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Soviet film "The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", the main role that was played by Vladimir Vysotsky, has become one of the most iconic and famous films in the USSR. I suggest you to plunge into the "world of Captain Gleb Zheglova" and read further about the filming of the cult film.

What other actors claim to starring roles?

By the way, you can see the photos of all the contenders for the main roles and compare how fit selected actors.

The film "The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed", as you know, put on the novel by brothers Arkady and George Weiner "Era of Mercy". And in the book is based on a lawsuit candidate of medical sciences Yevgeny Ilyich Mirkin, who in 1944 was accused of murdering his wife and sentenced to death. Murovtsev professionally doing their jobs, although the evidence was against Mirkin. After sentencing investigators dug additional evidence innocence physician and Mirkin was acquitted.

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Vainer brothers told me that the idea to create a script for the film to their novel prompted Vysotsky. For him writers even went to change the appearance of the hero: the novel Zheglov was tall and broad-shouldered, handsome.

That's what this says Arkady Weiner:

- I have come to stake Zheglova! Nobody will play Zheglova way I play it!

And my liver ache, and in general, the character quite catty, I say to him:

- Well, I do, and no one ...

- And who will play ?!

- Well, let's start with Nicholas Hubenko. Courageous, beautiful, plastic, talented ... How bad Zheglov?

- You know, you're right, he's a great actor ...

- Well, but now raging around the new star - Sergei Shakur - so beautiful, so charming, nothing Zheglov?

- Oo-oo-oo! And I forgot it ... and he played Zheglova ...

Then I sat down on a chair, because even from any artist ever heard that it can be assumed, if someone had to play his role better than him ... Vysotsky stood, pumping his feet ...

- Yes, he played it would be better ...

And then ...

- But you do something with Zhora better not, you should as soon as I will play ...

Then I laughed, hugged him ...

- Of course, Volodya, no questions asked!

Tells S.Govorukhin: "Volodya, I would adopt without trial, because for me, as for all of us, it was clear that this role should only play it. But it was in the days when he had not yet appeared on television, and here - this odious figure - a film of a five! So I made this role a few samples of other actors who obviously could not compete with Vysotsky. And when the sample showed leadership, and I showed these samples, which were, of course, much worse samples Vysotsky. Boss is very convinced. "

But over the role of the artist Sharapova started a real bullfight. Auditioned for the role of Alexander Abdulov, Sergei Nikonenko, Yevgeny Leonov-Gladyshev (played here the role of Vanya Vekshina), Yuri Shlikov Alexander Kurepa and even Stanislav Sadalsky Viners ... You like to invite Evgeny Gerasimov. He refused because of employment in another film. Govorukhin also invited to audition Sergei Ivanov (the famous "Grasshopper" and Lariosik). But he also could not because Kohana starred Gregory in the movie "born of the revolution." As a result, Sharapov, to the great displeasure of Weiner, was Vladimir Konkin.

Vysotsky from the beginning to the role Sharapova "promote" his friend and colleague in the theater of Ivan Bortnik, who eventually played a gangster Blotter (pictured first fotoproby Vysotsky (with mustache) on Zheglova role, and the role of Ivan Bortnik Sharapova).

Was a record number of contenders for the main female role - auditioned 12 girls. Varya could be, for example, Irina Azer of theater actor and Olga Naumenko (bride Lukashina of "Twist of Fate"). Vysotsky also persuaded the director Govorukhina adopt the role of Wari his wife, actress Marina Vlady. But against the French categorically objected hudsovet. Sergeant Sinichkina had to show in the movie real wife and girlfriend fighter against bandits. Would like to see the actress playing his beloved Sharapova was with an impeccable reputation. And Vlad did not pull on the "Soviet citizen." Hudsovet reconciled with Vysotsky as Zheglova, paying tribute to his talent, but rejected Vlady.

No less interesting is the search for an actor for the role of Fox. "At first I approved Boris Himicheva - says Stanislav Govorukhin. - And now, when I meet him feel uncomfortable. We have already started filming, and suddenly I saw - it is modern. A Bielawski, who played no better Himicheva, purely out of time. " By the way, the candidature of Alexander Beliavsky offered again Vysotsky. In Moscow from Odessa flew telegram: "We look forward to your response, we suggest the role of Fox in the movie" Era of Mercy ". We believe that not refuse. " But in Moscow, Alexander Borisovich was not there. He had just received six hundred in the village Ershovo and collect them to arrange well. But when I learned that in the movie Jurassic removed, Vysotsky, Konkin and Dzhigarkhanyan, threw the spade and got on a plane ...

Not without the help of Vysotsky starred in the film and Pavlov, who plays Levchenko.

"Remove me suggested Vladimir Vysotsky. The role of former soldiers, now lost man was not very big, but extremely important for understanding the general structure of the picture. Vladimir Vysotsky told me then: "agree - you do not know the director, to make such a role, what you will see it." And so it happened. I was very creative satisfaction from participating in the filming of the movie "The venue can not be changed."

