Cancer — a message from the above that your lifestyle is killing

Maximum effort lead to the victory ofCancer is a message from the above that your lifestyle is killing you. What you have today is the result of past decisions.

About the disease... Cancer is natural and normal. Each person formed cancer cells. But not every person has these cells become tumors. Why? The difference between a man with cancer and a person without tumors lies in the strength of their immune systems. A healthy immune system can find and destroy cancer cells. If you have a tumor, it means that your immune system is not working as it should.

Weak immune system cannot cope with cancer cells, which becoming more. It is necessary to create conditions for the immune system to enable it to cope with all the difficulties that have to meet the body.

What can you do? Now, in this moment, you have what you have been doing recently. If you eat junk food, your body consists of junk food. But not only that. The body contains those chemical substances which you have received with food, water, air, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. If you replace it all at all natural, your cells will begin to get more nutrition, and the cells will change.

Doctors believe that cancer is like a train that cannot be stopped by anything other than blasting. But it's not. Cancer can disappear by itself. It is a fact.Such cure itself is called spontaneous remission.

This means that the body can cope with cancer. The body produced, the body is destroyed. This is the cure itself. But it is necessary to remove from the life factors that contribute to the appearance of cancer. This is usually not a factor. In 95% of cases of cancer caused by the environment, i.e., a way of life and food. And 5% is genetics, which manifests itself one way or another depending on lifestyle. Ie even genetic cancer is not just genetics.

Why do you think you have cancer? Usually people know the answer. Listen to yourself, your instincts and intuition tell you. The doctor didn't ask you such questions, because they don't care. They will tell you what he thinks conventional medicine is that are caused by bad genes or just ”unlucky”. They say to make you weak. The cancer industry wants to make you a helpless victim with no control over the situation. This means that you become dependent oncologists. They assert that cancer has no relation to food, and that they, the oncologists, the only hope for you. But it's a lie. Your body produced the cancer, your body can clean it up.

Now the question: do you want to live? This is a serious issue. Maybe you are tired of life. If you feel that you are ready to die, that's fine. In this case, just enjoy the rest of your life. Don't do anything you don't want.

If you really want to live, you defeat cancer. But this will require a complete surrender of all your forces. No excuses. A full immersion in the struggle. All cancer patients who cured themselves independently, characterized by a strong desire to live and are willing to do without any conditions and excuses.

Minimal effort leads to minimal results. Maximum effort lead to victory.

If someone tells you that one some extraordinary remedy may cure you, do not believe. The cure requires a complete lifestyle change. It will take at least two years. Improvements will be noticeable within 30-40 days after beginning work, but we have two years to eliminate the risk of cancer's return.

Fear. This is the main factor. People are very afraid. But let's think, where does this fear. This fear is the work of the cancer industry. Most people are afraid of suffering, not death itself. Be honest with yourself — what are you afraid of? Don't be afraid. Don't let fear influence your decisions. And here's why: when you are afraid, the body is filled with stress hormones and you can't make a rational, correct decision.

The cancer industry uses fear to force patients to make hasty and rash decisions. Oncologists say that to start treatment is necessary as soon as possible. This is not so. Remember that their “cure” cancer — it's just business. Oncologists know that if they release a new patient without an appointment “treatment”, the patient can change his mind, and the money is not received in the pocket. Therefore, oncologists intimidated. Don't be afraid!

Believe in intuition. If you really do not want to do any procedure, don't do it. And do not pay attention to what the doctor or your family and friends suggest. Listen to your intuition. She will guide you in the right direction.

You need time to change their lives. You only have 30-90 days to feel the change for the better.

The following methods are designed to support health and healing. They are not medical treatment:

So, what to do to keep food destroying your health?

First of all, we need to return to simple natural food products. No frills. We eat every day, like before eating kings.

Food is not neutral. Is it useful or harmful. Nutrition is the basis of health. If the food industrial/industrial, don't eat it.

Next... We eat too much. Food is like fuel for the machine. If too much food, the excess is stored as fat. Obesity is the second leading cause of cancer (Smoking is first). How obesity can cause cancer? Fat produces hormones that cause inflammation. The fat disrupts the functioning of body systems and this leads to inflammation. Inflammation is the most suitable environment for the growth of cancer.

