Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies

Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies, does not yield medicine, modern, and noticeably improves the condition of the patient. Folk medicine has collected a number of recipes by using medicinal plants and herbs. Available folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis is given below. Treatment of prostatitis pumpkin seeds

In the treatment of prostatitis medicine men have long used pumpkin seeds. To treat this disease they are affordable and very good folk remedy. Pumpkin seeds quickly treat prostatitis because they contain lots of zinc, which is necessary for the man at any age. Need a day to eat 30 seeds before eating. The body is just the daily percentage of zinc.

Treatment of prostatitis with hazel

For treatment of prostatitis folk remedies you need to take either the leaves or bark of witch hazel. Can make alternately the bark or leaves. Only the bark should be brewed longer twice, as it is tougher leaves.

Recipe: brew one tablespoon of bark (or leaves) of a filbert in a Cup of boiling water. Close the lid and wait for half an hour. After the strain and take 4 times a day for 1/4 Cup.

Better every time to use the fresh twigs, but can be used several times and are already used. Weeks of such procedures is usually sufficient, and prostatitis is.

Treatment of prostatitis wasp

To make medicine need the aspen bark collected until reptiles kidneys, at the beginning of SAP flow. This period begins around mid-April.

Bark after collection should be dried in the shade or in the oven. After drying, 100 grams of dry bark, grind and put in half-liter jar. Bark pour 200 grams of vodka, put a lid on the jar and leave it for 2 weeks in a dark place. After infusion of strain.

Drink the infusion 3 times daily before meals, diluting 20 drops in a quarter glass of water.

Treat prostatitis chestnuts

Treatment of prostatitis folk remedies the shell of chestnuts. The shell must be with needles. It needs to make instead of tea and drink.

Chestnuts sing and become brown in September. Gather and peel the ripe. Chop the peel and then three tablespoons of chopped peel pour 500 g of boiling water at night. On the morning of the infusion strain and oparte it in a water bath to 200 grams. Drink 3 times a day 30 drops on an empty stomach. The course of treatment until the medicine is over. All you need to do three courses of treatment with breaks for two months.

Ivan-tea from prostatitis

Ivan-tea is harvested during its flowering. you need to make the flowers bloom fully, and represented the buds. A flower Bud breaks down completely. Collected brushes laid out on some kind of cloth with a thick layer, and then the "carpet" rolled into a roll.

After ten hours, it is necessary to dry the raw material at high temperature, for example, in the oven. Grind the dried brush and store in containers tightly closed.

From prostatitis Ivan tea should be brewed like regular tea – 200 ml of boiling water with one spoon. Drink it at least two times a day.



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