What words absolutely can not say

Lyrics-destroyers. Being a native speaker of the language (no matter what), each of us has a very unique stock (set) of words. This set is a powerful tool of self-programming.
Literally: like talk and live. That claimed, we have.
Words are the clothes our thoughts and the energy of the words has a more dense structure, and this energy is much faster (compared to the energy of thought) forms matter.
Evidence already given so much, that and to add to them almost nothing.
But still here is another thing, and it's so serious that implicitly recognized the opening, able to heal the most dangerous diseases.
This discovery was made by the German psychotherapist Nossrat Peseschkian, he first discovered (and then learned how to defuse) word programming diseases of the body. Over time, Pezeshkian proved that these destructive words present in the vocabulary of all people.
You know? There is not one person who was saved from words, which are: • programming of disease, • materialize them in the body, • do not allow them to heal.
These words of Dr. Pezeshkian United in the name of organic matter.
Of course, in Russian this name sounds a bit Cocobolo, but the essence reflects quite organic matter is the words and phrases that directly affect the physiological organs. You know these words and expressions. This is really dangerous and destructive energy that could undermine even the most robust health, whether it is at least three times heroic.
Note how brilliantly disguised words destroyers. Just do not believe that such a seemingly harmless words can so much harm.
Look here:
• burst my patience, • I already a head broke, something gnaws at me,
• all over me eaten, • I am sitting in my kidneys (something, someone),
• I pulled the plug, • do not digest (something or someone),
• all the juice squeezed out of me, • a lot of blood spoiled me, • I would sneeze,
• tired ad nauseam, • just a stab in my heart, • I already have bangs (shakes),
• the whole neck has stayed, • fed up • with the soul gate, • pounded me to death
• having been in my shoes, • squeeze me • I wish I could find an outlet.
And so on. However, a great disguise? It seems to us that we use succinct metaphors, and actually give your body such a clear command that the body they do not even dare not to do, here and performs. ...Their findings on the impact of organic speech on human health Dr. Peseschkian has published not so long ago, but these insights have already one hundred rows to check. Especially carefully studied here is a question: organic matter creates disease or reports about it? It turned out that it creates. In other words, was the assumption that words are the destroyers appear in the speech of man after the occurrence of the disease – say, the unconscious, which governs all the physiological processes and signals failures. However, there is no confirmed evidence.And now we can confidently say that the picture is as follows: first, one includes the word-breakers in their active speech (provides a program of specific disease), and then illness occurs. Not some disease, but exactly that which was stated.
And more significantly: creating disease lyrics-busters even more entrenched in active speech, and not to the disease to inform (signal).
Challenge words-destroyers quite another to support the disease, giving her the opportunity to "live and thrive". It is clear that organic matter is an independent mental program, and she has a well-founded mission: to maintain what has been created.
Below is summary data of detailed studies of the speech of many thousands of patients. Of course, the set of words in the context of the disease is much richer than in the table, but if you ask to install in your own speech words that are destroying your health, then the illustrations will help you in this productive (and truly healing) work. And rest assured: as soon as you will find in their everyday speech-destroyers, your speech from them quickly cleared.
The mechanism here is simple and clear: found that means exposed. Exposed means disarmed. Needless to say that when you go lyrics-destroyers, then leave and sickness?
This scale proved method Dr. Pezeshkian.
These words and expressions create and maintain the disease:
He put the sick, fed up with the soul — anorexia nervosa
To shoulder the burden of care. To bear his cross. Problems that sit on the neck Osteochondrosis
Something on her mind, to poison the life itself does not belong to sick of it all to death — Cancer
Go eat, sarcastic, something (or someone) to stomach — Ulcer
Something sits in the kidney, urine in your head, no energy, tired and Urological diseases
To find an outlet to give vent to his anger, to block oxygen, sneeze on someone, Bronchial asthma and hyperventilation syndrome
Suck blood, to squeeze the juice, it entered my flesh and blood — diseases of the blood
To take to heart, heart broken, shot in the heart — myocardial Infarction
It is not scratched, would not want to be in his skin, thin-skinned, thin-skinned — skin Diseases and Allergy
To wrestle, to risk his head, another head Bang, continuous headache — Migraine, meteosensitivity
Limp on both legs, unstable, shaky, impenetrable Chronic cramps, gout,
To let off steam, have patience, to turn up the heat, whip — Hypertension
Caustic, I'm bitter gall, to life honey did not seem, no joy — Diseases of the liver and gallbladder, and obesity
Eyes have not seen, afraid to look, though why, not light sweet, pitch — diseases of the eye
Don't want to hear, don't tell, shut up, shut up, you noisy rumbles — hearing loss, deafness
Pounding, shaking, angry, disgusted, not take (the darkness), burst my patience — Depression
Note. There is no difference as to who (or what) apply these and similar words and expressions. The very fact of their presence in the active speech lays (and then support) the program of the disease.
