Natural organic cosmetics: for and against

Natural beauty is the dream of every modern woman. Agree, not too difficult to look good and fresh, living on the beach, among greenery and sunshine. But what about those who dwell in the metropolis, and the nature for them is limited to a modest flower on the windowsill, and even an artistic landscape on the wall?

All hope for natural remedies for skin care. Therefore, cosmetics with the prefix "bio" or "eco", also known as organic and environmentally friendly, attracting more attention both women and men. Fans of organic matter do not want to overload the skin with chemicals and synthetic preservatives. They prefer natural components: extracts of flowers, roots, oils.

The name itself – bio-cosmetics – which means that it is made entirely from natural ingredients. And this is true, except for a small error: the natural ingredients in the media, called bio-cosmetics, the certification standards should be 90-95%.

The rest – the so-called safe chemistry. In addition, all ingredients must be grown in clean areas and on clean soil. Another important point to consider: organic cosmetics are not tested on animals and does not use ingredients of animal origin.

If meticulousness is not your Forte, and you do not intend to spoil the shopping so dismal thing to do, like reading labels, be aware of the main identification sign: a BIO logo must be present on the packaging. However, even here caution is needed. Some unscrupulous manufacturers decorate the cream with a similar logo, but it does not have the original nothing. The inscription "100% natural" is also nothing more than an advertising slogan. In short, when buying, carefully review the product that was bought.

Another "gotcha" bio-cosmetics is a small shelf life. This point is important to consider when you buy large packages "at an attractive price." About storage conditions it is best to ask the consultant. Organic cosmetics should be stored in a special way, otherwise it will quickly deteriorate.

Natural ingredients are highly allergenic, so Allergy sufferers when you purchase bio-cosmetics need to be especially careful. One of the obvious advantages of organic products – no silicones.

At the moment in the world there are thousands of companies producing natural cosmetics. That is now on the market, we can recommend Thai gelscrubshower Twin Lotus.

Gel scrub shower Twin Lotus

The effect of adoption is comparable to the use of procedures in the SPA-salons. Black and red corn sugar cane instantly exfoliates the skin and coconut oil helps to relieve the dryness, making the skin soft and smooth. By the way, a good natural remedy for weight control – cocoaTRUSLEN COCOA MIX.

A means for weight control – cocoa TRUSLEN COCOA MIX

Note the appearance of the cosmetic. Organic natural cosmetics can be pink or pure white, natural color – yellowish, greenish, or even bluish. No fragrance and artificial color in natural cosmetics shouldn't be.

It is possible that, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons", you will not go on about the fashion trend and agree on a compromise: funds with a reasonable combination of chemistry and natural components. With the predominance of the latter, of course. To define it simply: the more of a substance in cosmetics, the higher its position in the list called "composition". And to not be confused by unfamiliar names, remember that natural components in the list is always marked with an asterisk.



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