10 highest grossing films of 2014. Perhaps now I know how to spend the evening ...

Admittedly, 2014 has brought the world a lot of good films and their creators - a considerable profit. However, here we must admit honestly: is not always welcome raspiarenny reel, which gathered fabulous money at the box office, the usual audience really appreciated at the highest level. Today, the team has decided to online publication to prepare for you a list of the top ten grossing films of last year, which, among other things, have received positive feedback from millions of film art connoisseurs worldwide. Perhaps some of you have managed to see and hear some of you the first time. In any case, choosing what you closer to arrange more cozy on the couch, and let, as they say, all the world can wait.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (New Zealand, USA, 144 min.)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Kinopoisk Rating: 7, 8

Rating IMDb: 7, 6

Cash gathering: $ 955071340

The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins was hired dwarves as attacker in the march to the Lonely Mountain, where treasures are stored. However, this trip was even more dangerous than any imagined. The fierce struggle over the five armies, and what will be the outcome of what will turn search for coveted treasures - all this you learn by looking at the legendary motion picture.

Maleficent (US, UK, 97 min.)

Genre: Fantasy, Family, Romance

Kinopoisk Rating: 7, 2

Rating IMDb: 7, 1

Cash gathering: $ 758410378

This is a new, original, fresh look at the well-known fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. In his picture of the author tries to show that, perhaps, evil witch, who has prepared a little princess fatal encounter with the most spindle, did it without reason and had good reason to. Who knows, maybe she just took advantage of the powerful dark forces rose up to defend their subjects ...

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (USA, 130 min.)

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Drama

Kinopoisk Rating: 7, 2

Rating IMDb: 7, 7

Cash gathering: $ 708835589

The number of genetically modified monkeys is growing by leaps and bounds. Soon, unable to find out that some people survived even after the terrible epidemic many years ago. Between races begins confrontation, which grows into a fierce bloody war. Who will win in the struggle for supremacy in the world?

Interstellar (US, UK, Canada, 169 min.)

Genre: Fiction, Drama, Adventure

Kinopoisk Rating: 8, 7

Rating IMDb: 8, 8

Cash gathering: $ 672720017

The room is a little girl constantly falling book, what she sees secret message. During this period, her father asked to take part in a rather strange space expedition, from which return is unlikely. Linked these events? Do astronauts cope with the difficult task to go through a black hole? Is it possible to resettle all people on another planet? The answers you will find in this mystical-fantasy film.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (USA, 105 min.)

Genre: Animation, Fantasy, Comedy

Kinopoisk Rating: 8 1

Rating IMDb: 8, 0

Cash gathering: $ 618909935

Since the reconciliation of the Vikings and dragons took as long as five years. Desperate Icking Bezzubik and fun that make up maps of unknown places. During their adventures friends accidentally find hidden ice cave, in which live wild dragons and mysterious horseman. This opening to involve characters in a new and even more terrible battle for peace. Whether friends, this time to resist evil?

Lucy (France, USA, 89 min.)

Genre: Action, fantasy

Kinopoisk Rating: 6, 8

Rating IMDb: 7, 1

Cash gathering: $ 458863600

Yesterday it was the sexy blonde, and today - the most dangerous creature on the planet, endowed with unprecedented hitherto superpowers. The fact that recently there were only a scientific theory, has become the most that neither is true. Look how brilliant Luc Besson made the charming Scarlett Johansson key to all the mysteries of the universe.

Edge of Tomorrow (USA, Canada, 113 min.)

Genre: fiction, thriller

Kinopoisk Rating: 8, 0

Rating IMDb: 8, 0

Cash gathering: $ 369206256

This is a story about how cowardly war correspondent had a chance to save the world from war. In order to fulfill this mission, he has to overcome the impossible and survive a few million of their deaths. Everybody brings his fight to unravel the secrets of the main ...

Vanished (USA, 149 min.)

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Detective

Kinopoisk Rating: 8 1

Rating IMDb: 8, 2

Cash gathering: $ 368061911

The couple was about to celebrate the fifth anniversary of a happy married life, when suddenly the impossible happened - gone pretty wife. Traces of struggle in the house, blood, evidence - everything is playing against a loving husband. What actually happened? Irrespective of whether the spouse is a crime? That still happened on that fateful day in their house? And finally, the main question: whether loved doves each other or was it a mirage?

Blame Star (USA, 133 min.)

Genre: drama, romance

Kinopoisk Rating: 7, 8

Rating IMDb: 8, 0

Cash gathering: $ 307239013

The heroes of this movie proves that even if you set aside not so much, you can live a very bright and decent life. Heyzel - a girl with cancer, meets a young guy and instantly falls in love with him. They make a fascinating journey full of passion, proving that the meaning of life can be found on any segment.

Great Equalizer (USA, 131 min.)

Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime

Kinopoisk Rating: 7, 0

Rating IMDb: 7, 3

Cash gathering: $ 192330738

History Robert McCauley, who defended the simple little girl, a prostitute, shows - do not underestimate strangers. To be fair, he is willing to violate their own promise to use weapons against people who simply do not deserve to live in this world ...

Of course, this is not a complete list of worthy films, which gave the world in 2014. Someone who likes to light movies at once, someone - serious films that cause considerably move Bashers: how many people, so many opinions. We hope that some of these films definitely have you on the soul. If you do not know what a good look at your leisure, this list will be a real boon for you. By the way, by sharing this article with your friends, you can tell them how great time. Do not forget to write to us in the comments which of the films of the past 2014 struck you most.

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