Smoking is the main cause of cancer. Not only lung cancer but also other cancers. When you smoke, the carcinogens from the lungs enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. For example, colon cancer can be caused by Smoking.

Water... we have It pure in the sense that it does not contain infections, but contains toxins: chlorine and fluoride, which can cause cancer. Chlorine is bleach.

In addition, our water is filled with additives from waste industry. Water pipes added, too. The water should be filtered.

Way of life... We do a lot of sitting. It is harmful in the same degree as Smoking. Move more.

Drugs and alcohol... Drugs among the side effects often mentioned possibility of developing cancer. Of the drugs in the body ceases to form melatonin. The lack of melatonin causes a lack of sleep. Melatonin is a key component for cancer prevention and cure.

The pollution of the environment... our life every day we receive thousands of chemicals. What chemicals surround you? Get rid of them. Washing powders, cosmetics, toothpaste — all chemicals that are poisons. Replace all is natural, if you want to be healthy.

Your skin absorbs everything you put on it. Absorb cosmetics, lotions, creams, and so enters the blood. Go to natural. Beautiful healthy skin is the result of proper nutrition.

Very toxic mold. May be present in the house or apartment.

So, is something you need to work?

  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal substance
  • Medication
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Lack of sleep
  • Environmental pollution
If you have cancer or you want to protect yourself from it, remove toxins from your life to the maximum.
Your goal: continuous improvement of your diet, lifestyle, environment.

Anti-cancer diet

First, what NOT to eat.

When people eat to live, they choose food that delivers maximum nutrition. We in the West live to eat. We are obsessed with food, we are obsessed with food. Entire TV channels devoted to food.

But if you have cancer, you need to forget about this food. Now every piece of food should work for health, not for pleasure. You have to choose between eating for health and eating for disease. Everything made by man, not to eat your food. Discard all food, man-made (man-made food) and restaurant food. Restaurant food is full of sugar, salt, harmful vegetable oils and preservatives.You should eat homemade food.

To cure cancer, you need to change your diet and lifestyle. Any derogation from the natural food. Eat 100% whole natural food easily, and eat 99% organic food is difficult.

What is necessary to completely give up?

  • white sugar and all products containing it (candy, cookies, jam, etc.)
  • white flour, it contains nothing for health
  • nothing artificial and manufactured industrially or in laboratories
  • anything that is packaged in cans, bottles, boxes
  • animal products (meat, poultry, eggs, fish, shrimp, etc., including dairy products)
All this supports the disease. When you go to the supermarket you can buy only in one Department — where selling fresh fruits and vegetables. Your food now — fresh vegetables and fruits.

What animal products do to your health? They increase the level of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1) in the body. This is a hormone that is produced by the liver when we eat animal products. IGF-1 stimulates cancer growth.

When you stop eating animal products, the level of IGF-1 in the blood decreases significantly. So it is desirable to remove as many IGF-1 from the body as soon as possible.

Another link between animal products and cancer growth is the amino acid methionine. Many types of cancer require methionine for its survival. Without methionine, they die. It was opened in 1974. Most of the methionine is in animal products. Milk, eggs, red meat contains two times more methionine than the beans. Chicken and fish contain 5-7 times more methionine than the beans. Vegetables, grains and nuts have a very low level of methionine. The fruit is practically free from it.

Remember that animal products contain IGF-1 and methionine — factors contributing to the growth of cancer cells.

Dairy products contain more than 60 hormones. Cow's milk does not need man, the more Mature. It is a necessary and useful nutrition only for calves. It is designed for rapid weight gain and rapid increase in the number of cells that must rapidly growing calf. But you are the properties of cow's milk is not needed. Remove from the supply cheese, cottage cheese, milk, yogurt etc.

Now that NEED is.

We need to fill the body with natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, which are found in organic plant foods.

Eat plenty of high quality plant foods. How to achieve this?

Do juices. When you eat, for example, an Apple in your mouth you make a juice with pulp. The better you chew, the more nutrients you will get. If you use a juicer, it gives 90% of the nutrients from your vegetables or fruits. So make your juices, don't be lazy.

Juices are particularly beneficial for those with advanced forms of cancer. These patients are usually very little power. A juice fast gives energy. The minimum amount of juice you need to drink per day 5 cups.

