Hypertension is two sides of the coin

Hypertension is one of the "epidemics" in the United States: about 90% of older and middle-aged Americans have a chance to "earn" this disease, is a manifestation of their unhealthy lifestyles and other trends ( JAMA Feb, 2002).

In most cases we are talking about the so-called essential hypertension, the causes of which official medical science are unknown... I have to Say: it should be treated. But the problem has “two sides of the coin”...

Most people imagine blood pressure (BP) as a constant, the value of which periodically "otpravlyayutsya" Ministry of health and deviations from which are considered as the disease.

Once the upper normal BP was defined according to the formula: 100 mm of mercury.St. plus age, then became the norm 140/80, then 120/80. Now this indicator is considered "prehypertension" ( JNC -7 guidelines ), and yesterday 45 million healthy Americans once moved into the group of patients requiring drug treatment (Lancet, 2002,14).

However, in reality blood pressure is constantly changing depending on the time of day, activity of man, his emotions. Blood pressure rises when a person moves and speaks, watches TV, sees a nightmare, drinks coffee, smokes, or his bladder is full.

Blood pressure decreases when a person lies down or rests. The lowest HELL by night. It increases by the time of awakening and peaks in the evening. Only the corpse of the pressure constantly.

Chronobiology (a specialist who studies changes in the body during the day) Franz Halberg believes that "even a few selective measurements of HELL is the equivalent of trying to shoot a camera movement of a train." To find out whether any increase in blood pressure only anxiety before a medical examination or fatigue at the end of the day, you need at least 48 hours to continuously monitor the patient, and then carefully evaluate the results.

"Otherwise, says Halberg, — too great a risk to prescribe a healthy person a drug that will make him impotent or gout, too much risk to put on it lifelong stigma of the patient."

Known opposite cases, when the person who visited your doctor in the morning, taking part in a 24-hour inspection, found out that his blood pressure increased most of the day. Periodic measurement of blood pressure during the day — an inexpensive and simple procedure, available to almost everyone, but rarely recommended by doctors who rely on blood pressure values obtained in their office.

Another important question to which few people pay attention to, is: why, with age, the blood pressure rises? The President of the American Institute of stress Paul J. Rosch, MD, emphasizes that it was a purely physiological process, caused by the compaction of the walls of the vessels, their greater rigidity, therefore, the heart to provide the necessary blood flow in vital organs must pump blood under higher pressure.

It is not surprising, says Dr. Rosch that many older people experience dizziness and weakness when their AD is reduced to a "Junior" level, recommended to everyone.

According to the journal of the American medical Association, today every American family has at least one high blood pressure (JAMA,2002,287). But in addition artificial eveliene clan hypertensive patients with "the number game", there are other reasons for the growth in their number (65 million).

Although the "AD measurement is the most common medical procedure, it is the least reliable of all". For example, overweight people in the 8-10% have artificially inflated the rate of AD due to inappropriate size cuff monometer, as a rule, the same for all patients in the office. Considering that one in three Americans has increased weight, it can be assumed that the number of "artificial" hypertensive patients in the United States is quite large.

In addition, even a slight change of arm position, movement or conversation with the patient's nurse when the measurement of blood pressure, or assessment of AD after the study of the fundus or injection, the use of non mercury devices and a number of other reasons lead to the fact that up to 50% of all BP measurements, carried out in clinics and medical offices correct (the New York Times, 2000, Aug ).

About 20% of men and 54% of women have so-called stress-response to "white robe", and the HELL they have increased by 16-26 mm of mercury.St., if it measures a doctor, and 9-17 mm — if the nurse. In this regard, the evaluation of the HELL house, is considered to be more reliable than in the doctor's office (Am J Hypertension, 2001,14).

Most doctors before the diagnosis of "hypertension" and the purpose of its medical treatment did not cancel or reduce the dose the patient is taking other drugs that may increase blood pressure (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, cold, antidiabetic drugs, contraceptives, anti-depressants, etc.) is Obtained, the treated side effects of some pills with other...

