If you have this cookware is safely away.

Aluminium is the child of civilization and progress.

Only in the mid-twentieth century it became technically possible for mass production "substitute of silver." Miracle metal provides us planes and wiring, cheap kitchen utensils and appliances. And in return takes away our health.

Numerous studies of scientists from different countries proves that accumulate in the body, aluminum kills brain cells (it paralyzes the Central nervous system, causing trembling of the head, and seizures), can cause anemia and arthritis (in patients with arthritis of aluminium in the blood is five times more than is healthy), inhibits the production of gastric and salivary enzymes.

Also the excess receipts of aluminum contributes to the development of osteoporosis (brittle bones) and rickets that is due to the fact that the aluminum phosphates in food form insoluble compounds that impede the absorption of phosphates in the intestine.

Aluminum cookware — harm

The environmental situation in Russia due to the desire of mankind is to improve conditions of environment, was on the brink of disaster: poisoned water, contaminated soil, atmosphere and hydrosphere, ecosystems are destroyed and as a result becomes dangerous to the human's living.

The task of modern science to determine the acceptable limits of impact of human activities on the environment. Long been known the harm that will have on human heavy metals: mercury, cadmium, lead. Has recently been investigated is considered non-toxic Al, and found that this metal not being heavy, may have a detrimental effect on the human body.

Aluminium gets into the human body is mostly water. Of water receives 5.8% aluminum. Currently, in the technology of potable water use "...aluminum — the substance that provides neurogenic effects on the body.

During the coagulation of water by aluminum compounds, the content of this metal in drinking water, especially during floods and algal ponds may increase in 2 and more times. Accumulated over recent years, data indicate an almost universal deterioration of the sanitary condition of the water supply networks and opportunities in this regard, the secondary pollution of them in drinking water."

A negative point in the use of aluminum-containing coagulants is going to the treated water of aluminium ions (the content of which reglementary GOST 2874-82 "drinking Water") at 0.5 mg/dm3, and for the new requirements — 0,2 mg/dm3. Coagulants based on aluminum are the most common (aluminium sulphate, hydroxochloride aluminium composite coagulant on the basis of aluminum sulfate, etc.), and remove from 60 to 80% of various contaminants.

They are cheap, accessible, well-studied, have a long history of use in the practice of water treatment. However, at high levels of pollution source, aluminum coagulants require large doses, which leads to the increase in effluent concentrations of aluminum ions. This is the "secondary pollution".

There are also other sources of penetration of aluminum ions in the human body, which is currently studied much less. It is believed that aluminum may enter the human body through air (inhalation of vapours), cosmetic and toilet products (lipstick, deodorants), medications, as well as using aluminum cookware in which food is prepared.

The ease of aluminium and its alloys and greater resistance to air and water determine their application to mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, shipbuilding, home. Some aluminum salts are used in medicine for the treatment of skin diseases: KAl (SO4)2 12H2O – aljumokalievyh alum: (CH3COO4)3Al - acetate of aluminium. Aluminium oxide Al2O3 is used as adsorbent in chromatography. Aluminum chloride AlCl3 is used as catalyst in organic chemistry. Aluminum sulfate Al2(SO4)3 18H2O is used for water purification.

It was believed that aluminium is inert, as it is protected by an oxide film, and therefore has no adverse effect on human health. Aluminium really does in the living organism an important biological role: participates in the construction of the epithelial and connective tissues, participates in the regeneration of bone tissue has an activating or inhibiting effect on the reactivity of digestive enzymes (depending on the concentration in the body), is involved in the metabolism of phosphorus.

More than 30 years ago determined that the so-called food aluminum is dangerous to our health. Moscow Institute of hygiene confirmed the conclusions of insecurity aluminum. It turns out that it changes the energy metabolism in cells. The latter, as a result, lose the capacity for normal reproduction, and begin to divide chaotically, giving rise to tumors.