The right juice recipe:
celery (stems)
ginger (root)
Everything must be organic.

Here is another good juice recipe:
3-5 carrots
1-2 stalks of celery
1/2 beet root
beet greens
1 slice of ginger root
turmeric root — how many will survive
1/4 lemon or lime
1/2 Apple
1 clove of garlic

Every day, eat a huge anti-cancer salad of raw vegetables. If you don't like salads, still eat it 1-2 weeks and you will start to like it. Your salad should be simple and be sure to include the garlic. In addition, use leeks, cabbage, spinach, beet root powder.
Useful bean sprouts. Sprouts broccoli more useful than even broccoli florets, which must always be used in your diet. All types of brassica (cabbage family) contain the substance Indole-3-Carbinol, which enhances the immune system.

Use mushrooms. This anticancer agent, particularly useful in breast cancer. Drink green tea, eat lots of sauerkraut. Use organic vinegar Apple cider, lemon juice. Useful flax and olive oil, hemp oil and black seed oil (nigella sativa) necessarily cold pressed.

Recommended anti-cancer spices:
garlic powder
curry powder
Cayenne pepper
black pepper

Your salads should be simple. If they are hard to chew, run them through a blender (with adding water to the blender), you'll have a liquid salad. Maybe you don't like the taste of the salad. Don't mind the taste of attention. You eat not for pleasure, but for health. If the salad is too cold, you can warm up slightly and have it as soup. You can even lightly cook on the fire, if the bowels are protesting against the large amount of raw food.

So, you have 3 ways there are anti-cancer vegetables:

  • in the form of a large salad of raw vegetables
  • as a liquid salad
  • slightly cooked soup.
You should eat these vegetables every day.
A few words about spices.
Turmeric is able to block every stage of cancer: cell mutation, tumor growth, metastasis, death of cancer cells. Turmeric and black pepper enter into the composition of curry powder. Add curry in all the dishes.

Use cumin. It contains natural aspirin i.e. salicylic acid.

Eat 3 cloves of garlic per day, especially recommended black garlic.

Scientists have tested the effect of various juices on cancer cells of the liver. The juice was potent way to suppress the growth of cancer cells.

Several options for juice blends that have proven their effectiveness in research:

Bananas + grapefruit — has reduced the growth of cancer cells by 40%.
Red grapes + strawberries + apples — reduced cell growth by 50%, and the dose was half of the previous mixture, i.e. the mixture was twice effektivnee.
Lemons and cranberries were the winners. Inhibited cell growth by 85%, and the cranberry was a little better. You can use frozen cranberry powder: easy to add to drinks.
Green lemonade: 1 organic lemon + 4 green apples. Not necessary to clean or lemon or apples.
Berries have a stronger healing power than fruits. Eat berries every day.

You can make more nourishing and creamy, ie smoothies:
3-4 cups of berries
a handful of nuts (walnuts or almonds)
1-2 bananas and 5-10 dates
2 handfuls of spinach

What else can I add to smoothies:
2-8 tablespoons of aloe, in the form of jelly (mark Stockton)
1-2 tablespoons of flax seed or hemp or Chia
Goji (goji), acai (berry), matcha (matcha green tea powder)
Moringa (moringa)
broccoli, cauliflower.

Excellent Breakfast — oatmeal. You can add berries, fruit, flax seeds, Chia, hemp, walnuts. Or sweeten with palm sugar (this is just ground dates) or black molasses.

It is necessary to use the AMLO (amla, indian gooseberry) Indian gooseberry.

Amla contains a very large amount of vitamin C, neutralizes free radicals, lowers blood pressure.
You need to add to food daily for a quarter of a teaspoon 3 times a day. The unpleasant taste.

It is also recommended that red and black rice, beans, peas. If you are overweight, 100% raw food useful. Low vegetable oils.
Not necessarily eat 3 times a day. You simply accustomed to.

It is very important to consistently and persistently follow the diet no matter what. Even if you have cancer in the last stage, you still taste the raw food.

How to get rid of toxins

Replacement industrial food natural, organic, pure is a big step to restore health.

