100 of the most beautiful girls of the year to release Men`s Health

Another authoritative edition male Men`s Health has published a list of the 100 most attractive women this year. List of quite different from the previously published list, FHM, for example, the winner of FHM ranking Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Men`s Health was only in fifth place. She pressed cute, but less popular blonde, the second place was the red-haired girl, but on the third place - brunette. This trio became the most attractive version Men`s Health this year. In the preface of his ranking editors wrote that most of these girls are smart, many successful, but all hot and incredibly attractive. The most desirable women lined up on the list ...

I must say that in fact the position in the list of 101, but for me it would be better to make 100, because 101 place is Kelly Rowland.

Full list:

100 place - Kathleen Olson
99th place - Paris Hilton
98th place - Rose Byrne
97th - Lady Gaga
96th - Kate Mara
95 place - Emma Watson
94 place - Marion Cotillard
93 place - Jenna Fischer
92 place - Kate Middleton
91 place - Padma Lakshya
90th place - Diana Agron
89th place - Jennifer Lopez
88 place - Ines Senz
87 place - Haley Atvell
86th place - Victoria Beckham
85 place - Anna Paquin
84th place - Lena Heidi
83 place - Hope Solo
82 place - Julie Benz
81 place - Krysten Ritter
80 place - Kristen Stewart
79th - Jessica Biel
78th place - Emily Blunt
77 place - Evan Rachel Wood
76th place - Cintia Dicker
75 place - Tina Fey
74th - Emily Browning
73 place - Madeline Zima
72 place - Sarah Wayne Kallies
71 place - Olivia Wilde
70th place - Halle Berry
69th place - Emmanuel Cries
68th place - Rachel Nichols
67th - Emily Clark
66th place - Alex Morgan
65th place - Rachel Bilson
64th place - Elisha Cuthbert
63 place - Freida Pinto
62 place - Vanessa Hudgens
61 place - Sasha Grey
60th place - Zooey Deschanel
59th place - Eliza Dushku
58th place - Taylor Swift
57 place - Erin Andrews
56th place - Rashida Jones
55th place - Amber Heard
54th place - Charlize Theron
53 place - Jimena Navarrete
52 place - Katie Holmes
51 place - Ellie Kemper
50 place - Alison Brie
49th place - Cameron Diaz
48 place - Dzhenuari Jones
47th - Milla Jovovich
46th place - Kim Kardashian
45th place - Amanda Seyfried
44th place - Kristen Bell
43 place - Scarlett Johansson
42 place - Sofia Verger
41 place - Anna Kournikova
40 place - Adriana Lima
39th place - Blake Lively
38th - Kate Hudson
37th place - Carrie Underwood
36th place - Shakira
35th place - Rachel McAdams
34th place - Eva Mendes
33 place - Penelope Cruz
32 place - Elizabeth Banks
31 place - Rihanna
30th place - Leighton Meester
29th place - Lea Michele
28th place - Jordan Brewster
27th - Britney Spears
26th place - Jennifer Aniston
25th place - Aishwarya Rai
24th place - Olivia Munn
23th place - Hayden Panneteri
22 place - Katy Perry
21 place - Mila Kunis

And here is the top twenty:

20 takes place and busty redhead babe Christina Hendricks. By the conviction of publication all men dream about Christina, because its seductive forms it is impossible not to desire. The figure "hourglass" Hendricks bypassed even Kim Kardashian.

19 place went to beauty Beyonce, who is currently in the state. Also girl with appetizing forms + More and mulatto - is not one of the most desirable women of 2011? Especially because this year she managed to do very, very much in their profession and in their personal lives.

18 place is lovely Jessica Alba, which, though losing ground in the ratings of attractiveness, but is twice mom and happy wife. His acting career Alba until suspended, but maybe next year we will see Jess in several films in which she undoubtedly is a jewel.


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