2 recipes of Oriental medicine: the elixir and porridge for rejuvenation and beauty

Recipe from the book Zheng Fujun "the Best doctor is yourself" was created on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine and uses the secrets of Oriental food when every ingredient of the recipe includes substances that affect the Meridian of an organ.

This recipe is very simple and is based on a very important principle: the beauty begins with the health of the internal organs.

If you rely only on expensive cleansing and nourishing products for skin care on the surface and not to provide power from the inside, the effect of these creams is unlikely to be long-lasting.

In the Western cosmetics attached little importance to the fact that health or ill health of the skin and the hair on the head depends on the functional state of internal organs from the system U-Sin.

In fact, the condition of the skin, hair, complexion, body structure is a reflection of the state of internal organs and channels.

  • Rough skin acne - so there is a problem with the lungs, weakness of the lungs.
  • Skin dull, pale — indicate any problem in the cardiovascular system.
  • Skin as if sprinkled with ashes at the temples strange spots — so problems in the liver and gallbladder.
  • On the face constantly have pimples — this indicates the excess dampness in the body.
  • Hair fall, dry and lifeless — weakness of the kidneys, deficiency of Qi in the Kidneys.

According to Chinese Medicine, the condition of skin and hair respond to light. Heart problems also occur complexion. So beauty is health.


Recipe porridge for beauty

Porridge of mixed beans and purple rice — the secret of Oriental beauty.

Often include in your diet porridge from the five elements — soybean, pea, black soybean (black bean), azuki (bean angular) and red rice (purple rice).

Five-colored mess very useful from the point of view of Chinese Traditional Medicine and now You'll see for yourself, having learned what bodies affects every element of our beauty.

1. Soya — the taste is sweet, feature — trim. Useful for channels of the Spleen, Lungs, large intestine. Invigorates the spleen, replenishes the level of Qi, nourishes the blood, softens dryness, promotes fluid, eliminates the tumor.

2. Peas — taste: sweet feature is cool. Useful for channels of Heart, Stomach. Removes heat, removes toxins, promotes fluids, eliminates tumors, improves appetite, revitalizes the spleen.

3. Black beans (black soybeans) — the taste is sweet, characteristic of the equilibrium.Useful for channels Spleen, Stomach. nourishes Yin, replenishes blood, stimulates blood flow, strengthens the weak, expels Wind, resolves toxins.

4. Azuki (red beans) — a taste of sweet and sour, feature — trim. Useful for channels of the Spleen, Liver, and Urinary bladder. Promoting liquid, disperses swelling, invigorates the spleen, eliminates hardening in the abdominal cavity, nourishes blood. An ancient medical treatise says that if you regularly use adzuki food, then the person will get rid of excess fat.

5. Purple (red) rice — the taste is sweet, characteristic and warm. Useful for channels of Heart, Spleen and Kidneys. Nourishes the heart, calms the nerves, invigorates the spleen, replenishes blood, strengthens the kidneys, beneficial to the seed.

In General, porridge beauty of colorful ingredients useful for all internal organs, it balances the Heat and Cold, Dryness and Coolness. Useful for the entire digestive tract, easy on the stomach and spleen, indeed it can be called wonderful.


How to cook porridge beauty:

Rinse beans and rice, pour clean water and leave overnight. In the morning rinse, pour fresh water and cook until tender.


Recipe for a miraculous elixir of beauty

It is an effective drink for beauty from a treatise of the antiquity KTM "Books of magic recipes":

  • Fresh ginger — 500 g
  • Chinese date (jujube) — 250 g
  • Sea salt — 100 g
  • Licorice (licorice) — 150 g
  • Aloe Vera — 25g
  • Cloves — 25 g.
  • Anis — 200 g

Grind and mix all the components. To drink daily 2-3 cups, brewing 1 teaspoonful to 1 Cup of hot water 75-90 degrees. Amazing cosmetic effect and radiance of the skin.published


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