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Why are cheap genuine makeup?

For pricing has their reasons. Try to explain where the savings are.

Large retail chains (Auchan, Metro, etc.) with some time at the range also emerged certified natural cosmetics. These products are there in half cheaper than similar products of natural cosmetics from the pharmacy or a specialized shop. ICEA, BDIH or Ecocert also certifies products of natural cosmetics Russian brand Natura Siberica or Grandmother Agafya, which are very affordable. Because of this difference in price, some customers are wondering whether someone is trying to get my hands on it, whether cheap natural cosmetics will not do. "Neither this nor that" is the answer. All a bit complicated.

Many brands of this natural cosmetics trade networks have logo certified natural cosmetics, eg. BDIH, Ecocert, ICEA, NaTrue. They do not use the ingredients, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes and fragrances, and a whole series of ill-borne components. They offer affordable and credible alternative to conventional cosmetics in these shops. However, organizations certifying natural cosmetics only define a minimum standard, which leaves manufacturers more freedom of action in the recipe and the quality of some components. It can be used to produce particularly high-quality product or to reduce the price. It is only visible in the composition, which is usually printed in small letters.

Bio or conventional cosmetics?

BDIH requires, for example, only 15 oils and medicinal herbs of environmental origin. Almond oil, oil of apricot seeds and honey seed oil can be of conventional origin. Alcohol and essential oils should be distilled from the bio-materials. From vintage products marked with an asterisk components of eco-friendly origin. Some manufacturers of cheap natural cosmetics refuse this mark. Thus, it is not immediately clear that only one or two components are "organic."

This will help the new Cosmos standards, which are guided by BDIH, Cosmebio, EcocertGreenlife, Icea and SoilAssociation.

Standard Cosmos there are two categories:

  • natural cosmetics – COSMOSNATURAL — "Cosmetic products under natural certification" (Certified natural cosmetic products);
  • organic cosmetics – COSMOSORGANIC (95 %) — "Cosmetic products under organic certification" (Certification of organic cosmetic products).
According to the standard Natrue also has a similar classification. Cheap products usually are matched only by the "natural" standard.

Cheap or high quality cosmetics?

Particularly high-quality components, such as rose oil or pomegranate seed oil, You will not find in the cheap products. Some manufacturers offer, however, cheap natural cosmetics made from roses. It contains only relatively cheap, pink water, not the expensive rose oil in high-quality creams, natural cosmetics. Meanwhile, the composition of cheap products often indicates the wild rose oil. But it's the oil from the flowers of roses, and from the seeds of rose hips. It contains adjustable fatty acid, but pink oil is irrelevant. Saves you also the one who is behind the cream uses soybean oil.

If you advertise that the product contains popular ingredients like almond oil or aloe Vera, view, at what point in the composition specified lauded component. The farther into the list it is, the less it contains in the product.

Real flavor?

For natural cosmetics essential oils can funkcionirovat, i.e. separate various aromatic components. If in the written "perfume", as a rule, we are talking about a mixture of such aromatic elements. Who uses natural essential oils, that it necessarily indicate, because the manufacturer spends a lot of money, especially if it is bio-aromas.

Natural oils or recycled components?

Creams and lotions can be produced from natural vegetable oils or components from recycled oils. For example, you can use a natural oil or pasterizirovanogo. Then, in the list are components such as Caprylic/capric triglyceride or glycerilstearates. They are mainly produced from raw materials obtained in the traditional way, so they are cheaper than real bio-oil. Experts believe that the full oil has better effect than cleaned, processed ingredients. Who makes high product requirements of natural cosmetics must be very carefully read and compare the composition.

However, the difference is not only in the ingredients. The manufacturers of brands of higher price segment spend a lot of money on product development, customer information and advice. From this refuse, the manufacturers of cheap brands. Typically, they focus on the basic cosmetics and the main active components. In addition, there is another difference: A company producing natural cosmetics have ongoing projects of fair trade and supply for basic raw materials, which ensures adequate and fair remuneration of farmers. To this natural cosmetics include much more than a logo.

Mass marketing or consulting?

What discount stores or big retailers often offer goods cheaper than specialty stores, applies to all products, not only to natural cosmetics. Because they save on the equipment, the selection and staff, the products they can be sold at cheaper prices. This also contributes to the well-honed logistics. Small margin products kompensiruet mass distribution. Besides, who buys from producers of large quantities of goods may be eligible for a discount.

Specialized trade, on the contrary, you'll be competent and painstaking consultations and a wide range of most brands. Both worth the money. There are often also practiced two-stage logistics. Most manufacturers deliver the goods most wholesalers, which in turn distribute it in many small specialty stores. Of course, the volume in this case is much lower. Despite this, bio-shops, and specialized stores of natural cosmetics offer affordable basic products. It can not only Russian brand, but also affordable series of the famous Western manufacturers. And, of course, the goods produced in Russia are cheaper than imported because there are no costs for customs and shipping.

This means that a good natural cosmetics are not necessarily automatically expensive. published 

Source: www.ekokosmetika.ru


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