Filming process

Part I -

That's the way with a special marker can make similarity of this blood. This "magic" was used in the creation of many films, including "Once in Mexico" with Johnny Depp.

"Romeo and Juliet". Episode (sort of) in the sea. Even in the aquarium Leonardo DiCaprio does not miss his!

Johnny Depp in the process of transformation in Edward Scissorhands ...

"The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King." From the series "a little soiled, fighting against evil».

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp - friends and colleagues - on the set of the movie "Sleepy Hollow».

"Pirates of the Caribbean." Johnny and the conclusions drawn by its famous blue eyes - the result of this action.

"Twilight": normal flight

Woody Allen and his muse Scarlett Johansson on the set of the film "Match Point».

"Sin City". That's why we need a green screen! You can create whatever pleases.

Brutal Robert Downey Jr. on the set of "Iron Man 2»

"Jaws". Danger!

"Schindler's List." Gorgeous the cast! Looked the other day, standing ovation!

Installing puppets famous gorilla on the set of the first "King Kong».

Monkeys also know how to read. Actor in costume on the set of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey».

Before the next take. Charming Marilyn on the set of the movie "The Prince and the Showgirl».

Tom Cruise learns to shoot for the film "Collateral" (by the way, a good movie, I tell you).

A small spoiler. "The Dark Knight Rises».

"Rocky". Chic frame, though I do not like Stallone.

"Antichrist". Everything is so grandly, nobly, but in the end? It is better not to look.

One of the most famous scenes in movie history in the making. The film "Star Wars».

Fear of play, it might be a wish! Hitchcock "hypnotizes" the actress on the set of the movie "Psycho».

Jackie Chan outside the main chambers of the film "The Forbidden Kingdom».


14-year-old Christian Bale on the set of "Empire of the Sun" for the chair Steven Spielberg. He knew what was going on!

Independence Day. Special effects to a new level!

"Robin Hood". Pedal until ...

"The Dark Knight»

Gorgeous Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie on the set of the film "The Tourist". The painting itself is poor.

Model, and now the actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on the set of the third "Transformers».

Thin Christina Aguilera Cher discussing something on the set of "Burlesque».

This film we have yet to see, but the image of Jim Carrey is already having to go to the cinema. The film is called "Bert Uanderstoun».


Megan Fox and one of its main works - the film "Jennifer's Body».

Jared Leto is not parted with his BlackBerry, even on the set of historical film. "And what am I without him?" - Jared thought and climbed into bed with him. But in this episode, he was like a thing of the other world ... The film "Alexander».

All the same character - Jared Leto, only noticeable podnabrat weight. In the background, Lindsay Lohan.


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