As a young teacher fulfills distribution

In a fifth-year student geological faculty of BSU Denis Rumachika plans for the future it was not. Fate has found his own and brought it to the edge of the country. Nearly four months young teacher after university fulfills distribution in a village school, 8 km from the Ukrainian border. She teaches geography, biology, astronomy and medical training for girls.

We went to the village povit Kobrin district and look at what the most afraid of Belarusian students.

"I came out of the bus - and I see a huge cemetery. That's my first impression! »
We sit in the kitchen-bedroom apartment in the village Orekhovskiy Kobrin district. Here Denis rented a room at the Mary Stepanovna for $ 23 a month. Housing in the village, which fulfills the distribution is not found. Every day before school gets on the bus. The ride - 10 minutes.

Yellow light bulb falls to the boiling kettle. Man-farming makes me coffee and put the teacher's voice tells us how was Denis Grigorievich.

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 - I come from Kobrin. In Minsk, the distribution did not want to stay. And that would have lived as a student - rented an apartment for a few people and close two to a room. It is necessary to live a normal life and not to the entire salary goes to rent an apartment - he says.

Today Denis earns about $ 290. Of these, $ 25 - an extra charge for the status of "young professionals." According to him, the salary - a pittance. Pull the two-year allocation is possible, then you need something to look for.

Denis came to school not quite by accident. The distribution of the university brought a letter from the Department of Education, Kobrin district executive committee. I thought that would work in the city or at least not far from Kobrin. Life decided otherwise. In August, he was told that he would go to the village to teach povit - 50 km from the city. It is encouraging is that the village is big - about 1 500 inhabitants.

"I remember, I came to get acquainted with the school principal. I came out of the bus, I saw a huge cemetery. That's my first impression! Even in a picture memory as a director he led to show the house where you can live the first time. The host opens the door, and there are cobwebs, the toilet on the street all the collapsed, it is not clear what in the well water. I thought to live here just will not! "- Does not hide emotions Denis.

At school, teachers did not have enough, so Dennis offered to lead once geography, biology, medical training for girls, astronomy and become a classroom teacher from the 10th grade.

"The school is not to blame for what happened. They write to the Department of Education that there are no teachers. But if they did not send the young professionals? Okay, lead lessons: abstract written plan and count - everything. But most of all I do not like classroom management. It is necessary to check the blogs, magazines, filling the dining room table visit, students go home ... Once held a parent meeting, and I ask the parents how to deal with smoking, start or not to allow children to disco ... I'm what? I have that - children are who I've brought up? "- He says.


... Denis occupies the smallest room in the apartment Ste Marie. Sofa, dressing table, television - the situation without pathos. Now a young teacher checks the contour maps. He says that students often write off each other, for the most part do not want to learn ...

Looking sleepy. So, check the notebooks and prepare lesson plans would have tomorrow morning.

"Yelling at children can not. Therefore, they crouch and press »
At 6 am I meet Dennis in the kitchen. It seems that in the evening, nothing has changed - the same kettle, the same coffee, the same notebook. Breakfast young teacher is not particularly diverse - glazed cheese. He says that he does not lack. I try to believe.

"Children are now very illiterate write. I do not know why. And sometimes something nedoslyshat ... Once asked to make a report about the biology of the beetle-harvestmen. The girl goes to the board and says: "Early morning. Go women with a rake ... "What is it? I look abstract, and she says that the report on "Hayfield" - smiles Denis.

At 7.20 we're standing at the bus stop waiting for bus. $ 0.28, 10 minutes - and you're in povit. Frost is such that you do not feel any smell and soon the snow creaks to school.




The first lesson - Biology in the 6th grade.

"At first, after the lessons in this class come out sweating, the vocal cords are severed ... Children cry, papers flying this knob to pick up, the - the diary, and I head hurts ... I have them loving call anarchists, and they always ask who they are ? & quot ;, - said Denis.