Aluminum has the ability to accumulate in the body, causing a number of serious illnesses. Doctors discover new negative consequences of contact with him. It is established that aluminum has a negative impact on metabolism, especially mineral in the function of the nervous system, and affects the reproduction and growth of cells.

The most important clinical manifestations of neurotoxic action include violations of motor activity, convulsions, decrease or memory loss, psychotic reactions. An excess of aluminum salts reduces the delay of calcium in the body, reduces the adsorption of phosphorus at the same time 10-20 times increases the content of aluminum in the bones, liver, testes, brain and parathyroid gland.

The excess of aluminium inhibits the synthesis of hemoglobin, causes fluorosis of the teeth and specific damage to the bones (bone fluorosis); may cause or exacerbate tumors of bone. Physical signs of poisoning aluminum can be brittle bones or osteoporosis, impaired renal function.

Especially prone to the negative effects of aluminium children and the elderly. In children an excess of aluminium causes increased excitability, disorders of motor reactions, anemia, headaches, kidney disease, liver, colitis. Hyperactivity, irritability, aggressiveness, adolescents, impaired memory and difficulty learning, may result from even a small increase in the number of aluminium ions in the body. Aluminium also has a General toxic and clogging effects on the human body.

Aluminium detected in some elderly people suffering from memory loss, confusion or dementia, and may lead to degradation of the personality. Some studies have found aluminium associated with the brain lesions characteristic of Alzheimer's disease (in the hair of patients have elevated levels of aluminum). One of the ways of penetration of aluminum in the human body is aluminium cookware.

However, aluminium and its alloys in the production of tableware used very briefly, less than 100 years, unlike copper, bronze, gold, silver and iron, have been known for several millennia. Aluminium conducts heat really well so food in these pans cooked very quickly. The range of utensils made of aluminum are very diverse: thick-walled cast gusyatnitsy, cauldrons, pans and pots. Ancillary kitchen items: colander, forks, spoons, jars, bowls.

Once it is produced in large quantities, as its cost in an industrial scale was low. However, after scientists had established the negative impact of aluminium on the human body, many countries abandoned the production of cookware made of aluminum. But in Russia and the CIS there are 26 enterprises, which still produced aluminum cookware: this Balezinskiy foundry-mechanical plant, Belgorodskiy metalware plant, Kamensk-Uralsky metallurgical plant, Kucharski metallofasad plant, Stupino metallurgical plant and others. That is, this cookware is used by Housewives in kitchens.

Aluminum ions can enter the human body through the dishes. First, it is a delicate metal, it is easy describeda the sides of the dish. We already ate a lot of aluminum chips. When carefully wipe with a towel aluminum pan, it remains a gray spot. You can imagine how many aluminum ions we get, when the pot gets very hot when cooking! So it is obvious that aluminum gets into the body through food cooked in a pot.

The experts involved in the testing and certification of tableware, including aluminium, suggest to use it only for boiling water — all the other substances at high temperatures provoke the aluminum pan active reaction. No wonder that aluminum cookware is prohibited for use in institutions of public catering. Thus, the decision of the Chief state sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation from July, 23rd, 2008 N 45 "On approval of SanPiN", States:

No use of kitchen and tableware deformed, with broken edges, cracks, scratches, damaged enamel; Cutlery made of aluminium; chopping boards of plastics and molded plywood; cutting boards and small wooden stock with cracks and mechanical damage. In addition, in everyday life in our country widely used packaging based on aluminum (food foil, as well as the widely advertised "TetraPak" (paper bags based on aluminum foil). At the same time, in all developed countries believe that the only environmentally sound form of packaging for dairy products — glass bottle, which preserves all the valuable properties of drink.

According to statements of scientists, aluminisodergaszczye Tara unsuitable for storage of most products, especially cereals, salt and sugar: soft metal remains on solid ground, and becomes food. When storing or cooking food, especially acidic, aluminum containers, the contents of this element in products could increase by almost two times.

