Heel spur — treatment of folk remedies

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Such an unpleasant and uncomfortable disease as a heel spur refers to the dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. Manifested inability healthy stepping on the affected leg and strong attacks of pain in the heel area. In this article we will talk about the treatment of heel spurs folk remedies.

If you take into account statistics, it's safe to say that the lion's share of suffering from heel spurs are women and the percentage of the total number of patients 80%.

The main symptom of heel spurs, which shows its manifestation is a sharp pain in the heel area, which experiences can be compared with that which is felt during stepping on a nail or sewing needle. In General terms, the pain similar it is because the heel spur is a protrusion of the bone spike. The causes that give rise to bone, may be quite different and, to date, medicine can not exactly describe all the catalysts of the disease. Among a certain circle of people, a heel spur can occur due to congenital flat feet, while others, as a side effect of the transfer of serious infectious diseases. At the same time a small part of the total number of patients, the disease can occur due to constant micro trauma of the bone, causing overweight.

Treatment of folk remedies heel spursIn most cases treatment of folk remedies heel spurs not only relieve pain, but allow you to return to normal movement is an integral component of a healthy life.

If You have a heel spur does not mean that you are sick. In some cases, it can be detected when viewing x-rays, the passage of a magnetic resonance imaging test or any other examination region of the heel. This man, whom she discovered had never experienced discomfort, the movement painlessly, and running confident. In such cases, the presence of heel spurs is due to individual anatomical and physiological characteristics of the organism for which its presence is in the normal range.

If You have pain is not chronic but the disease itself was discovered a few days ago, the folk remedy for heel spurs – this is what You need!

For the heel spur treatment folk remedies you must fulfill several conditions:

Abandon footwear that causes discomfort (Slippers, high-heel shoes, loafers, boots, etc.). In the course of treatment folk remedies it is necessary to choose comfortable shoes (ideally sneakers) with a special arch support. If you can not purchase such shoes, you can just put special insoles which have a recess under the heel spur.

For every 2-3 hours is necessary to lubricate the heel region sore feet a special warming ointment or balm. The ideal option would be the ointment on the basis of bee venom or ointment with cinquefoil.

During medical actions you need to perform simple physical exercises that develop and support the tone of the affected leg. Go down the corridor first on the inner side of the foot, then on the toe, and then on the outside. No need to overwork the leg, so do exercise need to mild fatigue.

However, if the disease passed from the acute into the chronic form, the physical pre-emption and any load on the legs is contraindicated. The disease assumes an inflammatory character, and the approach to its treatment needs to be cautious and without a doubt comprehensive.

It is recommended to use:

warm foot baths;


perform strengthening exercises (without stepping on the leg), can significantly improve the condition of the muscles of the foot;

pass massage.

To prepare foot baths, it is necessary to collect water in any container, preferably a common household bowl, fill it with warm water and add 50 grams of alcohol ammonia and 1 teaspoon (tablespoon) of unrefined sunflower oil. To receive foot baths every day for 1-2 months.

Some useful recipes of folk medicine for heel spurs:

  • Great folk remedy for the treatment of heel spurs is a classic mug. Therefore, it is necessary to buy or pick the leaves of burdock, plantain. Which can be found in an urban environment, and then bind the leaves to the heel. This procedure is recommended to take before sleep.
  • The second wrap can be made of dipyrone and iodized salt, dilute it with water and applied 2 times daily to the affected area for 10 minutes.
  • Mix warmed honey and Shilajit in a proportion of 100/5 grams and cool, every day at night rubbing the heel of mixture.
  • Some use red pepper, poured in a sock and wear them all day long.
Any folk remedy should only be used after seeking medical attention and, together with medicines, otherwise, self-medication can lead to complications.

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