Hypertension, arterial hypertension, high blood pressure: well a very profitable disease

Perhaps the big money modern doctors and pharmaceutical companies make on the treatment of hypertension and on medication from high blood pressure.

"Without pressure pills you can not live, and you will have a heart attack or stroke," say his troubled patients doctors to discover the device for measuring pressure "frightening" or 160/90 140/80 instead of 120/70 mm Hg

And sign the sentence: "You now life will have to take medications to reduce the pressure".

Forty eight million thirty six thousand four hundred fifty eight

Most patients agree years meekly drink their assigned pills for high blood pressure – as long as pills do not have complications or unexpected side effects.

Then the old pills change to other pills (or same, but under other names), and repeated side – effects, unexpected reactions or allergies to medication, complications. And again a change of pill is supposedly the best, newest, and usually more expensive. With all the ensuing consequences.

Unaware and obedient to the patient that his high blood pressure, it is possible to cope without medication, it is simple, affordable and harmless methods.


High blood pressure deception


So often, contrary to our expectations, something that seemed dangerous, is useful
and what seemed salutary, turns treacherous.


I have a very simple test as to distinguish the wise physician engaged in the treatment of hypertension, from the unthinking physician. Unthinking the doctor will prescribe the patient several different blood pressure pill, the average doctor – a maximum of one or two smart doctor – none.

At the same time intelligent doctor explain to the patient that the pills from high blood pressure should drink only in extreme cases. For example, when a hypertensive crisis, pressure 180/100 or 200/120. And in other cases will suggest other alternative methods of treatment of high blood pressure.

However, the smart doctors in the nature is now almost never occur, so I'll have to take the rap for all the doctors in the world.

And the first thing I will tell you: stop drinking your pills from high blood pressure.


Blood pressure pills give your doctor!Ninety five million five hundred six thousand three hundred seventy

Of course, you will immediately ask me: "But what to do with high blood pressure? How to reduce how to prevent the danger to get because of high blood pressure a heart attack or stroke?»

Answer – reduce high blood pressure is quite simple. But first we must answer some obvious questions:


The first question: What pressure is considered normal and what is elevated?


Most people to answer this question: normal blood pressure, of course, is 120 70 mm Hg above the Pressure of 120/70 is considered elevated.

Correctly? Yes and no. Figures 120/70 is really good, perfect pressure. In that case, if you are young, if you're 20, you have no a single gram of excess weight, and if you are prepared for the astronauts.

But if you are 30-35 or you a little overweight or a little move, that is normal for your blood pressure – 130/80. Although 120/70 – also good, even better. Only here to worry about a difference of plus or minus 10 units is absolutely not necessary.

Well, what about the "horrible" 140/90? It's a lot or not?

In 20 years 140/90 really too much. This speaks to the tendency to high blood pressure, tendency to hypertension. But it's not a disaster. Again, in 20 years, 140/90 is only a harbinger of possible impending trouble.

But at the age of 40 years and above 140/90 is the norm! Normal pressure! And this is the alphabet taught in the second year of medical school!

After all, with age, the pressure increases almost every person, especially if he is not blessed Buddhist monk living high in the mountains. And already in the second year of medical school, future physicians are taught that since 40-45 years is considered normal pressure of 130/80 – 140/90.

And to bring down the pressure necessary only if it rose above 150/90 or 150/100.

Apparently, someone studying in the Institute carelessly. Or too brainwashed by representatives of pharmaceutical companies. And becoming a doctor, a former student forgets what he was taught in medical school.

"Oh, he says his 50-year patient – you have 140/90, you need to drink the pills. And then the horror, the horror, the horror!»

Specify. Due 140 90 horror will not. What. And knock 140/90 is not necessary. And even 150/90 to shoot down do not have. Especially if your body safely tolerate.

If the pressure has risen to 160, and especially if it continues to grow, is to take action.


The second question: How to measure pressure?


At first glance, it seems that in the measurement of blood pressure is no big deal. Even if you do not have medical training and do not know how to use a device to measure the pressure, you can always buy yourself an automatic blood pressure monitor. And to measure pressure.

However, the automatic (electronic) blood pressure cuff also needs to be able to use it. If you operate this device correctly, you can get quite bad numbers for your blood pressure.

This leads to the fact that in the treatment of hypertension you will be guided on false indicators tonometer, and will not be able to pick out the right treatment.

 Errors in the measurement of pressure:Thirty million four hundred forty two thousand six hundred one

Mistake # 1. Used inappropriate devices to measure pressure.Many people all buy wrist blood pressure monitors – blood pressure monitors that are worn on the wrist of the patient. High-quality, branded wrist blood pressure monitor is a very good and convenient thing, that's just the majority of wrist blood pressure monitors designed exclusively for young patients, for those not older than 45 years.

People over the age of 45 wrist blood pressure monitors are not suitable!And if carpal tonometer is person, say, 60 years old, in the measurement of pressure will get totally incorrect results.

Many older people don't know, I use a wrist blood pressure monitors and are focused on their performance. And blood pressure pills also taking, focusing on the indicators of carpal tonometer. And then wonder what pill they start to feel bad.


Mistake # 2. Habit can measure the pressure 2 or 3 times in a row.Many people, especially those who use automatic blood pressure monitors, like after the first pressure measurement "reliability" immediately to take the blood pressure a second time. Like, in their opinion, it would be more accurate. But it turns out the opposite – when re-measuring the pressures may be different from the previous result for 20-30-40 units!

Such a divergence of figures has led to the fact that many people began to consider automatic sphygmomanometers are inaccurate. "What is this device, which every time gives different figures!"— outraged disgruntled buyers of this device are poorly studied manual to electronic blood pressure monitor.