40 years ago a basic tutorial American doctors therapy "in Harrison's Textbook of Medicine" wrote that "the main principle to be followed by the physician in the treatment of hypertension is understanding when to treat it is necessary, and when not," giving examples when high pressure is not required of pharmaceuticals. Now get all the medication sooner, it is better.

Known nearly 300 signs supposedly indicates the risk of hypertensive crisis and myocardial infarction, for example, the bald spot on the crown, index finger longer bezymyany's area, the deep notches on the ear, etc. Removing these signs does not lead, however, to prevent problems, because they do not cause. The same can be said about the decrease in blood pressure. According to Dr. Rosch, no randomized clinical trials that showed that lowering blood pressure to 140 reduces the risk of death from attack.

Today, while human physiology has not changed, "fight" with HELL is not for life and death in the literal sense. Dr. Lloyd — Jones believes that hypertension need not be treated with one drug, and just a lot of ( Am. Hypertension Society, 19th Ann Meeting, NY, 2004), which corresponds to the opinion of the National Committee on the Detection & Treatment of High Pressure (JNC).

It is known that all antihypertensive drugs have pronounced side effects that can multiply when taking multiple medications, and because their purpose individually and in combinations requires extreme care, which is rarely seen in everyday life. Most patients with high blood pressure taking 2-3 of the drug to have the probability control at least 80%.

It is significant that the initial dose of treatment that experts recommend JNC in 58% of cases below, sometimes twice than the recommendations of the pharmaceutical manufacturers of drugs, which the majority of physicians (Cohen, MD).

They often don't inform patients about the side effects of drugs and their interactions, although the FDA openly says: "taking all drugs risky," many of them have very serious consequences. But Americans continue to get pills like candy.

Jay Cohen in the book “ Overdose ” (2001) writes that 50-75% of hypertensive patients are forced sooner or later to stop taking the drugs due to the fact that its consequences are worse than the disease. According to another study, 4 of 10 were forced to stop taking antihypertensive drugs, 3 of 10 patients reported side effects (Med Tribune, 1999, Nov .)

Side effects of antihypertensive drugs are more likely to develop in women, according to C. E. Lewis due to the fact that doctors do not take into account different body type, body size and the structure of the blood vessels in men and women, assigning them the same dose of medicine ( Am J Med Sci, 1996, 311(4).

Given that many patients are simultaneously taking other medications (lower cholesterol, aspirin, etc.), the mixture turns "explosive". In some cases, patients are very difficult to assess developing them changes as a side effect of the drug received. In a study conducted in Norway among 2586 people who lowering blood pressure drugs, only 16% of themselves complained of the negative effects of drugs. At the same time, the General survey revealed side effects in 22%, and purposeful — 62% ( Blood Pressure, 1999, #8).

Driven medical publishing statistics of mortality from heart attack, stroke and other consequences of hypertension is not talking about how and for whom effective therapy. It shows that, to prevent the death of one patient should lower the HELL of 12 mmHg over a 10-year period (Drug Topics, 2004, Jan). I.e. in 10 out of 11 patients the effect is not observed. According to the journal of Hypertension (2000, No. 18), drug treatment of hypertension can reduce the risk of stroke, but does not reduce the frequency of heart attacks.

On medication, as it may seem strange, there is also a "fashion". In the treatment of hypertension in the 1970-80s... it was diuretics. After 10 years of use and $115 million of funds spent was determined that the special effect of healing they have brought, but dramatically increased the mortality of patients from ventricular fibrillation of the heart due to disorders of mineral metabolism ( Paul J. Rosch, MD, NY Medical College ).

In their place came the beta-blockers appeared to increase the resistance of tissues to insulin, causing obesity and diabetes ( New Engl J Med, 2000, 342), break the breathing process and can cause bronchospasm. Their reception asthmatics gives serious complications. In 25% of cases they cause depression, which requires drug treatment ( B. Sardi, 2005).