Water... If you drink from the tap, you drink everything they put in the water. There is added chlorine, fluoride, bleach. These poisons poison you. In addition, the tubes themselves are added to the water with many chemicals. The water must be clean.

Many toxins added to cosmetics and care products for skin, hair, etc. These chemicals from cosmetics, shampoos, etc. are absorbed into the skin and enter the bloodstream and begin to circulate throughout the body. Manufacturers of all this products is not limited by strict rules that you can add and what not. For example, the mascara contains mercury. To products for body care and cosmetics do not cause incremental problems, use only organic products.
Stop using talcum powder. Women should use organic products for personal hygiene (tampons, pads).

Your home or work also needs to be cleaned up from toxic contaminants. For example, mold in the bathroom or under the kitchen sink emit toxic spores, which whatatutu immune system.

Stop using modern chemicals for washing dishes, Laundry, etc., Use natural remedies.

Elektrosignalnaya... Wires create a permanent electro-magnetic pollution low intensity.
Do not use Wi-Fi. If you can't disable it during the day, unplug at least for the night. And even better, return the computer to a wired connection. Do not sleep near electronics, especially mobile device — ionizing radiation penetrates your brain.

The following method for removing toxins from the body —starvation. Fasting on water restarts, restores the immune system.

Most people can tolerate even a 3-day fasting on water with no problems. But if you have serious comorbidities, better to do it under medical supervision.
How useful starvation? When the food ceases to flow, the organism is able to conduct a “repair and restoration” work.
During fasting, the body still uses energy, but takes it from fat.

The body two energy sources:
glucagon is glucose stored in the liver. Stockpile enough for the day.
fat beginning to be used when the glucagon.

If you are active on the first day of fasting, glucose reserves are used up more quickly, and the body before you start to burn the fat. But fat is also the place where the body stores toxins. When the body begins to use fat, the toxins will begin to be released, into the bloodstream and then spread throughout the body. And you will feel bad. But gradually the toxins will be withdrawn, and health will improve.

Moreover, health depends on change of supply. If you eat animal products, and all of a sudden started fasting — it's like a sudden quitting Smoking. The same discomfort that we must endure.
Eating sugar, dairy, flesh, salt, and suddenly a total failure. The body rebels. The body requires. Cleansing is hard, but the results are worth it.

You feel bad, yet the body can not process the toxins and will not deliver them.
Typical symptoms: no energy, headache, nausea, vomiting, a variety of pain, fever, diarrhea, pimples, skin rashes etc.

So if you feel terrible during fasting, it is normal. We have to endure.

How long does it take to starve?
One day is easy.
Three days is the minimum.

Another way to get rid of toxins, physical exercise.
When we move, we increase the circulation of blood and lymph. These fluids take away toxic wastes cells.

Lymph in the body 3 times more than blood. But she can only move when the muscles. So you need more traffic for purification of toxins.

When you are physically working or doing exercises, you move, sweat and breathe deeply — it removes all the toxins. Sauna is also good, but exercise to sweat better.

A few words about breathing. Deep breathing every day is necessary. Also helps the movement of lymph. When you inhale, oxygen enriches the blood. When you breathe out, you throw away toxins in the form of carbon dioxide. Do deep breathing exercises several times a day.

So, let's list the principles of purification of toxins:

  • stop injecting toxins into your body
  • eat organic plant food
  • exercise daily
  • deep breath daily
  • get rid of toxins around itself
  • fast from time to time
A few words that can help with the cleansing.
Chlorella as BAD — but not from Japan.
Coffee enemas is to remove toxins from the liver. Immediately improve health.
Ozone therapy: drinking ozone water, ozone IV, ozone sauna, ozone insufflation vaginally and rectally.

How to reduce stress

Every cancer patient is experiencing extreme stress. For many reasons. But before the diagnosis of the patients were under stress. Stress — the main donor of the disease.

We will understand the origin of the stress, and what he does with your body.

Stress is the result of all the negative thoughts and emotions.
Fear, anger, bitterness, resentment, unwillingness to forgive, regret, worry, anxiety... All these negative emotions cause stress — first in the mind, then in body.

The first idea evokes emotion, then, under the influence of emotions stands out cortisol, adrenaline, then there is any reaction to all this. Cortisol gives you energy through the conversion of glucagon to the liver to glucose. Adrenaline gives strength.

