To beat arthritis: diet and treatment popular ways

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Diet for arthritis are very important, but proper nutrition, which will be discussed in this article, you might be very surprising. All you need to do is to give up all nightshades, and your joint problems will be solved

Solanaceae is a members of the family Solanaceae, which includes more than 90 genera and 2000 species. It is impossible to guess, but the tobacco is also of this kind. Really smoked long enough, for centuries, and nobody thought about the dangers of Smoking. Also, this family includes the following crops and products: tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant and all peppers but not black pepper – it is from other types. If you recall the famous Mexican tomatoes, that they are very common in Central and South America.

There is a very interesting story of how and why this family is so called. It went from Ancient Rome. In Ancient Rome, from the nightshade family in the war or during Palace coups did poisons. And if you look at the exact translation of the English, it literally translates as "night shade". Now, the Romans made them the poison and the person began to sink into the darkness and die slowly and painfully.

What problems arise in connection with the nightshades?

Long ago people realized why they kill cattle and dogs. Long gone are the stories that don't need to eat tomatoes and potatoes, and old people still believe that they cannot be eaten. When I think of farmers, they are a generation sent their children to rip out that culture, like weeds. And the tomatoes had such a name as "the cancer Apple". And if you look at tobacco, there is not all clear. About the dangers we faced to ban it too began recently.

That offers people Norman Childers

People are starting to think of only one thing: how dangerous plants of this genus. Almost all people now eat such food as potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant. And potatoes have already won in Russia the title of earthen bread. Peppers, eggplant – all of it we eat every day and not complain.

If you take the scientific community, the research began only in the 50-ies of XX century, as manifested next. Once the doctor comes in and says that perhaps the colon is inflamed due to the fact that this man has eaten red pepper. It is a pity that operations then it was impossible to avoid, but later when people stopped eating these foods in the daily diet, his health dramatically improved.

Enough time has passed, but the experiment was not forgotten. Too good results it gave, and it was decided to continue the experiment with this diet for arthritis and other joint diseases, but on the other. After all, you want to cure or correct your health. Not so long ago, there was this announcement, and it took quite a bit of time and it is quite a lot of reviews and then the authors of the Declaration were sent to all who wrote the reviews are sufficiently detailed description of the diets and after came the time of waiting for the results. And they are not forced to wait. The experiment was a success in 72 %, that is, seventy-two percent of people out of a hundred recovered and began to feel much better. Agree, this is a good result. Then my colleagues and I wrote a book about it.

It all ended very well, we even opened a help centre, which helps to eat right. We almost got rid of a disease like arthritis. Now we publish books and sent many letters with precise instructions. We have only four thousand three hundred subscribers, which we send emails every month.

What do people who just refuse to nightshades?

To unsubscribe from Solanaceae is a difficult thing. But this step is important in proper nutrition for arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, etc. For this very much need to do this you need to want. Should be sufficient motivation. For example, the desire to recover from that until the sore is quite hard to understand, but it is very necessary. If you look at the average person, he sooner or later a time or two, and it can often eat nightshade. But things are much worse when we see a smoker. Nightshades can cause dependency, and this is something we should fear as never before. The more you eat, the worse. Look again at the Smoking. The more he smokes, the more his lungs become a black hole which would soon consume the entire body.

Look at people you know grandparents or just people who don't feel well. What do they eat? Yes, you guessed it, they eat nightshades. In our century – a century that just filled the Solanaceae, in an age where we are without them we will simply starve. View why children have a headache, why kids just get sick, because they have a young body, but why they knew the pills? It's all about the food: potatoes, pizza and more. You're just afraid for their children.

Loss many studies. When you eat these foods, they do not immediately felt. All accumulated over years and decades. And it is unclear when and what day it'll come out. If a smoker has cancer occurs, we can say that the other person can also occur cancer.

It has long been proved by statistics. But what can you say about a man who eats tomatoes? Nothing. Yes, over time, it won't matter, but another person who was also eating tomatoes can also be all right. All plants of this type contain elements very similar to the elements in the drugs. From this we can conclude that all of them can cause dependence in humans, and he may not understand at all. Suffice it to recall the example with a cigarette.

All that can be said with great precision and confidence is that nightshades cause disease and the rejection of them will help you become healthy. This conclusion is not us doing it makes statistics based on old experience and materials.

Treatment of arthritis potato tincture

To prepare the infusion take one potato, grind on a grater and pour a glass of kefir. You need to drink as follows: - in the first 10 days, take every day; in the second 10 days, take a day; - the next 10 days, take every 2 days.

Total course of people's arthritis treatment is 2 months. The pain from arthritis go away quite a long time, but over time can come back, so from time to time it is possible to carry out a preventive course.

Effective treatment of arthritis

The man sick leg arthritis. The pain was so strong that he could not walk down the stairs. Made a compress for his folk prescription treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and the next day the pain was gone. This is a very powerful treatment for arthritis! The only drawback is that after the compress remain blisters. As he was doing this poultice at night and not for 2 hours, as expected, he received severe burns, which took place only 2 weeks. But this poultice put him on his feet in just one night!

And it's not the only case. Once he got back, he was suffering from sciatica. Did the same compress – and the next morning went to the cottage to work!

To make the compress, take a handful of flowers of a Buttercup and RUB them to give juice. Apply them to the affected area, the top cover with polyethylene and secure with a bandage. The compress should be kept 1-2 hours, depending on the severity of the arthritis. The compress will leave a small burn on the skin, where a day may blister. Blisters are painless, though they do not scare you. They held their own, in any case do not puncture them. In the next few days objazyvaet the skin with gauze, as the blisters are wet. As the blisters will pass, and arthritis will disappear. If the day after compress the blisters appear, then repeat the poultice.

