7 things about teachers, about which every parent should know. About this, we did not even know!

In anticipation of such a warm and sincere holiday as the last call, I want to recall the great responsibility which lay on their shoulders teachers and professors. Do you think that the pedagogical work limited to verifying educational material and exhibiting twos? You're wrong! Our editorial staff offers your attention the 7 things that, according to the teachers, every parent should know. I'm sure you did not even guessed!

1. Teachers really relate to students as their own children. B>

Often you can hear the teacher affectionately known as "second mother." Why do you think? Because of time and effort it gives students no less than any parent! In addition to his main work, the teacher instills in a child good manners, teach concepts such as punctuality, responsibility, honesty. If for some reason parents can not help you in a difficult situation, know this: you can always count on the teacher!

«I want parents to know and understand how much I love their children. I am proud of the achievements of their students and be disappointed if they fail. Sometimes I think that I put them in a lot more effort than their own children », i> - recognized teacher with considerable experience.

2. Teachers share the anxiety and psychological trauma to which students have to face. B>

Very often, the teacher is not only as a teacher but also as a psychologist: support, gives advice and helps to resolve disputes. Even greater responsibility lies with the teacher if there is a rogue class collective. The student, who became the butt of jokes, live hard times, and only thanks to the wisdom and tact of the teacher situation could change radically.

Revelation teacher: «I cried many nights, worrying about his 8-year-old student. The girl had a chance to go through hell: she was raped, infected with sexually transmitted infections through, and then sent to the girl's parents and his younger brother to a boarding school. Now they live with her aunt, but I try to do everything possible to ease her pain ». I>

3. Teacher Workday longer than you think. B>

That's really who really can not be called lazy, so this teacher. Check notebooks, preparing for the Olympics, help in cleaning or decorating the office - and this is not an exhaustive list of duties of teachers, of which no one speaks out loud. While you're home watching another film or transfer - a teacher surrounded in notebooks and corrects your mistakes. And when you're on the weekends with friends to play football - teacher paints a window in the classrooms. Rightly?

«When the students after school to their homes, I have a few hours to check the notebook, report, plan or execute a wall newspaper. Just sometimes I can catch the school in the evenings, on weekends and even during summer vacation », i> - tells another seasoned teacher.

4. Teachers wish success to all students. B>

Yes Yes! Everyone, not just the best students or children with exemplary behavior. It turns out, the teacher, as no one else knows what troechnikov also grow tax inspectors, police officers and even firefighters. "What Marya again cross the double solid? No, no, a penalty! You'd better tell the multiplication table. " Joking aside, but the teachers really want to succeed all his students.

Teachers share their experiences: «When I say that the child is unusual - I really believe in it. And if I call the parents in the school and talking about student behavior or estimates, it is because I believe he can really mend ». I>

5. Money - it truly is not the most important thing in life. B>

When you see what salary to live a teacher, you know: without love the work here is not done. No wonder the profession of the teacher called one of the most difficult and demanding in the world. To teach, suggest, encourage, punish, correct ... vsë this and more on a daily basis do teachers, educators and teachers. And if the commercials 100 years ago to be a teacher was considered very prestigious, but now the word "teacher" is nothing but pity, it does not matter. Let us hope that the state will return to its former glory and the teachers prestigious status in society.

A teacher at a Moscow school says: «When I worked in medicine, and could not imagine a different life. However, as soon as I cross the threshold of one class, I realized: this is the place where I should be ». I>

6. Master - friends of parents. B>

Of course, every weekend leave all together on nature it is not necessary, however, to explain to your children the basic principles of the teachers have all parents. Every day, families are faced with the fact that children do not understand why they go to school and the more homework. While a teacher at the school said: "Learn!" Parents begin to feel sorry for the house and allow their child to go to bed with unfulfilled homework. "Karate, swimming, music school, circle cutting and sewing - where he has learned! I would like to finish school. " Here begins brewing problem. Therefore, parents' meetings - is not just tedious duty, and the installation of contact between parents and teachers for the benefit of children.

Experienced teacher known Kiev Gymnasium says: «Remember! Teachers set homework, not because they are bad or want to torment the child, and to consolidate the new knowledge and skills ». I>

7. In spite of everything and in spite of everything, the teachers are doing their job, because they really love it. B>

In fact, the teacher - is not a profession or occupation. Being a teacher - a vocation, lifestyle and just fate! I bow to you, teachers!

«teacher - one of the most difficult professions, which brings as moral experiences and great (not monetary) reward. I am proud that I - the teacher! », I> - with a smile says a young but experienced teacher.

We wish all teachers of patience and health, and take this opportunity to sincerely thank them for their care, patience and daily work! Like this? Tell your friends about it! Do not forget your teachers.

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