"The venue can not be changed": offscreen photos and stories of which you have not heard!

37 years ago, on a beautiful day in May in the city of Odessa began shooting one of the most beloved films of inhabitants of the Soviet Union. We are talking about the director of a five television movie based on the novel by Stanislav Govorukhin Vainer brothers "Era of Mercy". If someone else did not think, today we will talk about how the painting came to light, "The venue can not be changed».

Vainer brothers told what Vysotsky gave the idea to write a script for their product. For Vladimir Semenovich even change the appearance Gleb Zheglova that the book was broad-shouldered and handsome high.

Govorukhin said that he was ready to approve Vysotsky without trial, but to avoid the nagging bosses invited several actors who looked at the background of Vysotsky clearly worse. As time has shown, the director has not lost.

But Sharapova had more problems ... First, many who want to play. Among the candidates was even Stanislav Sadalsky, which later brilliantly played the role of Brick. Vysotsky offered his stage partner Ivan Bortnik (played Blotter) Viners like to invite Evgenia Gerasimova, Govorukhin campaigned for Sergei Ivanov (Grasshopper of "go to fight some old people"), but still the role went to Vladimir Konkin. By the way, Vainer brothers were very displeased.

Most applicants were to be the Wari Sinichkina. Sharapova played a loyal friend Natalia Danilova. But among the contenders was Olga Naumenko (known for her role of Zhenya Lukashin bride of "Twist of Fate"). And Vysotsky even offered his wife, Marina Vlady. But the artistic council decided that Sergeant Sinichkina should be a real battle with the bandits girlfriend fighter. And if they are approved Vysotsky, the candidacy of French Vladi was categorically rejected.

On the role of Fox Govorukhin approved Boris Himicheva. But after filming began realized that he was too modern, but Bielawski was a hair's breadth of those times. By the way, Alexander B. whereas just got a small piece of land and engaged in its construction. But when he learned that the film will be shot Vysotsky, Konkin, Dzhigarkhanyan and Jura, throwing all rushed to the shooting.

Viktor Pavlov, who played Levchenko, wartime comrades Sharapova, now a lost man, a member of the gang, too, was in a movie with the help of Vysotsky. Pavlov said many times that experienced a great pleasure to participate in the filming.

Larissa Udovichenko invited to play Varya, but the image of Manka Bonds was it more to their liking. « Either Manka Bond, or I will not play! I>» - said the actress. After the film the actress has repeatedly received letters from prison: « Do not worry! Go out - my will! I> »One freed convict even said to her home. Without the police could not do.

In 1977, the actor Vsevolod Abdulov was in a terrible accident. He was on the verge of death. In the spring of 1978 to him in the House of Vysotsky came Govorukhin and the scenario of the future film. But Abdulov had problems with memory after the accident, then they left to him a list of roles to choose from. He chose Solovyov. During filming, he could not remember what we should call Gleb of Vladimir Vysotsky. Several times he could not understand where he is. But the actor has fought ... This role helped him to save not only his career, but life.

Leo Perfilov played a bunch of thugs. And one day before the start of filming Govorukhin asked to play someone from the gang "The Black Cat". « I'll just walk among the bandits, and the audience will realize that this is still a gang i>». But Govorukhin believed that Perfilov worth more. So there was an actor for the role of Grisha six-to-nine.

Andrew Gradov, which had little experience first offered the role Wasi Vekshina. The actor was upset, because this character almost immediately killed. But then he changed his mind Govorukhin, and hail Kohl played a vigorous Taraskina.

Ruchechnika played Evstigneev. And could and Rolan Bykov. In addition, Bykov was originally invited to the role of ringleader.

And actually Vasya Vekshina played Eugene B. Leonov-Gladyshev, which did not take on the role of Sharapova.

Fotoproby the role of operative Pasyuk.

But who could play a meat wagon driver Lochak.

Vysotsky could not play a major role. On the first day of shooting, he realized that the work will be a lot, but he could live long (Vladimir Semenovich was already dependent on the doses of morphine and amphetamine, which he pricked), and his wife asked him to let go. But Govorukhin persuaded him to stay, promising to release during the filming. Just imagine how many would lose viewers if the director did not insisted.

Kuravlev and Vysotsky, who played first-class pool players, it is not able to "roll the balls." Actors only kick, and then to do a scene and balls in the hole pounded Master of Sports Odessa Vladimir Ivanov.

By the way the film was to begin with a prologue. Levchenko makes Sharapova wounded from the battlefield.

But Govorukhin realized that the way to lose the intrigue of the 5 Series, when the operative embedded in a gang. And the episode was cut. Among other things in the film had to be 7 series, but the material also had to be thrown at the request of the chairman of the Public Broadcaster. Cut frames, unfortunately, we lost in the archives of the Odessa Film Studio.

During the filming of the chase for Fox, Vysotsky was not on the court. His voice is then recorded in the studio. It just was promised earlier Govorukhin rest. Vysotsky took him in trips abroad.

According to the original plan in each series Vysotsky had to sing, including their songs. But Govorukhin is not allowed, because then Zheglov turned into Vysotsky. And when in one scene Govorukhin asked to sing a song of Vertinsky, Vysotsky refused. As the saying goes: the artist easily offended.

During breaks in the area sometimes broke groupies. One even grabbed Wysocki in leather jacket teeth. The jacket was of a strong domestic leather and test coped.

Part of the filming took place in Odessa, but did not throw Vysotsky theater. Every day, he flew to Moscow. Along the way it turned out Zheglova in Hamlet and in the evening, sometimes a postal plane, he came back.

Govorukhin had to go to the festival, and for a while he gave way to the director Wysocki. « He raced their horses to the edge of the abyss. The fact that it was necessary to take off for a week, he took off for 4 days. If he had been allowed, he would remove the entire film, while I was i> », - says the director.

Vladimir Vysotsky: « As for the painting" The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed "I will not give interviews. And not because I have nothing to say ... This film we did with friends, clan. I enjoyed the work, not so much fun, and bathed in some moments role. And I do not say anything i> ».

Filming was completed in 1979 and premiered at the Militia Day. I noticed that during the reruns of the film reduces the cost of municipal water.

Film loved the whole country, but he did not receive awards. Only the Minister of Internal Affairs gave the creators of ratification. And Vysotsky in 1987 was posthumously awarded the State Prize.

Vysotsky wanted to make a sequel. He took the time felt that he could not make it. But when everything was ready for filming, came the news that Vladimir Semenovich died. No other Zheglova could not be ...

A few photos from filming.

This film is love and love is still. Quotes are used in everyday life, the characters are admired. "The venue can not be changed", like many other Soviet films became part of our lives. If you have friends who also love this movie, be sure to tell them about this stuff.

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