As you say, so that you and lives

There is a close link between the mind and speech, mind and body, mind and soul. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy we create a harmonious personality. Modern research has shown that errors in the speech is not random. The most successful are the people that are nice to say and are able to control their speech.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
And the Word was made flesh ... ยป
~ John 1: 1; 1:14

In Buddhist psychology, it says that the main source of energy loss is about. The Christian religion teaches: "No matter what part of the person's mouth, the main thing - what comes out." Some people use this expression to justify his style food, which in many respects resembles the style of eating pigs - "eat what you want and what is seen." Ignoring the second portion of the utterance. - Writes

Many ascetics and saints went to a secluded place, so nothing they are not encouraged to engage in empty talk. The Vedas empty talk called "prajalpa." And that it is one of the main obstacles to the spiritual and material progress. The first estimate of the person we give the way he speaks. It defines a person.

Virtually anyone who is interested in yoga, psychology and Eastern philosophy, knows the name of the sage Patanjali and his monumental work on yoga - "Yoga Sutras". But few know that, first of all, he wrote no less than outstanding work devoted to speech and medicine: "Patanjali-Bhashya" and "Charaka," respectively. "Patanjali-Bhashya" as commentaries on Panini's grammar, teaches how to speak and how to build your speech.

There is a close link between the mind and speech, mind and body, mind and soul. Healthy body, healthy mind and healthy we create a harmonious personality. Modern research has shown that errors in the speech is not random. They have a deep connection with the mental development. Stuttering and hesitation in speech appear when there is a serious emotional disorder. Almost all diseases are psychosomatic in nature.

Everyone strives for perfection, to become, first, - the doctor treating your body; Second, - the expert on grammar, followed his speech; Third - a philosopher, clearing your mind and understand the Absolute Truth. In the life of such a person can not be a place for physical ailments, indifference to self and disorderly speech. That such a man sage Patanjali called Yogi. And whatever kind of yoga, whatever type of spiritual practice of people not engaged, all of the above applies to it fully.

From the speech of the health and material well-being
And this applies not only to the spiritual people, but also to those who want to succeed financially. Ability to speak and listen seriously studied in all business schools. Even in the criminal world, to climb in the gang hierarchy, must be able to control the tongue. There's a saying of the Buddha quoted realized that the word can kill a person. Three minutes of anger can destroy a ten-year friendship. Words greatly determine our karma. Can decade engaged in spiritual development, charitable activities, but insulting a great personality, you can lose everything at all levels and to degrade in the lower forms of life. Where did this come from? From insults.

Vedic astrology says that the shadow planet Ketu is responsible for the abuse. Ketu - this is such a planet, which provides fast response, often instantaneously. Ketu also grants an exemption. But the negative aspect of it punishes insults and derogatory speech quickly depriving a person of all, what he has achieved in the spiritual and material terms. In the Vedic civilization each person taught very carefully monitor their speech. While the man did not speak, his hard uznat.Duraka can be distinguished from the sage when he speaks. It has a very strong energy. Experts who have thin vision, they say that people who communicate obscenities, rude and insulting say in a certain place of the subtle body then gets a black spot, which a year or two can develop into cancer.

It - it is a manifestation of vitality
It is the basis and measure of perfection

The most important thing for us is that language - it's prayers, mantras and discussion by approaching the Divine. You can also, as appropriate, to discuss practical matters, to communicate with loved ones. But, most importantly, do not overdo it. Ayurveda says that it - it is a manifestation of Prana. Prana - the life force, universal energy. The more prana, the more healthy, successful, charismatic and harmonious people. So, first of all, prana is expended when a person says. Especially when someone criticizes, condemns the claims being mothers. According to statistics, 90% of all fights is due to the fact that we are talking about someone bad.

The most successful are the people that are nice to say and are able to control their speech. In the Bhagavad-gita says that austerity speech is the ability to tell the truth pleasant words. People who are rude talk, take all hierarchies last place. This also applies to countries as a whole. Please note that countries with high culture of speech are more successful - Japan, Germany, and indeed all the member states of the Group of Eight. Although there is now a cultural degeneration occurs, includes degradation of speech. And it affects the economy, and on the spiritual life in general. In the East, people who just do not can control his speech, is considered a very primitive, although it can be a professor in the West.

