"I have 200 days do not buy new things. And that's what I understood ... "Experiment 1 - 7 of priceless lessons!

Frankly, I - an avid shopaholic and spender. It turns out that these vices are not unique to the girls. Get paid in the first days squander it left and right? Yes, a piece of cake! I also fear as I like to travel. And the phrase "Who cares how old your kedam if you walk them around Paris" is not about me. I do not know about you, but I want everything here and now.

Many believe that in this case there are only two solutions to the problem: indulge in something and brutally save or find some other additional source of income. But there is still a third embodiment, which typically do not sound, because it is very disadvantageous to the industry trade. Everything is simple: you have to change your consumer consciousness and easier to relate to all the worldly trebedeni.

No, you do not think, we do not encourage you to hit in Zen Buddhism or some other religion. You have to reach this judgment itself.

This man decided to conduct an interesting experiment. It is for 200 days did not buy anything new. They say it's impossible? Here's what he has learned from his experience ...

A few months ago I went through a very difficult period in my life: my father died of cancer.

But in our society it is not taken too long to mourn the loss of a loved one: you have to start life from scratch and work. And still need to collect a pile of papers, and to inform about what happened a thousand different instances. When I'm done with all this, I decided to clean out the apartment of his father already unnecessary things anyone. Frankly, this is a very thankless task.

Deconstructing the mountain of things I felt in literally suffocating. Almost every trinket has been associated with some memories.

I had a lot of work. It took weeks to get rid of all that junk that has accumulated in the den of my father alone. Something I gave people something failed to sell, and something had to simply throw away. Boxes and boxes of crockery, clothing, furniture, office office, and a ton of everything ...

In fact, I threw away all his father's savings over the decade.

Just think, to buy all of these little things, my father had once spent a lot of time, money and effort. And now I still have great difficulty had to give them for recycling. We are destroying the planet, leaving nothing for future generations - and everything in order to buy items, most of which we will use rarely, sometimes, if ever at all. On some of them we forget almost the same day, when they were bought.

This story sobered me.

I decided to conduct an experiment. I wanted to try not to buy any new things for 200 consecutive days. Of course, this rule did not affect food, medicine and basic toiletries.

Like many of those who have a stable income, I've never been too disciplined consumer. Like everyone else, I bought things that I can not afford. And often I thought, "Why not?". So I was very interested, if I can live without shopping malls all the time.

I managed. I did not buy anything in the stores. All that I needed, I was either borrowed or bought through the site advertisements b / y.

In truth, it was an amazing experience! 7 And the lessons I learned from this experiment.

1. The world has too many things. B>
While I was selling his father's estate, I had to visit a lot of charity shops and sites advertisement. Frankly, I'm shocked by the amount of things that we produce and consume. Mountain clothes, tons of furniture, dishes, pots, sticks. As it is not unfortunate, but a huge part of his life just ends up in a landfill. It is unlikely that we need more things.

2. Our dependence on purchases. It should be treated. B>
When I tried to fill my whole need for purchases using used things when walked on a thrift store, just ofigel how many unnecessary things around us. In these shops are full of the things in the package, which no one had ever opened. In general, in itself an act of purchase - rather the result of manipulation by us, and not a conscious choice.

3. People are taught to think that beushnyh - it is not hygienic. B>
When I described his experience in a blog, many people have written to me in the comments, that disdain to purchase used. Like, buying clothes, furniture and other goods - it is low, and these things - "contaminated by alien microbes." It's strange ... People who give their stuff on humanitarian aid, as a rule, do it with a smile on your face! Why then should we assume that it is only for the poor?

4. Large hypermarkets does not need us, and corporations. B>
During these 200 days, I realized that I did not need in hypermarkets. All you can buy the right products around the house, within one to two quarters. Shopping in these stores even more enjoyable: they always cleaner, here take care of the products and customers. Admit it, when you go to the supermarket, you always buy a bunch of useless things that did not exist in your shopping list. There's everything to do it. You want to go to a big store to stock up and save, and the result will still spend far more than would have spent buying products outside his home.

5. Nothing new and nothing is expensive. B>
My bank account is certainly breathed during those six months. I do not use credit cards for me there is no financial pressure. I live easily and finally realize: much better to live without the constant shopping than with him and bargain with the age-old fear of being left without money. Things just are not worth it.

6. It's amazing: to pay to a person, not a corporation. B>
When you buy something through an ad, we find that most of the sellers - are honest and decent people who want to sell you a useful thing. They are ready to give you something completely new on the purchase price, even with a small discount. They bought too much, they do not need it, and they are glad of any opportunity to return the money. Your transaction will make happy them far more than, for example, a cashier in a hypermarket of household appliances. And even more than the sales manager, who wanted vtyuhat your TV that you could not afford. And it's just nice: to know that your money goes into the pocket of a particular person, rather than in the mouth of a faceless corporation.

7. I really do not need all these things good. B>
Yes, there are things that you can not buy beushnye. This usually includes means for hygiene. Nevertheless I live, I go to work, I drink with my friends, I go by taxi. And salary exceeds my expenses, but not equal to it. In virtually excluded from the stresses of their lives, they returned to me serenity and inner harmony. Now I understand that the value of an absolute majority of things is overrated. I believe that minimalism - this is the best way of life. For this purpose, it is to realize I had to lose a father. But I hope that you, in order to comprehend this truth do not have to go through hell.

It seems that many of us decided to get rid of extra stress, you need to change something in their lives. And let finances no longer sing you songs. It hurts tired of their inept singing, is not it? No, you should not infringe on a loved one. You should just give up the things that you, in fact, is not necessary. Spend less - sleep tight. Share this incredibly useful articles with their friends.



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