Healthy drinks for beauty and skin health

In this article I want to cover the drinks, the most charitable impact on the human body.

First drink — carrot juice. It contains carotenoids that the body turns into very essential for the normal functioning of vitamin A. This essential vitamin affects the sharpness of our view, also the beauty of the skin, and, equally important, on the condition of the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory organs. In addition, carrot juice is large in folic acid and potassium also is necessary for our body, perfectly capable to normalize their work.

The second miracle drink is a green tea best extract for body and face. Green tea has healing and tonic properties that quickly relieve puffiness and moisturizes. The representatives of the beautiful half of humanity with sensitive skin who can not tolerate hard water flowing from the tap, it is useful to wash the infusion of this tea. To improve complexion and get rid of his unhealthy pallor, it is recommended every morning after cleansing, wipe face with pre-frozen cubes of green tea. At home you can also prepare a mask from a tea infuser for healthy skin. To do this, warm the tea leaves should be applied on a gauze pad, gently apply it on face and leave for 25-30 minutes.

Third drink – uterine milk, which is simply impossible to ignore. It has long been noticed leading cosmetics company and they produce their syrups and cocktails. This is, without doubt, the precious bee product. Fallopian milk is removed from certain glands of young bees. About its amazing properties guessed, watching the bees that feed on them their entire life, and the life which, through him, becomes much longer than their other colleagues. "And what man is worse than the bees?", thought the researchers, and continued the experiment. It turned out that this drink is simply created for health and beauty. It has beneficial effects on the nervous and endocrine systems, maintains the constancy of the blood, slows the aging process of internal organs and skin, that is why it is often used as means of nature. Fallopian milk is recommended to drink with honey, which drowns out the bitter-salty taste.

In conclusion, it is impossible not to believe in yourself, and get used to everything gradually, otherwise instead of the matte skin and the blush You will only get depressed. Be beautiful!



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