Aluminium can also be leached from aluminum foil or cans into food and drinks. The main "culprits" – soda water (with phosphoric acid), tomato sauce, pineapples, coffee in aluminum cans and food wrapped in aluminum foil. Tomato sauce is often prepared in huge aluminum caldrons, and the acidity of the tomatoes can cause leaching of aluminium into a finished product. Coffee, which is prepared in aluminum boilers can also be toxic. And despite the fact that about the dangers of aluminum cookware says many sources like utensils and food packaging are still produced commercially in Russia and the CIS, are in demand among Housewives for use in the home.

Production costs: "aluminum light"

Particularly severe aluminum poisoning were observed among the workers with its wide use in aircraft, due to inhalation of aluminum dust. Occupational disease is called Luminosa light and is accompanied by scarring of the lungs (that is, the gradual replacement of the lung tissue fibrous), atherosclerosis (especially vessels of the bronchi), loss of appetite, cough, and sometimes pain in the stomach, nausea, constipation, "tearing" pains all over the body, dermatitis and changes in blood – increase in the number of lymphocytes and eosinophils.

Alzheimer's disease (memory loss and senility at higher concentrations of aluminum in the brain) – the "privilege" of civilized countries. In the US aluminium plunged in the frenzy three million people, among them the most famous is former President Ronald Reagan. No national statistics, but when you consider that Russia is the largest producer of aluminium, it is unlikely that we have such a patients less than in America.

The disease is progressive in nature, its symptoms can increase from several months to several years. We should not think that Alzheimer's – the lot of the elderly, it's not rare the cases of persons over the age of 50 years. The first signs of illness – depression, apathy, unexpected blackouts, and then, with the growth of atrophic processes in the cerebral cortex, can join other mental and neurological (e.g., seizures, paralysis or paresis) symptoms.

Wherever you spit – is there aluminum

To me all this is not true, you say. Aluminum cookware is long gone. However, the insidious "product progress," he tries to get into the human body through the nose, mouth, skin. Alas, each of us daily consumes aluminum, along with food and water. And the "civilized" food, the higher the dose.

In crude natural products, the content of aluminum is minimal. But who is confined to a carrot with undercooked eggs? Everyone wants roast meat with potatoes, sausages, sweets, bread, finally. Especially a lot of aluminium in yeast, dyes and food additives, without which no cost sausages, canned food, bread (especially white) and other products.

Do not be lazy to get out of household bins a jar of factory vegetable canned food or a packet of biscuits and see what it says. If there are symbols Е520, 521, 522, 523 is a sulfate of aluminum, which are well absorbed by the intestine. In the cheese and salt contains phosphates and silicates of aluminium Е541, 554, 555, 556,559. However, they are less dangerous, because less digestible in the intestine. The amount of aluminum in the condensed milk, canned fish in aluminum cans probably also through the roof (especially after long storage).

Water from the tap before you get to our house passes the technical purification from impurities using aluminum sulfate. Impurities koaguliruut and aluminum stays, and no boiling it is not brought forth (glimmer of hope – just for a home filter).

High content of aluminum in drinking water increases the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, while water rich in silica, this risk reduces.

Researchers from the French National Institute of health and medical research in Bordeaux has examined the relationship between the content of aluminum and silicon in drinking water and risk of deterioration of cognitive abilities in the elderly, development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Observation of patients was carried out over fifteen years.

As it turned out, a daily intake of at least 0.1 milligram of aluminium 2.26-fold increased risk of dementia. If an elderly person takes 10 milligrams of silicon per day, risk to gain Alzheimer's disease is reduced by 11%.

Recall that recently scientists from Yale University (USA) found an explanation for what causes Alzheimer's disease. It turns out that the cellular prion protein activate a process in which beta-amyloid peptides form plaques in the brain and impair mental abilities. Beta-amyloid peptides “stick” to the prions, resulting in damaged brain cells.

We will remind, not so long ago scientists have found that are more likely to get Alzheimer's are workaholics and passive smokers.

