How to relieve fatigue from the eye

Age of technological progress, many people are now becoming victims of civilization. Constant computer work and often under poor artificial lighting, mobile phones, urban dust, etc. Very much harmful for the eyes our very important body.

Many are familiar with the feeling of fatigue in the eyes. Often it is accompanied by pain, dryness and irritation. And position from day to day compounded, plus the use of contact lenses and glasses, cosmetics.

Fatigue syndrome the eyes scientifically called asthenopia, and it is not diagnosed as a separate disease, but it is given special attention.

Chronic eye strain, manifested in redness, inflammation of the eyes, pain in the forehead and the bridge of the nose could eventually lead to serious diseases.

At risk are people whose work is connected with constant tension of the eye muscles. For example, working with computer, driving a car, knitting, embroidery, etc.

To avoid this, you just need to rest my eyes and train them to do exercises for the eyes as you do it for your body. Every day we need to find time to relax the eyes. In order to remove the fatigue and help to relax eye muscles there are several simple procedures that take only about 10 minutes.

Gymnastics, relieve fatigue from glastum, whose work is connected with PC, it is necessary every hour to rest my eyes, can perform exercises for the eyes. Working at a computer, your eyes all the time focused on the monitor and are subjected to intense strain, you stop blinking. A twink is a natural defense mechanism. With blink eye muscles regain tone, is moisturizing of the eyeball, this prevents it from drying and stinging. So you need to periodically blink in front of the monitor.

It is also very important to adjust the level of brightness of the screen, it should not be too dark and not too bright to hurt my eyes. Need to adjust so that the eyes comfortable.

If there is a window, then periodically transfer the look, look on near objects, far. It is well relieves stress from the eyes. Consider the objects located in the distance outside the window, then near objects. And so change the point of focus several times.

Find 3-4 times a day for a few minutes to perform eye exercises. Better yet, if you choose to perform eye exercises in the fresh air and not indoors. Exercises tired eyes, keep the head straight. After each exercise, need a little blink.

Move the eyes left and right, up and down. Do the exercise slowly, such movements need to do a few.

Further, the circular movements of the eyeballs. These movements can be performed with eyes closed.

We can and should do different movements of your eyes, but without moving his head. Do the eyes exercise "eight", this is also a very good movement for the eye. To do this, imagine a very large figure eight and slide the sight in her path. After run a few times, need to do this exercise from a different angle. For this eight mentally turn at 45° a few times. Remember what you need to blink after each exercise.

If you have the opportunity, then once a week do to the eyes a rest day. Try to do without use of the PC, read, wear glasses or contact lenses. If you completely deleted it will not work, try to minimize heavy for eyes and wearing optics.

Compresses for tired Glasspool tired eyes help compresses. One of the easiest dressings to be soaked in cold water towel or cloth. Makeup should be absent. Close your eyes for a few seconds and attach them to a cold towel.

You can make a compress of strong tea. Moisten a cotton swab in this tea and apply it for 3 minutes to the eyes.



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