Once. Essay for tired mothers

One day your cranky three-year rise, and the hysteria will be far in the past. He will learn to dress myself. First, you will choose and lay out clothes for him, and then he starts to do it himself. And then, maybe, he did not want to wear something that you bought without him, and he will choose things in the shop.

When you get sick, you don't always have to overcome yourself, to temperature to get up and take care of the baby. On the contrary – you will feel relief from the fact that the house is his man. Let him 10 or 12 years, but he can make you tea, bring medicine, to sympathize.

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Once you don't need to grind food for a baby in a blender. Then you will no longer cook for him separately. Even after that, I'll get up in the morning and find that the children made pancakes for the whole family.

Once you no longer have to rock the baby or breastfeed him to sleep. You will simply lie down. Then to sit. Then just kiss him good night. Then he's going to bed even later you still need to finish my homework, to read an interesting book, sit in social networks.

Once he starts talking in complete sentences, I'll bring you a note: "Mom, I lub you", and then, perhaps, he will condescendingly explain to you how to work this new computer program.

Once you change the pram, carrycot on the pram, cane, then to the stroller with the handle, then choose a scooter...Then your son or daughter will be riding a big bike so fast that you won't be chasing him. One day he's coming into a strange yard and you will long to look for him and to worry. And then he'll take the bike and go with the boys to ride myself.

Now the children demand your attention in full, but one day you will want to talk to them, and everyone will be busy with their own Affairs lessons, tablet, friends…

Now, when you meet with friends, each is mostly what catches your child or directs his behavior. But one day you will be able to drink tea in the kitchen and talk for hours and kids will have fun without you.

Now you are forced from time to time to entertain the toddler. Play (Oh!), tell, read, answer questions... You feel like in the "theater of one actor". But one day the children will invite you to my room and show you the play own productions. They will sing, dance, tell verses, and you only watch and listen.

Now you teach your little one to make endless cakes and digging holes in the sand, but one day she'll be sixteen and you'll teach her to paint – so softly and with taste...it is in a class all girls wear makeup already, ahead of UNIVERSITY and adult life.

Once you will choose the College or University is not for myself (how recently it was, isn't it?), and for the son or daughter. And how important it is to help Teens make the right choice, because this is the whole path…

Now you teach the kid on the Playground, but soon will be acquainted with the guy's daughter. Or with the girl son. Usually easier for mothers first and fathers second. What they say on this topic psychologists?

Once you take the child by the hand and take him to kindergarten, first, on the hour, then two, then half a day... and then for the whole day. You will come for him tonight, and he'll say, "Can I still play?»

First, you will accompany him to school and meet after school. Then to walk just before the fence of the school. Then he would walk to school alone. And then to take along little sister.

Now you may feel relieved when the child remains in the grandmother. But then you'd rather he stayed at home tonight – to chat, to help in household chores, play with younger.

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The child will be your helper, whom you can ask to go to the store, to the pharmacy, the post office. And then he will have your business and own life, and you will see it only in the evenings. At the best.

One day you will proudly wear item associated daughter will hang on a wall painting painted by the son, come to a concert of your musician or karate competitions.

Now the baby pokes you in the nose rubber pear and puts in his mouth "medicine" playing "hospital." But maybe someday you'll call your grown son, Laura or dentist.


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Now you may raise children – pogodak. You are exhausted, every day is the same whirl. But one day they will not be two and three years and seventeen and eighteen and you go with your older children on a trip. They will be fluent in English abroad, and on skis will ride better than you. On the black track. And then they will become quite older and you will miss the kids and will ask them as soon as possible to have your grandkids.

Once you spend all children in school, will remain one and you'll get even somehow boring in the unusual silence of the apartment. You will finally be able to do them – to bring beauty, his Hobbies, to quietly watch the movie... But for some reason, a great joy will bring you is not it, but the moment when they return home.published 


Author: Katerina Zadayanna



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