Glucose enters the bloodstream, circulates through the body and gives the muscles power to run away or defend themselves. At this point the muscles ready for action. Adrenaline and cortisol give you strength and energy for immediate physical action. These hormones temporarily disable the parts of the body which are not vital in such a situation, for example, digestion or reproduction. Even the immune system and certain parts of the brain shut down.

The old part of the brain (the reptilian brain, or brain instincts) become dominant. This leads to the fact that in a stressful situation it is very difficult to think clearly and rationally. Therefore, under the influence of stress, we often take wrong decisions.

Under stress our behavior more like the behavior of the animal, which is driven by instinct. Even the memory is turned off in times of great stress. That's why then people don't really remember how it was. I think that you start to imagine how stress hormones are strong when they are in action.

How can you protect yourself from chronic stress? Around us the sea of negative information, which did not exist in earlier times. Your brain isn't ready for that amount of negativity. You don't need to know about every problem in the world. The brain, heart, and soul are not able to withstand the brunt of life. Manufacturers news (often fake) specifically focus on negative news because these attract attention. When you absorb the news, you take on their shoulders the weight of the world.

How to cope with all this negativity? First of all, do not watch the news. The news can wait.
Do not communicate with negative people. They always complain and talk about negative. It's contagious.
Surround yourself with everything positive. Pay attention to all the good, funny, interesting. See Comedy. Watch movies that inspire. Laugh more. Laughter strengthens the immune system.

In addition to news, other sources of information are also sources of stress. All kinds of drama on TV (drama means conflict, conflict means stress), movies in theaters can trigger the release of adrenaline. You become dependent on constant replenishment of adrenaline from many sources.

Another source of stress projects, commitments. People often take on too much. Learn to say “no.”

Learn to solve your problems in a business-like business. Not to hide from problems, to analyze them and to solve gradually. This is the right way to reduce stress.

The feeling of gratitude is the secret of happiness. Think more about what you can be grateful for life. Do not envy.
You can control your thoughts, and thoughts control emotions. Do not live by emotion.

There are three types of cancer:
— optimistic, positive, looking forward to the future
— frightened
negative, unfortunate.

Focus on the good in life. Yes, it requires effort.

Another source of stress unforgiveness. It kills. Forgiveness helps the healing. Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is like taking out the garbage. This purification of the soul. Forgiveness heals the soul.

Forgiveness is not a feeling. It is a choice. It's a decision you make, regardless of feelings. Therefore, in some cases need time to come to a decision about forgiveness.

Forgiveness is as a therapeutic diet. If you adhere to the diet for several days and then return to unhealthy food, the diet will not change anything in your life. But if you do follow the diet, your health will improve.

And with forgiveness. The process of forgiveness works only when you are persistent and consistent. If you have someone to forgive, that forgiveness is not for a day but for a lifetime.

Some people are not as good as we would like. Take them for what they are. And if they hurt you, don't get me wrong, not hoard resentment. Just forgive them, get rid of resentment from your heart and ask God to take care of them. Don't expect any good from such people. They are what they are. Practice forgiveness.

Why is it so necessary? Because holding grudges is very toxic to the health. Resentment destroys you in particular, your health. Forgiveness removes the burden of resentment from your soul. It's like spring cleaning the house — all the excess is swept out, made, remains clean and tidy. Some wrongs are in your soul since childhood. The process of forgiveness must cleanse your soul Doge from such almost-forgotten offense.

There is a second aspect of the forgiveness process. You, too, in your life someone hurt, intentionally or accidentally. Ask them to forgive you. No matter whether they forgive. Ask God to forgive you for your mistakes.
Work on forgiveness will quickly reduce stress.

About fear... This feeling causes stress. If you were diagnosed with cancer, chances are you feel fear, it covers you. Fear increases the already existing stress.

Give your fears to God. Some problems you can solve yourself, but not all. Fear is one of these problems.

Cancer and fear exist together. Every time you are afraid, give the fear to God. Don't be afraid and worry about the future. Do all you can do for health, and the rest commit to God. published

The materials are for informational purposes. Remember, self-life-threatening, for advice regarding the use of any medicines and methods of treatment, contact your doctor.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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