When they looked at the sky, you will not believe your own eyes! This rarely seen ...

Recently, New Yorkers had the luck to watch a truly unforgettable sight, referring to the category of those that can be seen only once in a lifetime. Fortunately, blogger Amanda Curtis not only admire the beautiful painting, but also managed to capture everything on camera, so that others may enjoy this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

New Yorkers after a heavy rain suddenly saw a clear sky just four rainbow ... No, you heard right, it is the four multi-color rainbow. Americans joy knew no bounds!

As we found out later, the photograph turned out an optical illusion. Most likely, the photographer was standing at some reservoir, and four of the rainbow in the picture - this is the result of reflection in the water of one of the rainbow.

However, this event made a bright paint in the gray days of New Yorkers, and many of them shared their photos of the rainbow in social networks.

Of course, no matter how beautiful they may be, these frames can not be compared with an amazing photo of Amanda Curtis.

Yes, this show is really pleasing to the eye! This natural phenomenon is only once again reminds us all a simple truth: even after very heavy rain, the sun always shines and a rainbow. Show these delightful pictures to his friend-pessimist.



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