Larissa Udovichenko invited to the role of Varya, but the actress wanted to play Bond Manko, since this image was more interesting for it. "Either Manka-Bond, or I will not play!" As a result, only Udovichenko and went to the Bonds. After the film, she began to receive letters from prison: "Do not worry! Go out - my will! ", And one who returned from the area came to her house, so we had to call the police.

Thanks Wysocki got into the picture and V.Abdulov, who plays Solovyov.

"In the early autumn 1977 I crashed a car literally to death. Three weeks unconscious - a complete nightmare. Then - one hospital, second, third, fourth. At first, the doctors do not fit me - knew that the case of fatal and there is no chance. ... But I somehow do not want to die! I did not realize, but tried to explain to them that after all I'll live! And when the spring I was in another hospital after a serious operation, Volodya came with Slava Govorukhin. They brought me 5 volumes scenario "Meeting Place ..." And, knowing that I do not remember, left on a piece of paper a list of roles - me any choice. I chose Solovyov. Were terrible shooting. I could not remember the lyrics. I could not remember that name Volodya Gleb. But for me just address the question: either I will continue to live and work, either - all ... terrible time. And on the stage, I had moments of complete "cutting" - not that I forgot the text, I just could not figure out where I am! .. ยป

Grisha Ushivin, photographer, "6 to 9" - Lev Perfilov: "... And in govoruhinskuyu group I got easy. Somehow I found myself in the same frame with Govorukhin: he played the White General Dutova, and I - Chief of Staff of the White Army. I do not remember the name of the movie, filmed it in Odessa. Some another film about the revolution, they are not much different from each other. And before I read the book "Era of Mercy" and heard Glory be removed. And I asked him for the role of one of the gang "Black Cat", because before that enough of bandits already like this! .. And I praise saying, "I do anything in the picture will not. I will only go out among the gang's all. And everything will be clear: if this type of gang - it is still the same band! "And Govorukhin, you know him, something like a weary gesture:" Come on, you stand another. I'll play Grisha Six-In-Nine. " And he left. "

Kohl Taraskin - Hail Andrei Petrovich: "I was very happy when I found out who will play: Vysotsky, Yevstigneev, Dzhigarkhanyan, Bielawski, Jurassic, Gerdt. As for me, it was only the third picture (little experience), I watched carefully as they play, studied ... At first I was offered the role Wasi Vekshina, which, if you remember, almost immediately killed on the bench. I was upset, "What is it? I will appear for a few moments, and I was immediately pinned. " And my happiness Govoruhin changed his mind. Vekshina eventually played Eugene Leonov-Gladyshev, and I was given the role of Taraskina. Vibrant nature of it was clearly stated in the script, and I did not have to invent anything. "

Bob Vekshin - Evgeniy Leonov-Gladyshev, "Well, at that time the artists got the role in the movie? I then shot at Odessa Film Studio in one of the main roles in the adventure film Samvel Gasparov "Forget the word 'death'." I offered to read the script "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" is the name of me then nothing to say, but after reading, I saw that there is an excellent drama. At first, I was offered the role of the protagonist - Volodya Sharapov, but then to audition artistic council approved Vladimir Konkin, who played the role .... With this picture I have connected two strong impressions, despite my fairly modest part in it: and a pleasant and enjoyable. Not pleasant - that's what I auditioned for the role Sharapova and has not been approved; still worried because I liked the script and and "Era of Mercy" brothers Weiner novel on which it was made. I am very interested and ready to play. Pleasant, got the role, and that - knew - starring Vladimir Vysotsky is a man on creativity, which I was brought up and was an admirer of his talents. "

The role went to Eugene Ruchechnika Evstigneeva, but it could play and Rolan Bykov, who Viners initially invited to be the ringleader of the hunchback.

Photo auditioned for the role operative Pasyuk

Photo auditioned for the role of the driver of the van bread Lochak

And a few more facts about the filming. Stanislav Govorukhin says: May 10, 1978, the first day of shooting. And the birthday of Marina Vlady. We are in Odessa, in the country of our friend. And - surprise. Marina takes me to another room, lock the door, with tears asks: "Let Volodya, shoot another artist." Volodya: "Understand me so little left, I can not spend a year of his life for this role!" Obviously, he saw the amount of work and realized that I need to work hard. In addition, a year has passed since we decided to make a film. During this time, much has changed - Vysotsky have the opportunity to travel abroad frequently. Previously, it creaked released in France for two days, and now he could travel around the world. I realized that the picture would still be, even with another actor, but still remain convinced Vysotsky, promising to let him often during the filming. How much would lose viewers if I gave that evening.

Vysotsky and Kuravlev playing avid billiard player, do not know how to "roll the balls." For them the cue in his hands he held from Odessa Vladimir Ivanov, Master of Sports of the USSR, the former already one of the best billiard player Odessa. On balls hit Vysotsky and Kuravlev, and then making the panel joint - drives the balls in the pocket wizard.

