Dispense with prostatitis: a set of exercises for mens health

One of the most common men's diseases – inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), which can lead to serious complications. This body is very vulnerable and prone to various infections, and therefore needs especially careful attitude.


Prostate, or prostate, is located directly under the bladder. It's hormone the male organ which is mainly responsible for the production of one of the seminal components.

Inflammation of the prostate is particularly dangerous because, starting in the form of acute prostatitis can become chronic. In this case, after the acute period of the disease subsides, but after a while again manifested exacerbations with fever, pain and heaviness in the abdomen, in the groin, with painful and increased urination.

Chronic prostatitis affects more than half of men older than 35 years. The consequences can be serious: inflammation of adjacent organs and tissues, increased risk of malignancies, as well as infertility, impotence and because of this, nervous disorders, problems in family life.

Try to figure out how to protect yourself from prostatitis. First of all, you need to understand what "does not like" prostate. In the first place in this list is a sedentary lifestyle.

That is because modern men, especially urban, move a little, they weaken the abdominal wall muscles, ligaments, internal organs and pelvic diaphragm, that is, the area between the rectum and scrotum. As the result gradually the drooping of internal organs and disturbed the flow of blood and lymph from the pelvis, Where there is a persistent hotbed of long-standing tensions. And when you do, a little provocation in the form of a flu, sore throat, hypothermia or overheating of the organism to cause acute prostatitis.

Appointed in such cases, antibiotic therapy only for a while "presses" microflora, but the main reason for the decline in the body's resistance to infections remains stagnant phenomena in the pelvis, poor circulation, drainage in most of the prostate gland. And as the prostate continues to gradually deteriorate.

Very often in the pathological process included the lumbosacral spine. To stomach pain join discomfort, heaviness and pain in the lower back. Problems of the lower back can even come to the fore and most to bother the man. But they can't be fully addressed without restoring the prostate gland.

That is why in my practice in the treatment of patients with prostatitis first of all restore the normal range of motion in the spine and tone the abdominal muscles and the perineum. There are different ways much a man can do himself.

The main thing – to learn a series of exercises to eliminate stagnation. This complex I designed and ran it, and it has proven to be highly effective in the regular classroom. Exercises not only strengthen the weakened area, but also help to almost completely recover, of course, if prostatitis is not too run.



1. In standing, sitting or lying down several times during the day to make the most deep breath, inflating the stomach. Hold your breath for 10-12 seconds, then exhale belly, taking care that it became flat, as if glued to the spine. Start with 3 times and gradually reach 10-20 times. Also very good, if at the time of expiration you put your hands down your belly, over the pubic joint and these help release this area.

2. In standing, sitting or lying down several times a day as much as possible draw the anus (back passage), lingering in this position for 6-10 seconds. Repeat from 3 to 20 times.

The following exercises are performed in a complex, once a day (preferably) or every other day.

3. In standing position put your weight on one leg and the other leg make a free rocking motion back and forth up to 30 times, then switch legs.

4. From a sitting position, hedging hands, legs apart as widely as possible, as if you want to sit in a straight twine. Will hold for up to 6-10 seconds and then try again to increase the distance between the feet. This exercise is very important, as it contributes to sprain and strained the adductor muscles of the thigh.

5. In supine position, push down on the floor by the nape and buttocks. Try to back off the floor, lock this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 3-10 times. My hands well put on your stomach and eyes lift up, as if you want to see the floor.

6. Sit on the floor, legs pull forward. "Walk" across the floor on buttocks first forward, then back, trying to "pass" as far as possible. Do 20-30 steps each cheek.

7. Lying on your back, put your right foot on the left knee. Left hand push right knee to the left as possible. Linger in the final phase for a few seconds, then switch legs.

8. Lying on your back simultaneously lift the chest off the floor without using your hands (drawing on the back of the head and buttocks) and lift the straight leg so tensed all the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen. Hold in this position until fatigue, then relax, returning to its original position. Repeat 3-5 times.

9. Put on the floor an ordinary ball, its size can determine for themselves. Lie on his stomach and using hands "prokatyvaja" the body of the ball for two to three minutes.

10. Sit on the floor, legs pull ahead. Drag the hands to the feet as possible, with this exercise it is important not to bend your knees. Perform each exercise 3-4 minutes.

11. Sit down the crotch area on the ball from tennis holding the body weight with your hands. Within 3-5 minutes "prokatyvaja" the ball is in the area of the perineum, gradually increasing the pressure. Usually, when a person first begins to perform this exercise, it is very uncomfortable and painful. Gradually, you can achieve relief or even complete disappearance of pain.

12. Jumping on the spot – at least 50 jumps on a daily basis (it does not pinch the genitals and speedos, let them have the opportunity to move freely). Gradually increase the height of jumps, and later their number. Don't worry if at first will be discomfort in the genital area (genital organs). Adhering to the principle of gradual load increase, you will achieve the disappearance of these sensations.

13. In a standing position perform a lateral trunk bending at an average pace and not very deep. When tilted to the left straighten the knee the left leg, when tilted to the right – right. 20-30 bends to each side.

14. Do stand on the shoulders ("birch"), resting on a floor nape, shoulders and elbows. Hands hold the waist. Hold this position for a few minutes, the longer the better because that's where all the organs fall into place. Standing in a pose "birch", follow the first two exercises of the complex. (If you have more than 40 years, before switching the 14th exercise in the complex, check with your neurologist and check the status of the cervical spine).

After all the exercise, stand under a warm shower and gently perform a self-massage of the prostate through the rectum.

Standing under the shower, lather or lubricate any neutral cream medium or index finger of the right hand and gently insert it into the anus. Then make a slow massage with gradually increasing pressure on the anterior wall of the rectum by studying the surrounding areas.


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I warn you once; the more marked phenomena of inflammation in the body, the longer it lasted, the more unpleasant will be your experience. So do not rush immediately to get results and to achieve the full liberation of body.

Than painful, the softer must be your movements. As if you are forced out gradually, freeing the body of stagnation. Encourage its gradual integration into the overall rhythm of the movement of the body. The procedure will define their own sense of relative comfort.published

Author: Sergei Makeev


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