As consciousness becomes a source of hidden and then explicit ills

The main protective force of the organism is considered immune. This is true, but only partly. The main protective force of man is his consciousness. Moreover, the consciousness has to be properly oriented, customized and manageable. If this is not the case, abnormal emotional activity to quickly disrupt the internal harmony, weaken the body and create conditions for attracting those or other parasites in the body.

Human consciousness rests on the senses, memory and intelligence. With the consciousness of people in the process of life.

What does "properly oriented" consciousness and what harm it can bring?

Incorrect orientation of consciousness means: instead of to serve the process of life within reason, consciousness itself becomes a source of hidden and obvious evils then

. 1. The sense organs are working tools for the determination of the qualitative and quantitative properties of the world of objects. They deliver man "pleasant" and "unpleasant" information. For example, the sense of taste is necessary to the reasonable satisfaction of hunger. But some people have it so, "develop", indulge him and connect it to himself, that it leads to a wrong use of it. Man overeat different "yummy", forms an abundance of bodily impurities, inhibits the body's defenses. This creates prerequisites for the settlement of the body of disease and parasites.

2. Continuation of the kind associated with the voluptuous sensations. The desire to again and again to get voluptuous sensation pushes the person to intimacy with different people. As a result, "run against" on the sick, and they themselves are infected. But this is not the worst. The worst thing is that by kissing, sexual intercourse with a man the woman exchanged their microflora.

What does this mean? Each person has their own microflora, which is "well established" in his body. If you get the microflora in another organism begins ... war. Microbes, trapped in another body, should win a place at the "local" germs. To this end, they are more aggressive than in the organism. Naturally, increased aggressiveness and "local" micro-organisms - they do not want to concede their position. It increases the harm previously "peacefully sleeping" microflora and appear due to her illness.

Now imagine how increased aggressiveness in human microflora, who had multiple sexual contacts with different partners. Such a person becomes the messenger of very harmful infection that can seamlessly "mow" several genera.

On this particular, our ancestors knew very severely punished adultery.

3. An example of improper care of their health. bacteria and fungi - antagonists live in the human body. When a person indiscriminately, richly sweet feeds, it creates in the body of the conditions for the accumulation of mucus. This mucus begin to breed bacteria and fungi. There is a cold, sore throat (mucus tends to accumulate at the top of the body). The treatment - antibiotics. Antibiotics are made from mold - fungi. As a result, antibiotics destroy bacteria (harmful or beneficial) ... and serve food source for fungi. Fungi, no longer restrained by their "natural" opponents - bacteria multiply in excessive amounts and cause the appearance of fungal diseases

. The use of hormones stimulates the multiplication of microorganisms. They receive an additional incentive for their division and growth. This also contributes to the radiation exposure. It inhibits the body's defenses, as well as chemotherapy, but encourages (more energy) the growth and division of the protozoan parasites. As a result, after such "treatment" of the disease becomes more malignant and progresses rapidly.

4. Improper emotional activity. ALChizhevsky in his book "Earth echo of solar storms" described the relationship between the epidemics in the world, and solar activity. The increase in solar activity because the information changes the energy pattern in the world, it becomes extremely favorable for the development of micro-organisms. At this time there are epidemics of plague, cholera, typhoid, flu and other mass infections. Similarly, the emotional human activity creates specific energy emission from the body. Emitted energy draw and create favorable conditions for the reproduction of certain species of parasites (bacteria, fungi and other "subtle" parasites).

5. The combined effect of the mind and emotions generates program. Programs resentment, anger, revenge, resentment, self-destruction, etc. can be transmitted from parents to children. If the body of the child (and adult) compared to the computer's hard disk, the basic program (the Windows) - with the "main program of life", the program resentment (resentment, anger, etc.) will be integrated into the program of life as unconscious - virus program. In the body of the child, it will be "bezprichinno" interfere with his normal life, cause a "strange" sickness and disease, form congenital abnormalities in the development and ugliness, attract parasites, and further encourage the commission of unmotivated actions (up to the self-destruction) and thereby adversely affect his fate.

From parents to children can be transmitted and "hereditary memory pathogens humanity." For example, if an ancestor was treated for a long time the disease is transmitted to posterity as "the memory of the disease" in the form of a predisposition to it, and "the memory of medicine»

. For example, PhD Olga Eliseeva describes such a case. A child of three years is constantly sick. Broken teeth, constant problems with the nasal cavity, the pain in his head and spine. When diagnosing a child with a special device in the body is determined by the excess mercury and early syphilis! Location is at the three year old child? It turns out that his great-grandfather had suffered from this disease for a long time and was treated! The disease and treatment have left their "footprints" in his body, which is inherited. And if there is a favorable factor in the body, they appeared grandson!

The founder of homeopathy S. Hahnemann describes the "genetic memory" of diseases caused by parasites:

1. If the nature of someone ill with scabies, the offspring may suffer from various skin diseases.

2. If the nature of someone ill with gonorrhea, the offspring may suffer from a variety of tumors (lipoma, my warts and other tumor).