We offer you to watch it. No, not because their is no special preparation may be impossible. Practice – watch what words are the destroyers present in the speech of your loved ones. Just avoid "preaching".
Please be sensitive: people, especially loved ones, hurt teachings and guidance. Just share information. For example, let's read this or other articles on this subject: give your loved ones the opportunity to draw their own conclusions. And to make independent decisions. And remember: individual speech is something that absolutely can not grossly interfere!

Now you know lyrics-destroyers in the face, and that means they are disarmed. Now, if these words will slip in your speech, you will instantly notice it, and replace the "pest" in a neutral (or even productive) synonym. It would really help their health. It's as simple as: masks are removed and it is cleared: unmasked words-the destroyers of her gradually fading.
The same should be done with another set of words. These words are called word-chains. Very accurate name because it reflects the essence: using word-chains, we limit ourselves and in freedom, and opportunities, and the right, which by default (i.e. without any conditions) is given to each of us from birth: to from life all the best. Fortunately, word chains, not so much, and don't require much effort to clear them from his speech. Just know that the community of Kundalini words consists of 4 main clans (or families — so they are called).
Look here:
clan Kundalini words "I fail". These words clearly indicate a lack of self-confidence, they always looms the belief that his ability is limited, that it is gray, inconspicuous "normal". The words of the clan
"I can't" literally forced to stand still and alive to rot (sorry for the bluntness) ...And everything would be fine, but for the alleged harmlessness of these words we do not even notice their treachery and realize that they make us commit a mortal sin: because doubting yourself, we show such arrogance that you think it came from the one Who created us. And pretend that we are alone, but God himself (and nothing to do with what we have, He has); and that the set of unique abilities, which we are all endowed with from birth, to what does not oblige us; and the message is addressed to everyone, who is the man: "You have the talent and are responsible for them" — this does not to us. Look, here are these words, which is very convenient to hide, to conceal and NOT to fulfill their unique mission in life:
• can't, • can't, • not sure (-a), • fail, • it's beyond my capabilities (forces), • can't promise • not depend on me, • I will not take on this responsibility.
And the most insidious word of the clan "I can't" is a disguised jewelry"will try". Remove the word false faith in the result, remove him half – dead enthusiasm- and will see his true face. And realize that actually translates this word. See? All right, here it is: "I don't believe in yourself".
Clan Kundalini words "I'm NOT WORTHY (on)". When the external similarity of the words of this clan have a fundamentally different task (compared to the words of the clan "I will"). Fans of words of the clan "I'm not worthy" as a rule, do not stand still, they truly aspire to self-development and are well aware that this, indeed, is the meaning of their lives. These people have a reputation for being the wonderful talented youth and masters of all trades, they're putting in everything and everyone, they take responsibility for everything, and they are confident that the workhorse and they are synonyms (and that criticism and prodding, which do not skimp riding in their neck – this is the norm). And, you know, don't need to be a trained psychologist to see how much the fans words of the clan "I'm not worthy" afraid to get themselves adequate remuneration. And in order not to allow to itself a good, and bursting in the door, they build up these barriers, climb over them... (usually these fences are formed of the moral standards that were born in days of yore. But to convince confident in his "unworthiness" that these rules – moldy Puritanism... in total, one hundred and sweats you have shed).
Look at the words of the clan "I'm not worthy (on)" and you'll understand: • not Yet, • would Like, but... • you never know what I want! • Wanting is not harmful, • Who am I/-th order...
And also pay attention to these "masterpieces" — they are so easy to get into it, they even have camouflage don't need:
• I can't afford it*,
• wow! (and so many synonyms of this shouting polysensory and outright vulgar Argo – just a rich oral tradition), it is clear that Kundalini this phrase is only in the context of self-restraint. But when we, for example, say: "can't afford to neglect your health" is, as the kids say, "not Shatova".
Clan Kundalini words "I don'T WANT, BUT MAKE". Oh, well, it's our favorite words! And judging by the frequency of their use, we don't just love, and happily adore:
• need, • need (not in the context of needs, meaning "must"), • ought (should), • required, • problem (a very tricky word, and it is well disguised, because it does not denote existing problems (as it may seem), it creates them).