Through the skin of the aluminum is absorbed even more aluminum than through the mouth. Modern deodorants – antiperspirants (which are advertised as valid 24 hours) contains up to 25% of clorhidrato and chlorides of aluminum. By the way, is due to the aluminium they act as it causes in a particular armpits "small aluminum disease," one of the symptoms of which is dry skin and lack of sweat.

The dangers of deodorants, antiperspirants: aluminum salts

1. The presence of the antiperspirant aluminium salts increases the risk of breast cancer. Have you ever thought about why the disease suddenly, in the last decade has become so widespread? It is in this time and appeared antiperspirants. Rarely what woman want them – nobody wants to smell like sweat.

2. Antiperspirants block the sweat glands. The sweat simply is not produced. For this, in fact, they are valued, but in vain. Because together with the sweat from the body toxins. By blocking the sweat glands, we thus do not allow the body to self-clean. Over the feeling of wet underarms is not pleasant. However, 10 years ago it was considered normal and no one on this occasion is not worried. After all, sweat is a normal function of our body that serves a purpose. And we do this function "disable".

3. Aluminium destroys the estrogen. And as a consequence depression, wrinkles, unhealthy hair and skin, as well as heart rhythm disturbances, water imbalances, the accumulation of salts and other troubles.

4. Impact of aluminium on organism associated with the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. Unfortunately antiperspirants without aluminum to meet unlikely.

Aluminium compounds are also used in some creams, mascara, lipstick.

"Aluminum medicine" deserve special discussion. Hydroxides of aluminum are part of the basic vaccines. A group of Western scholars have shown that it greatly reduces the immune system, and children can develop allergies to literally everything.

Worst of all aluminium is excreted from the body people who have problems with intestines and kidneys. But it is the therapists actively fed with aluminum – it contains almost sexcalifornia drugs that are advertised "from stomach pain for the whole family."

Aluminium and components of vaccines: what do we know? what we don't know?

Thiomersal containing organic compound either diethylmercury, is a known neurotoxin. He was a major component of childhood vaccines. In medical literature there are more than 15 thousand articles describing the harmful effects on the human body of different doses and forms of mercury.

In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) urged government organizations to undertake immediate efforts to reduce the impact of mercury from all sources for children. Because any potential risk was of concern, the AAP and public health Service, the United States decided that the use of thiomersal-containing vaccines should be reduced or abolished altogether.

AARP is recommended to exclude thiomersal from the vaccines, even if according to her own evidence about the link between thiomersal in vaccines and problems with children's health were not found. However, in 2008, the children continue to introduce vaccines containing thiomersal, thiomersal-containing vaccines from the old days that was created before 1999, continued to introduce children until 2003.

However, more and more doctors, scientists and parents talking about the fact that thiomersal has played and continues to play an important role in the development of children and adults with numerous chronic diseases, including neurological. Aluminum, found in the environment and in childhood vaccines, can affect the health of our children through mechanisms of which we are yet to learn.

Aluminium — a heavy metal with known neurotoxic effects on the nervous system of humans and animals. It contains the following vaccines: DTaP power, Pediarix (combination of DTaP power-Hepatitis B-Polio), Pentacel (combination DTaP power-HIB-Polio), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae (HIB), pneumococcal infection and human papilloma virus (HPV).

In 1996, the AAP published an article about the toxic effect of aluminum on infants and children, which began with the words: "At this stage it is believed that the aluminum interferes with cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and other tissues".

Acquaintance with the medical literature on aluminum reveals a striking lack of scientific evidence on the safety of aluminium injected injection. We do not have enough knowledge about what is happening with the child, when his body an injection is administered aluminium, and that accumulates the latest in tissues and organs or completely eliminated from the body. It is also unknown whether the influence of genetic factors on the long-term negative health consequences for those who were administered vaccines containing aluminum.