In the corridor we met three boys. "Denis G., Kolya and Dima (names changed) to your lesson especially late. Only you do not say we told you! "- Asked the children.




Today is the last activity in the quarter. You can correct assessment by answering the question, "Tse zhyvuts pratysty?". While some people respond, others play "on schelbany" or hide the pencil from classmates. A spacious, many children. At school, all 200 pupils, and all of these children from the same village.

"There just have babies. In the village there are Baptists, so they can be on the seven children in the family, and there are couples where, as in the city, one child ", - says Denis.

Here come the boys who are late to class. Dennis admits them to the office, but asks to be wrung from the floor. They laugh, to resist, but a couple of times squeezed.

"Yelling at children can not. That is why I introduced a rule: one foul language, insults classmates late - doing exercise. Girls - squat ten times, the boys - ten times squeeze. During the lesson, you still need to spend fizkultminutku, so for them it's warm, "- he says.


Denis comes to the boys at the last desk and asked to send their mobile phones. "Mobiles" to use in the school prohibited. Therefore, they are taken, refer to the teachers, and then give lessons. The boys, of course, do not like, but Denis G. as a stone. The share of second - and phone in his hands.


Estimates for the quarter exhibited. The teacher takes out his laptop. The boys immediately pushed the front row closer to the blackboard, and seated themselves around it. Now they watch videos from Youtube on how to purify water.

"I told them there is always something to show. I would like the children to know more than is written in the textbooks, "- says Denis.




"But then you find out that the guy likes another guy. What will change? »
The smell of the cafeteria makes me young and vibrant. Today - mashed potatoes, sausage, pickled cucumber and half a jelly. Near the basin - liquid soap on the table - cloth. Free meals at school. Carrots, potatoes, beets - harvested yourself. The children of the senior classes in the summer are particularly close to the agricultural theme - go to school weeding acres.

After bangers and mash next lesson Denis - geography in the 9th grade.


Schooling in the Belarusian language. The young teacher in the classroom speak only Belarusian children - are responsible primarily in Russian.

 - Yak Budza "tea" in Belarusian? - He asks.

 - Tea, TEA! - Screaming children.

 - Garbata! - Dennis G. does not stand.

 - Who garbaty? - Asks one of the students.


"Do not like" Language Society. " But at recess communicate locally - Polissya dialect. So my soul rejoices when you hear: "vEterla board?", "Sho hsien at the dining room smAchnogo e?" "PIdesh at the store?" - Says Denis.

After the lesson, we go to the teacher. There Denis divides the desktop with a young teacher of German language. On the table is an anonymous letter from a child with a personal question: if he was going to get married?




Dennis is going to marry. Today his heart is free. And the time to look for life partner there - after the work of the teacher is sleeping, check notebooks, preparing for lessons. Life - like Groundhog Day.

To somehow diversify the learning process and understand what children think of this or that occasion, Denis spends questioning.

"Once I distributed the questionnaire where there were questions about how they react to people with a different sexual orientation or religious beliefs. It was found that some of the pupils is not completely tolerant. And I tried to explain the example of the need to be tolerant of people. I tell them, I imagine a guy came. You treated him well, but then you find out that he likes another guy. What will change? It's one and the same person. And just a minute ago you thought it good & quot ;, - says Denis.


I have to go on the bus, Denis decided to carry out. Come and discuss its future plans for today - a rehearsal of the Christmas scenes from the 10th class, where he is a great leader. "They are my children, you know. Before that, they had homeroom teacher. She left Mom, Dad came ... "- he says. And somehow he recalls periodically goes home, where they live, "his children": "Some very good live. Others - parents drink, and, of course, there are appropriate conditions. How can I raise a person if he sees a house? I do not live with him ».

This experience as a teacher Denis considers interesting, but left after the distribution of the school does not plan to. Although the school and the staff he likes. But the prospects for himself does not see.

 - And what will you do? - I ask.

 - I never think, maybe even leave the country! I do not know ... Give myself fate.





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