Exercise for arthritis

A woman half his life suffered from arthritis, and her arthritis has become a normal way of life. But one day, her one person was advised to walk on his knees, supposedly this is the best preventive exercise from arthritis. She decided to try it, not like the woman because the rest of my life to live with arthritis. The day had to pass for 400 steps, it is, of course, more than 50 could not do, and what forces she was worth the 50 steps! But, like any exercise, the woman began to add a few steps daily, bringing that number up to 400. After a year of such exercises pain in knee joints, she stopped.

Now the woman bought a Palace and every day goes on it for half an hour. At the same time and now walks on all fours because it's good for the spine. Also lies back and bends the knees 50 times.

Arthritis treatment with Apple cider vinegar

If you have arthritis and pain in all parts of the body, you should take Apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon in a glass of water. Take the remedy 3-5 times a day, preferably before meals.

Treatment of arthritis folk remedies lasts from two to four weeks. If you have a sick stomach, such as gastritis or an ulcer, decrease the concentration of vinegar by half. However, in this case, the recovery will slow down.

When taking Apple cider vinegar in large quantities due to a fast healing of the body. The pain will quickly go away and you will feel much better, but in the end the disease will completely disappear.

Treatment of arthritis Bay leaf

Pretty good helps with arthritis decoction of Bay leaf. To do this, take a pack of Bay leaf and half put in the pan. Pour 300 ml of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. After wrap better and allow to steep for three hours.

After 3 hours, filter and drink before sleeping. And so 3 days in a row. Do not drink the last potion, don't be lazy and every day, prepare a new one. In a week we need to repeat the course. From the very beginning of a course repeated in a year.

Treatment of arthritis juices

Relieve pain juice of turnip with honey, grapefruit and Apple. You can also dilute 2 teaspoons of cranberries in a glass of water. But besides this, a very good treatment for arthritis are the following juices:

the juice of carrot, beet and cucumber in the ratio 10:3:3;

the juice of carrots, cabbage and lettuce in the ratio 8:4:4;

the juice of carrots and spinach in a ratio of 10:6.

Centrifugal honey is a treatment for many diseases, and one of them is arthritis. This honey can be used as supplementary folk remedy for treating arthritis. You can just eat 50 grams 3 times a day with milk or tea.

Treatment of arthritis with herbs

Recipe 1

For its preparation take 3 tablespoons herbs rosemary, 4 tablespoons of leaves, cranberries, 4 tablespoons of succession, 3 tablespoons of birch buds, 2 tablespoons of elecampane root, 2 tablespoons of grass clover, 3 tablespoons St. John's wort, 2 tablespoons of nettle leaves, 1 teaspoon lime flowers, spoon mint, 3 tablespoons of chamomile flowers, 2 tablespoons of nettle 1 teaspoon of the dill and 3 tablespoons of hop cones. The entire collection of mix well. Put 2 tablespoons of cooked collection in thermos and pour one liter of boiling water. Leave to infuse for the night. Drink half a Cup 4 times a day. Treatment of arthritis with herbs is 2-3 months.

Recipe 2

For its preparation take equal shares of inflorescence calendula, juniper berries, buckthorn bark, nettle leaves, horsetail herb, willow bark, birch leaves. Crush plants in a coffee grinder or grinder and mix thoroughly. Take 2 tablespoons of cooked mixture and pour into a thermos. Pour one liter of boiling water and leave overnight to infuse. Take half a Cup 4 times a day. Treatment of arthritis with herbs is 2 or 3 months.

Recipe 3

For its preparation take 1 teaspoon calamus root, 2 tablespoons galangal root, 5 tablespoons of hawthorn fruit, 3 tablespoons marjoram 5 tablespoons of St. John's wort, 2 tablespoons mint, 2 tablespoons pine buds, 4 tablespoons of violet tricolor, 3 tablespoons thyme and 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus leaves. Pre-chop all the herbs in a coffee grinder or grinder. Mix all the portions into a single mixture. 2 tablespoons of prepared mixture pour into a thermos. Pour one liter of boiling water and leave overnight to infuse. Take half a Cup 4 times a day. Treatment of arthritis with herbs is 2 or 3 months.

Recipe 4

Helps with arthritis and gout. To prepare this decoction, take 3 tablespoons of lime blossom, 3 tablespoons of elderberry flowers, 1 tablespoon of crushed fruits of horse chestnut. Mix thoroughly. Take 2 tablespoons of the prepared mixture and pour two cups of boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes, then strain. Drink half a Cup 3 times a day.

Arthritis treatment infusion of nettle

To prepare this infusion take equally all of the ingredients, namely fresh juice of the stinging nettle plant, natural honey and pure alcohol. Stir and put in the fridge. Allow the solution to stand for two weeks. When the infusion is ready, take one tablespoon three times a day half an hour before meals. The course of arthritis treatment is 6 months. For arthritis you need to use the infusion, until the urine ceases to occur the sediment, and the movement will not become loose and relaxed.

Treatment of arthritis with a decoction of the cherry seeds

Used in the treatment of arthritis, polyarthritis and gout. To prepare this decoction, take equally cherry seeds and stems. Clean the seeds from the shell and mash. Take one tablespoon of the prepared mixture per Cup of boiling water. Simmer for 20 minutes, then strain and allow to steep for one hour. Apply 2-3 tablespoons of broth 3-5 times a day for half an hour before meals.

Arthritis treatment infusion of violets

ramenauth in the treatment of arthritis, gout and articular rheumatism. To prepare this infusion take 2 tablespoons three-coloured violet, and pour two cups of boiling water. Allow to steep for 2 hours. Take half a Cup 4 times a day for half an hour before meals. For children, give 1/4 Cup 4 times a day.

Just brew a tricolor violet, as tea, with honey. There are no strict dosage.






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