In our country one in six children under the age of 18 years old has disabilities or learning difficulties, and this figure could rise since 1994, when it was published the data. 10% of all children with asthma. A growing number of children with various types of allergies. This means that they have disorders or even irreversible damage to the nervous and immune systems. Might it not be such that aluminium getting into the body of our children, is a cause of these violations, as it is apt to assume modern science?

What is even more troubling is the lack of a well-known scientific data concerning the interaction of the aluminum with the other components of the vaccines can harm our children's health. Boyd Haley, Professor Emeritus of chemistry at the University of Kentucky, completed laboratory studies showing destructive effects of aluminum on neurons, especially in the presence of other vaccine components such as mercury, formaldehyde and the antibiotic neomycin. However, the results of his research ignored the scientific, medical and governmental institutions that determine vaccination policies. The scientific community needs to ensure that these studies were done before vaccines with atmii components will introduce kids and announce they are certainly safe for all children without exception.

Aluminium is added to vaccines as an adjuvant, which should strengthen the formation of antibodies, and thus the protective properties of the vaccine. It was his role as adjuvant can open for us the most important connection of aluminium in vaccines with long-term destructive effect on the nervous and immune systems of children.

Some scientific evidence

Children are born with the immune system, three main parts which are the cellular (Th1 cells — T-helper-1), humoral (Th2 cells — T-helper-2) and regulatory (Th3 cells — T–helper–3). These three newborn immunity is immature. They begin to Mature when the child is exposed to the environment through his nervous system, respiratory system and intestines.

Antibiotics, poor nutrition, stress, exposure to heavy metals and other toxins in the environment and vaccines, interfering with normal maturation of all three parts of the immune system of the child. In theory, if Th–system does not interfere with normal Mature and develop, by 3 years formed a Mature and balanced parts of the immune system.

Cellular and humoral immunities developed to protect the human body from environmental influences, producing inflammatory and anti-inflammatory responses of the organism to foreign particles natural environment. Regulating the immune system develops to control the humoral and cellular components of the immune system that the body produced inflammation or protivovospalitelnoe in the exact dose required in a specific case.

When humoral immunity is activated properly either by natural environment or by the signal of cell-mediated immunity, stimulated b cells, leading to production of protective antibodies.

To the reader it is important to know that healthy Mature immune system is coherent and balanced response of all elements of the immune system to stimuli natural environment. Parts of the immune system do not work independently from each other, but require a very important synergistic relationship, which allows our immune system to work properly. As soon as one of the links starts to work too powerfully, or too weakly relative to the other, appear chronic disease.

More about aluminium

The introduction of aluminum in vaccines aimed at selective activation of a humoral link of the children's immune system that should lead to the development of antibodies. The medical community has convinced us that the production of these antibodies provides children with protection against vaccine preventable diseases. However, this result could prove devastating.

In medical literature there are numerous articles showing that chronic diseases such as different allergies, asthma, eczema, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity and autism are the result of a distorted work, and hyperactivity of humoral immunity.

Similarly, such chronic diseases like juvenile diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, uveitis, inflammatory bowel disease and autism are the result of a distorted work, and hyperactivity of cellular immunity.

While aluminum in the vaccines is intended for selective giperaktiwatia humoral immunity, stimulating the body to produce antibodies, all of his direct or indirect influence on the health or maturation of the cell and regulatory elements of the immune system remain unknown. However, in many diseases caused by disruption of a primarily humoral immunity, cellular and regulatory immunities also give a distorted response to the stimuli of the environment.

It is also unknown direct or indirect effects of the components introduced vaccines on the health or development of one or another of the immune system of the child, whether individual effects or a combination of them.

Any chronic disease can be observed violation of the harmonious and balanced work of the three parts of the immune system. Children are not necessarily born with this kind of dysfunction or impairment, but may inherit from their parents a predisposition to it. How, then, develop these disorders, leading to chronic diseases?

