Follow these 4 rules and your body will answer you health and longevity

Medical health indicators established by Nature (constants depends on to live or not to live). The further medical health indicators from the norm (in any direction) — the worse. You need to learn to regulate them.

Medical health indicators:

  • blood pressure — 120/80
  • the number of respiratory movements per minute — 16
  • the number of heartbeats per minute — 78
  • hemoglobin — 130 g/l
  • bilirubin — 20
  • the daily urinary volume of 1.5 liters at d=1020
  • weight = (height -100) + 10 kg
  • blood sugar is 5.5
  • blood pH – the 7.43
  • the number of cells — 4000
  • body temperature — 36,60 With
  • blood cholesterol of 6.5

In the atmosphere of the normal pressure of 760mm HG.St., we have our own pressure at which the oxygen enters the cell. It is equal to 120/80. In the atmosphere, the pressure dropped, the body raised HELL and Vice versa.


1. BP (blood pressure) – the power of penetration of gas into the blood. The norm is 120/80, at this ratio, each cell gets the maximum amount of oxygen in the blood (top of vessel), 80 resistance of the vessel wall (inside the vessel).

If not enough oxygen left toe of the right foot, the body will increase the HELL.

Low or high blood pressure shows that a person is doing something wrong.

Adjust the pressure by tablets impossible! There is a solution.


2. Oxygen needs to enter the cells with some rhythm (intensity). The normal respiratory movements 16 times per minute. Ran - 26 times per minute, in a minute should be 16, if not back to normal, then something is wrong.


3. Our heart is reduced with a certain rhythm. Normal is 78 beats per minute. Rapid heart rate tells about the lack of oxygen in the cell. The main function of all body systems to balance.

Ate 1 kg - 1 kg mark, drank 1 l – 1 l pour, took a NAP, worked.

You can not change the heart rate of pills. We can only change ourselves. If shouted, annoyed, angry, the adrenaline, which increases AD. To reset – spota, cry, go to the toilet.


4. The main constant of the hematopoietic system– hemoglobin (the red respiratory pigment of blood) that carries oxygen from the respiratory organs to tissues and carbon dioxide from the tissues to respiratory organs. Many diseases of the blood (e.g. anemia) relate to violations of the structure hemoglobin, including and hereditary.

The norm of 130 g per liter. If more (that he threw me blood), then drink a little water. If less than 130 is not enough red blood cells, not enough oxygen for the cells, i.e., eat worms or red blood cells, or absorbed substances for hemoglobin synthesis.

5. Bilirubin – an indicator of liver function. Bilirubin – orange-brown pigment bile, product the dissolution of hemoglobin. Is formed mainly in the liver, whence comes from bile in the intestine, a small portion — in the blood. Determination of bilirubin in blood and urine has diagnostic value in some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The rate of bilirubin 20.3.


6. The kidneys and skin. Allocated daily 1.5 l of urine with a specific gravity 1020 (the density of poisons). Breathed poison – stand out half liver, half kidney. The decrease of the density indicates kidney failure. If allocated 0.5 l of urine — drink a little water and our aquarium inside zakislate.

In the aquarium with real fish 1 time per week change 20L of water. While the water for the fish to defend from chlorine, but do drink and children sing with water from the tap.

So our body and our cells-the fishes want to live in clean water and they also have to change the water. If we do not emphasize enough the urine (does not drink up the water), then quickly getting old: first "wrinkles" in the pancreas, liver, kidney, and then on the face, then insanity.


7. The formula for determining standards of weight: Weight = (height -100) +- 10 kg. the fat deposition is mainly affected by hormones and diet. In obesity it is necessary to check the endocrine system.

Fat is the supplies of water and energy. If you do not drink the water, inventory in the form of fat will rapidly be deposited on the chest, stomach and thighs.

It is equally important to monitor the quality of food and to respect the food. We should not forget about physical activity.


8. Blood sugar (normal is 5.5) — energy for the day. The remnants of glucose to form the polysaccharide glycogen is the main reserve carbohydrate of humans and animals. It is deposited in the form of granules in the cytoplasm (mainly liver and muscles), thus improving sugar it is necessary to clean the cells (after cleaning the intestines, liver, kidneys, lymph), but not "kick" the pancreas. When your body lacks glucose, glycogen under the action of enzymes broken down to glucose, which enters the blood. Regulation of synthesis and disintegration of glycogen is carried out nervous system and hormones.