Meanwhile, the instructions to most of these devices clearly stated: re-measurement of pressure on the same arm can be carried out not earlier than after 7-10 minutes after the previous measurement. Then the readings will be fine.

If you really itch to remeasure the pressure, then a second time to measure the pressure on the other hand. But keep in mind that the right and left hands of the figures pressure can vary by 10-15 units (10-15 mmHg). This is normal.

In General, with proper maintenance, a good electronic blood pressure monitors from reliable firms is very accurate and reliable. And their testimony can be completely trusted. The readings they give are pretty accurate. Unless the person measuring the pressure, not making the following errors:


Mistake # 3. Habit to measure the pressure in a hurry.Most people measure the pressure almost on the run. But it is wrong. To get the right numbers when measuring the pressure before this procedure you need to sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and relax.

And more. During pressure measurement no talking!

If during the measurement of the pressure you are talking to, or worried, or to measure pressure right after the street, the tonometer will show 20-30 extra units of pressure. And then all 40.

By the way, for this reason, many people who have pressure is basically normal, the physicians are hypertensive.

Imagine the scene: a patient comes to the clinic. In itself the trip to the doctor for many people is a cause for excitement. And then there's a lot of people, restless atmosphere, turn. Anyone, even a healthy person the pressure in such a situation will jump by 10-20 units.

But now, finally, and coveted the doctor's office (after 30-40 minutes of waiting in a queue). The white robe of many people causes stress – the "white coat syndrome". Plus get an additional 10-20 units for pressure.

And then there's the doctor is in a hurry – get in quick, tell me what's bothering you. And in that moment, when the patient talks about his complaints, the doctor measures his blood pressure. Which automatically raises pressures for another 10 units.

And unless you are thick-skinned elephant, which did nothing to break through, when patient pressure measurement you intend to guaranteed extra 30-40 units. But if you are emotional and all 50 extra units of pressure (the extra 50 mmHg).

A man whose ideal pressure – 120/70 – when measuring pressure in the clinic may receive 160/80 or 170/90. For doctors it will become hypertensive. Which prescribes a daily drink drugs.... Ugh, sorry, slipped out. Not drugs, of course, and pills to reduce the pressure.


The third question: whether to Treat tablets high blood pressure?


To all the people who have from time to time increased blood pressure, doctors recommend constantly, to life to take medication to reduce the pressure.

For this reason patients are often asking me questions: how valuable is it these pills? They actually treat hypertension? Or they bring down high blood pressure just for time?

I may now disappoint you. But:

Tablets from high blood pressure hypertension is not treated. They bring down the pressure only while you are taking medications. But as soon as you stop taking these pills, the pressure jumps up to its previous high numbers. Or even higher.

That is, blood pressure pills is a symptomatic treatment that does not affect causes of high blood pressure, and does NOT eliminate these reasons.

Relatively speaking:
When taking drugs with a host always was in a good mood. When taking the blood pressure pill the patient has always had good pressure.

And I have to remind you that the blood pressure medication you need to take for life, their side effects accumulate. And these side effects gradually undermined the health of the person receiving "harmless" pills for pressure. Read the instructions to any similar drug list of side effects.

But after all that terrible: people seldom accept only some pills to reduce the pressure. Usually the doctors "for reliability" prescribe to their patients several different pills.

Logic in the actions of these doctors I don't understand. Except that she is: "I will Appoint him (her) more pills and if pills alone do not work, then work the others."

But the side effects! Side effects are in fact cumulative.And the more different tablets a patient is drinking, the more likely that tablets will have complications and will hurt his health.


And what do you do? Does not drink blood pressure pills? – you ask me.

Ideally, it is better not to drink. Or drink them only if the pressure is very strong, say above 160/100, or there is a threat of hypertensive crisis or stroke.

In this case, you can take the tablet under the tongue corinfar (nifedipine) tablet or an old three-adelfan who drank even our grandmothers (and drank it and felt fine).

But in other cases…
In other cases, it is necessary to treat your hypertension, by acting on its causes — not the symptoms eliminating, but cutting the ground from under the feet of the disease. Because in most cases, hypertension is very treatable without medication, especially running, and especially in people younger than 65 years.


Question the fourth. If I have many years on the pill to reduce the pressure, should I need them immediately to quit?


— No, just not necessary. Blood pressure pills it is necessary to cancel gradually.

For example, if until now you have taken several types of pills to reduce pressure, first remove from your "diet" for one thing, any one of these tablets. Perhaps the remaining tablets at first you will miss, because the body is already "hooked on dope".

Then slightly increase the dosage of those pills that have remained in the "diet", but at the same time go for alternative treatment.

If you still only took one thing, only one version of the pills to reduce the pressure, then start to gradually reduce the dose of the drug, and at the same time go for alternative treatment. And when alternative treatment will give a good and lasting effect, permanently cancel the pills.

Important to know! If you to reduce pressure drinking blockers (such as Concor, atenolol, betalok, lokren, metoprolol, nebilet, egilok), in any case, drop them immediately. With a sharp lifting of blockers possible serious complications. With the sharp reversal could even cause myocardial infarction. About this, the idea is that you had to warn your doctor. However, experience shows that doctors seldom warn patients about such "trifles". Because if you were taking blockers, and want to give them up, reduce the dose of these drugs very, very slowly. And better under the supervision of an experienced cardiologist.


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Psychosomatics hypertension


Well, almost everything I wanted to tell you about the blood pressure pill, I said. If you are interested, do read the manual the medicines that you take. You will find many interesting things. Even more interesting you will find on the Internet, especially if you read forums and reviews about drugs.

And we need to move on and think – now how to live without drugs. Ugh, again I lost it... I Misspoke... In General, how to live without pills for high blood pressure.published 


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Author: Yevdokimenko P. V.


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