Both these groups of drugs increase the level of total and "bad" cholesterol and fats in the blood. All antihypertensive drugs from 4 currently used groups of farm products., in addition to significant side effects, cause loss of body is essential for health trace elements, essential any medicine, potassium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, iron, Co Q 10, vitamin B etc.

At the same time, increased blood pressure, fever, is in most cases not a disease but a manifestation of some disorders and imbalances (which explains why uses more than 100 different medicines for lowering blood pressure).

Often, the hypertension is a consequence of prolonged stress, in which working without rest the adrenal glands synthesize adrenaline, which at first is a defensive reaction. But over time, the spasm of blood vessels, characteristic for the state of stress becomes constant and the heart is forced to increase the pressure to overcome the resistance of narrowed blood vessels.

The reason for increase in BP is also inactivity, where many of the small peripheral vessels unnecessary close and the blood must flow through the smaller channel with greater speed,which requires again a higher "protective]" forces. This explains the therapeutic benefits of exercise really.

Another reason for "essential" hypertension – overeating and increased body. That means that the blood must run faster to provide oxygen and nutrition a large "mass". But full and moving little people – the main contingent of the US population. What medicine can "overcome" it!? There is no such.

Food consumed by most inhabitants of the so-called civilized countries, are a set maloprivlekatelen and sometimes toxic substances, deprived of not only essential vitamins, but actually "living" structures. To neutralize this mixture requires more oxygen and antioxidants. But the fat and the elderly in most cases are not able to inhale the desired amount of air. However, now young people do not know how to breathe correctly, which creates conditions for the formation of oxidized compounds from which the body can not get rid of the usual way – by urine and exhaled gas.

These compounds (radicals), as highly aggressive, contribute to the tissue damage, liver, and kidney, including blood vessels that can be compressed – thus again there is a prerequisite for increasing the HELL.

People began to drink less or drink beverages that cannot provide their body with enough water. Result: the thickening of blood that the heart pumps the pressure.

Aspirin that many people take for "colours can be fluidized" blood, water does not replace. Its mission is to reduce the adhesion of platelets, but the blood contains other cells (white, red), proteins (fibrinogen, etc.) and different components, which is a lot. Add more frequent presence of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, etc.) the Blood becomes "Zamoskvoretsky". Try to pump this mixture through thin tubes – the blood vessels! It is no wonder that hypertension is called the silent killer, striking all before. Really — no words...

Currently, there are a large number of methods tested in experiments and time to help normalize blood pressure without drugs. They may "work", not all cases of hypertension, but many, I'm sure, can help to reduce the number of medication and even get rid of them.

The well-known recommendations for weight loss, Smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, and salt. Pthe loss 10kg can give decrease in blood pressure at 10 to 22 mm of mercury.St; restriction of consumption of table salt to 2.5 g per day 5-8 mm; alcohol up to 100g - 4 mm; 30-minute charger – 5-9mm; increasing vegetables and reducing sugar and meat in the diet – 8-14 mm ( WebMd ). If you follow only these recommendations, you can lower the HELL on 30-57 mm.

Effectively proven mineral formula that offsets the deficiency of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium, lack of which leads not only to increased blood pressure, but may cause heart attack.


Instead of pills, squats, pushups and abdominal exercisesTRANS fats are the true culprits of developing diseases of the heart and blood vessels

Hundreds of plants (parsley, black chokeberry, green tea, blueberries, dried apricots, currants, kiwi and many others) has been used for centuries for the normalization of HELL. But they cannot be patented – so they took out a lot of expensive, but unsafe pills.

Deficiency of vitamins (C, B, D, E) has a disease called beriberi or scurvy, beriberi, pellagra, rickets, etc. and what is the deficiency in the body diuretics, beta-blockers or ACE -inhibitors? Such diseases do not exist.

But if you believe selling is your decision, just read the list of side effects of his choice... After all, ignorance does not reduce the number of complications... Health is the labor, including by gaining knowledge about yourself.published


Author: Elena Kohls


Source: www.elinahealthandbeauty.com/Articles_of_Doctor_Elena_Koles.htm


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