There is no doubt that the aluminium forces the hyperactivity of humoral immunity. At the same time, numerous chronic diseases in children caused by the hyperactivity of humoral immunity in combination with impaired cellular and regulatory immunities. Is there a connection? Can aluminium if you take into account its influence on humoral immunity, in any way to be one of the causes of chronic diseases, especially in children with a family history of the above diseases?

Does the aluminum on the cellular immune system effect, which is not know, scientists, clinicians and parents? Aluminium is one of the reasons for the violations synergistic, balanced operation of all links of the immunity, necessary for a healthy immune response to the natural environment? There's no scientific data that would explain, like it or not, but evidence sufficient to make the conclusions can be right in front of us.

Aluminum forces the undeveloped and immature immune system of infants and children to produce more cells and humoral antibodies before the immune system will be able to adapt to the world.

In such conditions it is possible to assume that the activity of aluminium plays a huge role in the violation of the maturation of the immune system in infants and children through its effects on humoral immunity, and therefore, at the cellular and regulatory.

How does it affect health in the short and long term is still unknown, but this model can help us understand how we contribute to the increase in the number of chronic diseases in children, using aluminum in vaccines. As little we know about what can happen with the immune system in General, if the parents can wait with the introduction of vaccines that contain aluminum, to older children, or if children are exposed to smaller doses, one at a time.

How important is the role of introduced aluminium by itself and in interaction with other components of the vaccines and environmental toxins in the development of chronic diseases in the group predisposed to the children by undermining the cellular, humoral and regulatory parts? There's no scientific data to answer this question, because nobody has studied the problem.

We have no scientific studies performed on infants, children and adults, which would help to understand the nature of the immune response of these links on any of the input in the vaccine substances.

It is impossible to explore issues that many people think is not deserving, or afraid of the answers that can give proper research.

Unfortunately, we have to prolong this conversation, highlighting each toxic component of the vaccine, which is detrimental to the health of our children. First, it was necessary to remove thiomersal, despite assurances from the medical community that no one is justified from a medical point of view, the reasons to do it. Now all over the aluminum. According to the Fund for the protection of the environment, scomponent vaccines are poisonous, carcinogenic or potentially just harmful to the skin, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, immune and nervous systems of our body.

What about formaldehyde? Will we wait until some brave physician or scientist would talk about how harmful for the brain of our children formaldehyde, which is introduced to them in the vaccine? How long do we wait before we require to remove it from vaccines? Or what about the problems associated with Polysorbate-80, also part of the modern vaccine?

Polysorbate–80 is used in pharmacology in order to help the penetration of certain drugs or chemotherapy substances across the blood-brain barrier. What are viruses, bacteria, yeast, heavy metals or other substances in the vaccine composition needs to penetrate the brain of our children? Do they place there? Is this part of the immune response necessary to protect our children from disease? Overcome if the components of the vaccine the blood-brain barrier with Polysorbate-80? If so, are there any complications as a result of their presence in the brain? Can it help us to understand why 1 out of 150 children have autism and 1 in 6 has learning difficulties and problems of development?

If we want to consider the vaccines properly, we need to estimate the harm which might be caused by all components of the vaccine immediately, and to analyze their effects on the nervous and immune systems of our children individually. Then we can analyze the effect of the interaction of vaccine components in tissues and to assess the potential threat, which has already been successfully made Dr. Haley.


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How many children will be exposed to potential danger, until we remember the Hippocratic oath and the warning to "First, do no harm"? If we have no competent science, but there is scientific evidence proving the toxicity of aluminium, introduced separately or in the composition of the vaccine is a potential model that allows to understand why certain chronic diseases develop in the group predisposed to the children, it is necessary to stop the use of vaccines that contain aluminum, as long as we will not have rigorous scientific evidence of its complete safety.

We need the same proof of the safety of all vaccine components separately and in interaction with each other. We need parents, scientists and practitioners, who will require this, otherwise the situation will only get worse.published


Author: Denis Konenkov


Source: glubinnaya.ru/archives/2927


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