying out their functions, and the content of toxins grows in blood, start to develop the disease is increased heart. It is often and from a great love for alcohol.

6. Disease with the development of paralysis.

One of the most severe forms of the disease symptoms are due to intestinal toxins. Quite often we hear about the disease multiple sclerosis and that this disease is incurable. This is not so. People can contaminate your body gradually, then he would manifest as diseases in accordance with age. It is considered that the paralysis comes from people in older age. to do. Today we can state the fact of increasing age limit of the onset of these diseases. Not rare cases of the onset of paralysis at the age of 30 years.

Here, as a kind of disease of the sixth stage of contamination include multiple sclerosis, Bechterew's disease (due to excess of salts around the spinal column ..), Parkinson's disease (tremor)

— shiver (in the body of the accumulated toxins from in excess of eaten sweets, coffee, wine, chocolate, drugs)

— with trembling (in the body of the accumulated toxins from in excess of eaten meat, eggs, milk)

to get rid of diseases of the sixth stage of the contamination of the body wash. to clean the body, clean up the system of neural connections, to optimize the power.

7. Disease with decomposition of cells and organs.

Occur when the slagging of the body have reached a high degree and no longer work, compensation mechanisms of the body to correct the effects of violations of most biochemical processes. Under the current provisions of the cultivation, storage and marketing of agricultural products, food becomes the basis of degenerative changes of the body. Cancer is a phenomenon coexistent today with our way of life. If we lack the courage and strength to fundamentally change our entire way of life and power, will not save us research Institute, cancer center, diagnostic rooms, fixing a fait accompli-a degenerative process in the body of another victim.

Cancer starts very early — from rozala when a baby is separated from mother, deprived of maternal colostrum, breast milk, and then fed an artificial diet. The first the constipation in a child - the first step to cancer.

According to the American oncologist Gerson, of the 10 000 cases of clinically established diagnosis of cancer, 9 999 is poisoning their own feces of the human body, when washing, brushing your body and trained in human nutrition, it can be saved.

The path to recovery one — detoxification of the body to restore the General metabolism through the digestion of food, since the date of its receipt in the body to excretion.

Based on the book "the Person-salt of the earth" N. Semenov published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption - together we change the world! ©



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