How many times a day we say (and hear from their environment) these words? Yes no count! But we don't just talk – we clearly (without any doubt) declare to ourselves and to each other: "my life is hopeless bondage".
And that is remarkable: we have to stick with these irons that do not even try them, at least temporarily, to remove, used them even when talking about their own personal needs that have nothing to do with obligations to other people (or to control). Listening will easily notice that the words "I need to do" and "should I do" we use in business and not in business, and thereby build a huge cordons, through which not just the way of joy. So go with the concerned parties and completely forget that we came here solely for the purpose of life to enjoy.
Well, the final group of the family of word chains is a clan Kundalini words "IMPOSSIBLE." Their use simply takes the oxygen from everything that we call a dream. ...Fortunately, swiftly go the days when the word "dream" (and its derivatives) was accompanied by a condescending grimace (say, detachment from reality). Now nobody needs to be convinced that the dreamers we owe it all such a pleasure to use: electricity, telephone, TV, Internet, planes, cars... the list will continue. In General, that is, blessed be Heaven that they send us dreamers to communicate to us and not let us forget that anything is possible. All (absolutely!), what we recognize as the inner query (like, want) is a direct reference to the possibility. And then, of course, that all possibilities have the powerful potential of the incarnation, otherwise, the query simply does not arise.
Here are the words:
• Impossible • Unlikely • Never, • could Not be • If suddenly (waiver possible) • If (and it is also a rejection of the possibility, they say, want I want, but unlikely), • it May happen... (planning obstacles. This phrase is the most reliable way to not only get something to aspire to, and guaranteed to provide themselves with what in any does not want), • And suddenly (the same song), • God forbid (from the same Opera).
And the killer: • no choice.
Know kandalny words (and words from the category of "organic matter") significantly reduce the speed setting of productive dominant. And this, of course, reduces the speed of your movement to the target. How, you ask, to deliver his speech from Kundalini words?
Well always helps to receive "the pillory". Admission is simple: write kandalny words from this article and post this list in a prominent place (e.g. on the fridge – as the most visited place in the house) and let it (the list) will be there 7-10 days. Longer leave is not necessary, first, great honor, and secondly, during this period, already formed, what is the aim of receiving a black list. Blacklist is a skilled nurse, and he always copes with its task: removes from the speech of all the items of a destructive programs. Check.

Words with wings.
We are standing on the threshold of great changes! Change is coming, and just in the greatest degree unreasonable to fear them (especially since they don't one day happen – as, in fact, necessary to change.) We offer you to proceed. Very nice case, to be sure. And it directly relates to how to organize your own life in a New Era (it, by the way, is already being called the Era of Absolute Good).
We will talk about the words that are being admitted into active vocabulary, allow the person to obtain evidence that to control their own destiny is not a figure of speech, but quite ordinary practice. And this skill is strictly not allow for life to develop this skill makes you FLY.
Words With Wings. Very few of them, but many do not. Because every word not even a pound of gold weighs, and much more. And the power of words-the wings are such that to describe it ... you can. But I won't (will describe when you are experiencing). Just denote what see in professional practice: they change people their own story, rise from the hospital bed, I pull myself out of financial holes, reveal their talents and actually begin to live as each person is supposed to: joyfully and excitedly.
Here it is, our true resource:
• I can
• I would do.
And the most powerful:• I intend (s).
Not to be unfounded, I propose this: right now say, please, out loud: "I want," and then aloud: "I intend (s)", and you clearly feel you have made the energy transition: more subtle energy transferred in a much more dense. And this transition is recognized not speculative, and on a biological level, and this secret is: the verb "intend" in the body triggers certain chemical reactions (not a hypothesis – checked the measurements). And these reactions make and think productively, and to act confidently (and not at random).
And it's all about the wings. I have already reported, and again I repeat to adjust their speech or leave it as is – it's always a personal decision. Do not mistake this for my unwillingness to take responsibility. I urge you in whatever was to revise the content of his speech for one reason: such calls profanation. And they have nothing to do with my profession. My professional goal is to provide substantive information and use it to your ability to think sensibly. This is the only approach in my work as a professional, he provides a positive change. And "do so (and no more)" is... is also appropriate, but only in kindergarten. So, as much as I wanted to convince you to revise your speech and fill it with the vocabulary of a winner, I'm not going to waste neither your words, nor your time. Just to report: I believe in Your Lucky Star. source: homemadeandi.blogspot.com

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