3. If the nature of someone ill with syphilis, the offspring may suffer from various kinds of ulcers in any organs.

4. If the nature of someone ill with tuberculosis, the offspring may suffer from a more severe form - a combination of tumors with ulcers

. There is a theory according to which there is evidence not only of their bodies, but also of all the micro-organisms and animals in the genetic apparatus of the cell. Under adverse conditions, exposure, genetic memory changes "favorable" side for reproduction of microorganisms. They begin to develop from primitive forms (one body) to the highest (the colony, a single organism). As a result of the disease appear in the body: first individual from infections by microorganisms (various inflammation), and then by their colonies (of different kinds of tumors)

. The conditions that cause these diseases are: genetic memory of the disease, the condition of the organism (its pollution, nutrition, care) and, most importantly, the emotional life of man

. As soon begin to dominate the negative emotions suppress the hereditary apparatus of cells in the body, so immediately activated a genetic memory of pathogens. And if the conditions (inner dirt, excess power, a weak immune system), they begin to multiply rapidly.

Hence the huge moral and physical responsibility of the parents to the children. Our reckless, selfish desires cause disease not only in our own body, but also transmitted to our descendants. Before you can protect them from disease - change your attitude towards life and do your best not to pick up his bad disease promiscuity

. 6. Social tensions. Humanity has entered the third millennium, and would seem to be reasonable, but in fact nothing of the sort, but on the contrary. This is a natural result of such human relations. They are fundamentally wrong. While there are tangible and monetary system, humanity will live in discontent and tension. Always will pop up the same question: why he lives better than I? And show the same desire - any way to seize the benefits of the other person. And no matter how it is acquired - fair or not. The important thing: he has more - then he is an enemy

. Based on the above it blossomed huge apparatus of coercion, "legalized" in the form of the state. That it creates the "social tension", which puts pressure on each person - the president of the state to the ordinary citizen. This pressure causes the hidden or obvious emotional stress in the human mind. Being in such an emotional state leads to cost overruns of nervous energy and vitality.

7. Improper management of industry and agriculture led to the poisoning of the air, land and water. For example, chlorination of water leads to the saturation of the organism a wide variety of chlorine compounds. Regular consumption of this water, and even more so for generations, leads to one thing - the progressive weakening of the body's defenses

. The air we breathe, especially in a city filled with a wide variety of carcinogens. Emissions from cars, smoke from cigarettes, discharge from the boiler rooms and kitchens, Freon from refrigerators and air conditioners, selection of linoleum and other synthetic coatings, varnishes furniture, just dust and building material falling into the human body, causing him harm.
< br> 8. In the food and drink have been introduced not peculiar to them substances that when ingested saturated with a tissue. allocation bodies can not handle such a load, and the body begins to fail.

Modern clothing, footwear, cosmetics, household chemicals, decorations in the vast majority of any good man do not give. On the contrary, they contribute to the weakening of the body. For example, components of cosmetics, deodorants, detergents penetrate into the body, they accumulate in it and then call the "incomprehensible" Allergy and incurable diseases.

For example, various solvents such as propyl alcohol and technical, lead can accumulate in the pancreas and to attract specific parasite, which develops, causing diabetes. That draw. It turns out that many parasites love to feast on those or other trace elements, substances. Benzene accumulates in the thymus, attracts pests and thus destroy one of the principal organs of the immune system. Propyl alcohol damages the liver. Solvents such as toluene or xylene is most often affect the human brain. Solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone, methylbutyl ketone affect sex organs, causing them to a variety of inflammatory processes.

Eating utensils made of metal makes a lot of metal atoms in the body. Dental fillings containing mercury and thallium, as well as most plastic seals slowly but surely poison the body. Asbestos (asbestos has long been banned in the civilized world) and wool are used as insulation, can saturate the air are inhaled and cause tumors in the lungs. Freon with weak leakage from the refrigerator or the air conditioner is particularly the formation of malignant tumors. Many cleaning products contain arsenic, which is getting into the body through the skin, acts intoxicating. Formaldehyde is used in the manufacture of synthetic mattresses, pillows, frames for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Contact with it leads to skin allergies, conjunctivitis, pulmonary diseases. This is not a complete list of the harm that the person providing the surrounding material.

What to use? What it passed the test of time - simple and natural remedies and items

. 9. The massive use of antibiotics and hormones. Initially false premise of medicine that antibiotics can help the body fight infections, but with the help of hormones make the body strong, resulted in the opposite - the human body has lost its natural ability to fight disease

. To thoroughly understand the dangers of this, make a slight digression. The man fell ill - the body responds to this rise in temperature, which sharply raises and activates its defenses. Activated white blood cells and enzymes to destroy the alien.

But then apply an antibiotic - disrupt this natural response. Antibiotics make this unnecessary reaction and it disappears from their use. Meanwhile, the infection is modified, adapted to antibiotics, is more aggressive and difficult to access. As a result of using antibiotics, we "grow" in your body, such a "culture" of bacteria, which are not found in nature. So there are new, more sophisticated parasites, but the person has a weakened immune system. AIDS is a glaring example. Moreover, parasites of all levels come together to "living organism", whose task is one - to survive, to eat and to colonize the host (human)

. Some try to treat diseases with higher doses of hormones. Introduction of hormones in the body leads to the fact that the cease production of its own similar hormones. After this treatment the body becomes dependent on artificial hormones. And the more a person takes hormones, the weaker becomes its own hormonal system. Large doses of hormones also cause hormonal imbalance, which creates other health problems.

Besides this, the hormones in the blood are an additional factor stimulating the growth and multiplication of pathogens. It is for them superpitatelny solution, Wednesday.

An important conclusion. If one does not take advantage of its number one defense - consciousness, intelligence - it is easy to die, and his race degenerate

. Author: Galina Kislyakova


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