9. pH is the main indicator of blood – in norm of 7.43. At pH=7,41 death occurs.

Water (HOH) splits into H+ and Oh-, where

  • HE is the hydroxyl anion with a free electron,
  • a hydrogen ion (proton) H+ is a hole (killer).

To maintain the pH of blood is primarily used calcium ions. If calcium is insufficient in the body, it begins to leach from the bones and joints — osteoporosis occurs. Also destroyed your teeth, exfoliate nails, hair falls out.

The scale of acidity (or alkalinity) is distributed from 1 to 14. Where:

  • 7 is a neutral value,
  • From 7 to 1 increases the acidity,
  • from 7 to 14 increasing alkalinity.

Then the blood pH of 7.43 is slightly alkaline environment. That's why positively charged (acidic) the water is dangerous, it kills us.

Living water alkaline, and the dead is sour. If you drink alkaline water, it is supported.

In emergency medicine the ICU doctor always measures blood pH and drips intravenous alkalizing solutions. Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium omelicheva the body.


10. We have 4,000 white blood cells, if more – so in the body there is an inflammatory process (there is a war against infection, poisons), if less, the war is lost – death. Leukocytes, as a COP who needs to pay high-quality cellular nutrition and electrons.

11. The temperature of the water in the body is normal 36.6 C. the temperature Increase indicates the struggle of the immune system with infection. Better not to disturb antipyretic, and to help and give a lot of alkaline drinking.

  • Body temperature is 37 With the outbreak of hostilities,
  • 38 With active phase,
  • 40 — the hard war
  • 41 – death.

But if the body temperature is lowered to 35 – after the military action is not the energy, we need cellular nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids.


12. Cholesterol is fat, which consists of nerve fiber, is produced by the human body. The cell membrane is covered with cholesterol, which does not allow the cells to stick together. More cholesterol is the basis of many hormones.

Cholesterol is of two types that doctors conventionally call "good" and "bad".

Bad cholesterol, connecting with proteins, it forms fat-protein complexes (LDL –low density lipoproteins): they are the basis of atherosclerotic plaque and the main culprit of atherosclerosis. The "bad" cholesterol is produced not only by the body. We get it along with the food, especially the caviar fish, egg yolk, liver, kidney, brains. The accumulation of "bad" cholesterol contributes to food rich in saturated fatty acids. A lot of them in dairy products and animal fats.

"Good" cholesterol is not found in food and produced by the body under the influence of systematic physical training, including patients after a heart attack or stroke miocarda. As opposed to "bad", "good" cholesterol takes from the walls of blood vessels excess fat and dirt, and devotes them to destruction and evacuation in the liver.

The concentration of "good" cholesterol increases in the blood also while receiving 60-70 ml per day of spirits or a glass of wine, but no more.

If you regularly eat mayonnaise, butter, drink whole milk, like burgers and other fried foods are almost not moving, you can absolutely argue that the level of "bad" cholesterol in your blood.

To conduct laboratory studies of blood in any medical facility. Rate of cholesterol of 6.5.

The main constant: pH of 7.43! Its violation implies the violation of all others. Excess acidity in our body discards through the urine, sweat and lungs (carbonic acid), and alkaline minerals can stock. Therefore, to maintain the main constants you need:

  • consciously drink water (30-40 ml per kilogram of body weight);
  • to drink alkaline water.

All constants depend on oxygen and water. The oxygen present in the air and its value is constant, and the right water we should drink consciously and daily. Drinking water is a basic and necessary but not always sufficient condition to maintain the constants.

Assistants water in the maintenance of the fundamental constants is:

  • correct and complete (cellular) nutrition;
  • purity of body (cells) from dirt, parasites.

We went from complex to simple. To be healthy and maintain a constant organism in norm, it is necessary to give the body (cell):

1) water;

2) cellular nutrition;

3) oxygen (delivery to the cell provides it with blood, and the blood are erythrocytes (built from cellular nutrition – 514 amino acids and four of the iron atom));

4) the previous paragraphs need to perform to clean the body.


And we call this philosophy of health. It can comprehend and understand every person. Just four steps daily and throughout your life, and your body will respond to you with health and longevity.


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Many can blame, and how physical activity, positive thinking, lack of stress, psychology, etc. physical activity can be viewed as a cleanse (cleansing of the lymphatic system). All this is correct, and everything else you need.

Four main points in the complex with positive thinking and physical activity will allow people to work competently with the physical body. published




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