Karma is driven by our speech
It is important to remember that if we criticize someone, you take care of negative karma and bad qualities of character of the man. So the law of karma. And as we take the quality of the individual, which praise. Therefore, the Vedas call always talk about God and the saints, and to praise them. This is the easiest way to find the divine qualities. That is, if you want to acquire some quality, you only need to read about some saint who possesses them or with someone to discuss its quality. It has long been observed that we acquire the quality of the man, which we think, and therefore speak. Therefore, even the Western psychologists are advised to think and talk about successful and harmonious people. But the more we have to selfishness and jealousy, the harder we talk about someone good. We must learn not to criticize anyone. I had one patient who horoscope to a particular year should be a serious illness, but it was all fine. I asked him what he started doing this year. He told me that vowed that no one would criticize. And he said that really noticed that his life has improved, his spiritual practice reached a new level.

Those who criticize us, to give us a positive karma and takes away our bad. Therefore, in the Vedas always thought that it was good when we are criticized. How does it our karma? In the "Mahabharata," says that if you have something planned, something you want to do, no one does not talk about. As soon as you say this is 80% less likely that it will happen, especially if you have shared with envious, greedy man. Why do people who speak little and thoughtfully, reaching more? They do not lose energy. Another simple rule associated with the speech - if we did someone something good and it boasted before the other, then at that moment we lose the positive karma and all the fruit of piety, which earned this act. Bouncer little to reach. Therefore, we should never show off their achievements, since at this point we lose all the fruits that have earned.

"... Let not thy left hand know what the right is doing" (Matthew 6: 3).

Thoughts define it
True story: The student comes to the master and asks:

- Advise you to live with an open mind (open mind). But then the whole mind can fly so?
- You're just a hard mouth shut. And everything will be fine.

Thoughts define it, so it is important not to think badly of anyone.

The more we chaotic thoughts in your head, the more they appear on the tongue and the more it will be messy. Anyone who thinks clearly, he clearly says.

There is another level - learn to accept criticism. One of the qualities of the mind - that he is able to justify himself in any position. The lower level of the person, the more excuses you hear from him. Even committed the heinous crime, that person does not blushing justified. I conducted workshops in prisons, including dangerous criminals, I was very surprised that almost no one did not consider himself guilty.
One of the main indicators of a man who is at a high level of development is determined by the fact that he quietly listens to criticism.

Terms of intelligent speech
The cave has three yoga meditate. Suddenly they hear a sound, emitted by animals. One yogi said
- It was a goat.
It takes a year. Another Yogi responds:
- No, it was a cow.
It takes a year. Third Yogi says:
- If you do not stop arguing, I'll leave you.

The first rule of intelligent speech - before you say something sharp, count to 10. This may seem silly. The first time we can hardly count to 3. But on the other hand, if you respond after a short pause, then your answer will be much more reasonable, because the first thing that comes to mind when we criticize, scold - this desire to justify and answer sharply in response. Therefore, learn to 5-10 seconds to think before responding. Among other things - it will bring down the intensity of the unwanted emotion. A person who is engaged in self-realization, very little and says thoughtfully. I read in the life of some of the great people that they have never responded directly to the allegations and generally tried not to say anything in anger. They put off the conversation the next day, or even to the point of passion is not rest. For they znali- is anger and irritation affect their speech, the consequences will be sad, and sometimes just devastating ...

The second rule is a reasonable question - no need to go to extremes. God manifested in the details, and Satan - to extremes. I do not give a vow - "I will be there like a fish." Especially if you are on your nature bright extrovert, you can only hurt it. If your psychophysical nature is that you need to talk a lot, so to speak so that you and the surrounding got the benefit of it. So be open and friendly, and most importantly - live consciously.
It is important to remember that our level is determined by the small, insignificant actions - how we react to rudeness in the store, what emotions we begin to overflow, when we are "unfairly" criticized, and so on. D.

Three levels of speech
1. A person on a high spiritual level, in goodness, which, something about someone saying bad, or it is something defiles saw or heard, it may even become physically ill. He may feel that he is physically mud poured. Such a person always tells the truth pleasant words.
Consciously says every word, and every word brings harmony to the world.

In a speech to many harmless humor, often at themselves.

