Nature knows how to make you healthy!

Natural medicine

People (natural) medicine - a medicine for people who are having health problems, do not wish to take a different chemistry and suffer from its side effects

. Currently, treatment of folk remedies is on the top of popularity, because long been proven that conventional medicine treats one and injure another. Many medications contribute to liver and kidney damage as well as lead to the development of allergic reactions that destroy the body.

Almost every one of us tried to imagine the healing power of mustard plasters, cupping, honey, lime tea, medicinal fruits, vegetables and berries. These and many other traditional medicines are quite effective in the fight against various diseases.

A little history

Traditional medicine has appeared thousands of years ago, namely, when prehistoric people began to realize that the surrounding nature is able to help him heal from disease, to cope with illnesses and maintain health. The cave petroglyphs were discovered which indicate that the person has learned the power of herbs, berries, fruits, vegetables, nuts and began to actively use.

In ancient Rome, Greece, China and Russia were folk healers, healers and medicine men, who, knowing the world and studying the properties of herbs, fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, expounded the results obtained in the manuscripts.

But by the end of the nineteenth century in pharmacology began to appear new discoveries, used synthetic and chemical drugs and traditional medicine gradually receded into the background and became known as non-traditional or alternative.

Currently, due to the unsatisfactory environmental conditions, gassed cities, a large number of active workers of the industrial enterprises of modern man's health is poor. Most of us prefer to use the healing resources of Mother Nature.

Recipes of traditional medicine to help cope with many ailments and diseases if used correctly and medicinal ingredients in the right quantity.

Diseases and their treatment

Methods of alternative medicine are quite popular now and are used to treat almost any disease. Traditional medicine - a good helper in the fight against chronic pathologies, when it is necessary to strengthen the body and prevent worsening of the disease and the appearance of complications.

For the treatment of diseases of various organs and systems use only safe and harmless natural remedies:
• respiratory system - lemon, honey, eucalyptus, black radish, licorice, onion, aloe;
• digestive system - plantain, St. John's wort, dandelion, chamomile;
• Cardiovascular system - valerian, hawthorn, honey, motherwort;
• metabolic disorders: treatment of obesity and weight reduction at home - nard, calamus, yarrow, birch buds, buckthorn.

Traditional recipes

Traditional recipes effectively heal and restores the body, help all the sick and weak to gain valuable health.

Currently, the number of absolutely healthy people on the planet is equal to zero. This is due not only to the deterioration of the environment but also to the development of traditional medicine that have side effects. In addition, self-potent drugs injure the weakened body disease.

Medicinal herbs and plants

Medicinal herbs and plants are safe and effective, and to their medicinal properties are widely known.

The use of medicinal plants in the form of decoctions and infusions is the basis of traditional medicine still does not lose its educational value and remains widely popular around the world.

Useful products

Useful products are treated virtually all diseases, even the "father of medicine" Herodotus said, "Your food should be your medicine." There are many good recipes for the treatment of diseases, time-tested, with the use of these foods.


Herbs and plants are part of almost all the masks and lotions prepared at home. These cosmetics do not cause allergies, and for everyone, without exception. In addition, it allows you to save money on buying cosmetics store, the benefits of which we can only guess.


This type of alternative medicine based on the impact of odors on the human body.

Each flavor has a specific effect: relaxing or irritating. Currently there are more than two thousands of different oils used to treat or prevent diseases.

Cleansing the body

Cleansing the body is part of the overall healing process, along with proper nutrition and exercise. Getting rid of toxins is not always possible in a natural way. Periodically clean the body is useful in the home with the help of folk remedies of plant origin.

Being treated by natural means!


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