The film "The Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" was to begin with a prologue where Levchenko endured on himself wounded Sharapova. Drenched to the actors take after take climbed into the cold water. When finished shooting, Konkin saw on the back of Pavlov traces of cans. He just got up from his hospital bed after pneumonia.

Heroic prologue into the picture and was not included. The director realized that if at the beginning of the film show Levchenko with Sharapov disappear detective intrigue 5 Series, when the police-detective enters the gang. Generally, Govorukhin initially took a 7-part film. The director was not able to defend all the footage. Lapin, who was then chairman of the Public Broadcaster demanded two series of throw. And they were cut from the finished film. In order not to spoil the tape mechanical removal of entire scenes, cut in small fragments and episodes. Managed to cut the film into two hours of screen time. Many interesting things had to cut. After installation, all carved frames director passed to the archive Odessa Film Studio, where they are, to our great regret, happily lost.

When filming the scene chasing Fox Vysotsky on the set was not. The viewer hears only the voiceover Zheglova, and it was recorded in the studio. In the movie scene "car dogonyalok" take a few minutes. As explained Stanislav Govorukhin. - Early in the filming, we agreed with Vladimir Vysotsky, that will give him a chance to rest. Those few weeks until filmed footage chase, Volodya spent on foreign trips. He appeared only at the end and worked for just two hours. Remember footage: Zheglov breaks the glass "Ferdinand" and, leaning out, shoot for the outgoing "Studebaker" bandits? .. - From this moment this mistake turned out - remember the main operator of the series Leonid Burlaka. - No one had thought to check in advance, and glass in the window of the bus turned out to be almost 5 mm thickness. When they started shooting the episode, Volodya times it hit, the other - to no avail. Finally on the third try landed. And then he shouted angrily, "Well, all n ... n!". Look, he has a hand in the blood: on the finger of a very deep cut fragments. But that evening Vysotsky was scheduled to perform a concert with another, and the car was already waiting. But in the end had to cancel the performance because Volodya could not play guitar.

According to the scenario assumed that Vysotsky in each series will be singing. Among the proposed songs were "For those who are in the CID" and "Song of the end of the war", and "The Ballad of childhood" - He wanted to sing some of his songs - continues the director - but I thought that it would destroy the image and in the film will no longer captain Zheglov and Vysotsky as captain Zheglova. Volodya took offense, we quarreled. And once, when I asked him to sing a song in the frame Vertinsky, he replied, "if you do not want me to sing their own, will not sing and Vertinsky."

Difficulties in filming was done. When shooting night police chase part of the territory near the Bolshoi Theater was cordoned off, and yet sometimes fans broke through the fence. Once during a break in the crew heard a cry Volodya. Rushed into the darkness and saw Vysotsky, who tried to tear himself from a young woman: she sank his teeth into his leather coat (probably from an overabundance of feelings). Well, that was a coat of strong domestic skin.

Part of the film was shot in Odessa, and Wysocki had two or three times per day to fly to Moscow to play and back. Vysotsky did not throw theater. The police took him to the "Volga" with a siren and makeup artist on the road turns Zheglova in Hamlet. And after the show, sometimes the mail plane, next to a pile of newspapers actor flew to Odessa for a morning shoot.

A.Vayner: clothes for your character to choose costume stock Odessa Film Studio Vysotsky himself with our costume designer Akimov. Things were looking long and very carefully. Inevitable for the mid-1940s elements of military uniforms: breeches, boots. And yet - jacket, Aloha Shirt, striped cardigan ... Something like wearing the famous movie character Al Pacino in one of the films that really liked Volodya ...

... Creating Zheglova, Vysotsky almost the first time, they say, to break free. A bursting, showed unprecedented on the set of the creative will of order. He prompted other performers "specificity", he dictated his behavior in the frame rate of the entire episode. And one day, as they say, in the absence of the director, he took shots in a row with the "gesture" - the gesture Zheglova, which seems to be all remember: thumb, even in the air - on a plane. From the side it might seem - stuntman. But the distribution of these mounting frames gave a certain sense and a plastic rod is not only the role, but the film as a whole. Vysotsky never made this gesture for nothing. He accurately determine when exactly this gesture Zheglov briefly declares his innocence and the beginning of action.

I. Bortnik recalls: "How to shoot a scene out of the basement? After the play, "The Fallen and the Living" Volodya and I drove up to the place of shooting at the gate Yauzskie. It is close to two minutes drive away. Govorukhin worth gloomy mother. Not formed episode: all out, throw silent pistols, dull, gray, monotonous ... Stanislav said to me: "Look, I beg you, well, think of something." And time is running out. We went to Volodya down to the basement to change. And then I had an idea ... It was all a surprise. At the exit from the basement I hysterically sang the rogue song became a bonfire guards, kicking them ... No Govoruhin nor Volodya did not expect it. By surprise even Volodya suddenly lost seriously, he smiled. And so I went into the role that Zheglova spat in his face.

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