Such people are almost always healthy and happy. Only may initially difficult to restrain from utterances or because of silly to be drawn into a stupid conversation.

2. People in the passion is very sensitive to criticism in their address, they are ready can talk for hours about topics related to relationships, money, economic prosperity, policy discussion purchases, good to talk about themselves, sarcastically discussing someone else, and so on. d. They say they are usually fast.

Humor usually vulgar, connected with relationships.

Typically, beginning a conversation, they feel great satisfaction and growth, but after such devastation of conversations and disgust. And the higher the level of consciousness, the stronger the feeling. This style of speech leads to degradation at all levels.

3. Those who are in ignorance, characterized by the fact that their speech is full of insults, complaints, denunciations, threats, obscenities and so on. D. All words imbued with anger and hatred. When a man opens his mouth, a feeling that the room is filled with an unpleasant odor. Therefore, if such a person to say something good about someone, it can get sick. These people usually do not consciously or deliberately provoke others, trying to bring them energy of anger, irritation, resentment, envy, t. To. On this wave, they are set lower and feed these destructive emotions.

Humor them "black", full of joy and mockery misfortunes of others.

They illusion from beginning to end. The universe treats such heavy blows of fate and disease. They quickly develop a mental illness. They can not even be close, much less talk.

You rarely meet a person who is always just one level. Most often there are mixed types or the type of person can change pretty quickly.

It depends very much on:
society, which we choose - at work, at rest. For example to chat with a passionate man, a few minutes we can find that is actively involved in policy discussions. While another 10 minutes ago, we did not have before them the case.
space. For example, in casinos, nightclubs, pubs around the stalls, den of drug addicts. discussion of the spiritual is difficult to imagine. If the place is steeped in passion and ignorance, then there it will be sounding appropriate.
time. For example with 21-00 to 02-00 hours- this time of ignorance, so at this time it would be desirable to go to the ignorant place to look clueless movie talk to ignorant at best, passionate theme. Sleep on it - it is folk wisdom. It has long been observed that some of what you said in the evening, especially if you are taking any decisions, then you regret in the morning or at least to see in a different light. Therefore, follow a simple rule - never take decisions in the evening and do as little as possible to say at this time - will make our life much happier and get rid of many problems and misfortunes. It is no coincidence that everything in nature is asleep at this time. Have you ever heard the singing of birds at this time?
At the end of the week, you can perform the test - which dominated it, throughout the week. If goodness, it is easy to notice how the harmony and happiness is part of our lives. If passion and ignorance, especially, the natural result will be sickness, depression and misfortune

Thanks - this is the first step towards harmony and love.
What shall I say about life?
What was long.
Only with grief I feel solidarity.
But as long as my mouth did not score the clay,
From it will be distributed only to thank.
~ Brodsky

An important rule - to get rid of the claims. The first step to love - is gratitude. In this world, few people who to thank. Basically, all expressed claim - either implicitly or explicitly. But it is important to remember if we have someone not because then begin to criticize, to complain, not necessarily even realizing it. Serving - it's not just some kind of physical assistance in the first place, it means - to help people develop the consciousness of God, give your love to bring the man to the Divine. All that we do not love, carries only misery and destruction, how noble in appearance it did not look.

Teachers teach that every second we ever come to God or away from him. Each situation - it's a lesson. And we need to thank God for each send us the situation. Almighty - All-Good and every second he wants us only good. Every second is aimed at our learning. As soon as we come claim our heart center is blocked. The most common complaint - the fate, on others, dissatisfaction with himself and the world. Claims are shown not only in words, but in the first place, in thought, tone, style of communication and attitude to life.
Each situation is given to us in order for us to work on themselves. The less we are harmonious, the more tense, the more we get the hard lessons. But as soon as we have a decision situation - is relaxation, and therefore this situation is quickly resolved.

Ayurveda says that you can not get rid of the disease, if you do not accept it. This is the first step to healing and solving any problems - full acceptance inside, like the grace of God, this illness and misfortune, and on the external plan to be exerted every effort to solve it. If we do not accept the situation, more than 90% of our energy will go to its "chewing." Our body can cope with any disease. We can cope with any situation and get out of it a winner. If we are given some kind of test, so we can make it. God tests can not afford not to give.


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