Cancer treatment according to the principles of Tibetan medicine

Our texts States that the use of natural remedies helps to minimize possible side effects during the treatment and to optimize the healing process.© Dr. Quasar Namgyal (Namgyal Qusar)

Today my report is devoted to the treatment of cancer according to the principles of Tibetan medicine.

I'd like to give you a quick view of how we treat cancer according to the principles of Tibetan medicine, namely the major stages: control of the disease in the initial stages, local control, and detoxification of the body and restore its energies. The next stage is the cure, harmonization of body and spirit. At all these stages is very important four main integrative method. As well as diet, lifestyle, intake of herbs and all the other additional therapies.

Let me give you the example of a story that happened to my patient. Tibetan woman aged over 60 years was talking to me for five years. So... we know each other.

After about four years of Dating I noticed some changes on her face. I found a small education. The mole on her face became larger and changed color, become darker brown and asymmetrical, ceased to be round. I've done the research, and we discussed what was going on. I told her I found some changes in the body, on her face, and their need to explore. In my understanding, everything should be fine – her digestive and urinary systems are functioning normally, she has a normal pulse. But we have to check it in the hospital. We discussed it with her daughter. I told her that it looks like cancer, but, nevertheless, if it's not cancer – OK, but if it is – we mustn't disturb the patient ahead of time.

At the hospital took a biopsy and found neoplastic changes confirmed the presence of cancer cells. And suddenly, everyone panicked. I said, don't worry, you need to find out more detail... I turned to her husband and daughter with a request to carry out local control, to carry out all doctor's appointment and then to continue treatment with the application of Tibetan medicine.

The patient was examined for the presence of other complications. Fortunately, it was uncomplicated, local cancer. The doctor suggested surgery. The patient went into shock, not knowing what to do. They came to me after the consultation and asked for my advice. Yes, because it is a local education, it should be immediately removed. But they still could not come to decision what to do. They turned for advice to our Tibetan lamas. And even they said they need to operate.

Up to the moment the patient went into surgery, she and her family were very worried, and I tried all the time to support them. I asked them not to worry, saying that energy women are kept in optimal condition, and therefore it can easily cope with this operation. In the end they decided to have surgery. The tumor was removed.

After two or three days the woman returned home and paid me a visit. The doctors who operated on her, confirmed that the decision to consent for surgery is timely. Of course, after surgery you do not immediately feel healthy, you need some time for rehabilitation.

About a year later she went to the hospital for monitoring. Everything was clean. I got her on several medications at the time of continue treatment. As you know, control the initial state is very important. If I didn't tell her to go to the surgeons and begin treatment methods of Tibetan, it would not be a very smart decision on my part.

There are lots of cancer States, according to Tibetan medicine, we must control locally. For example, cancer of the stomach, which is very characteristic of Tibetan society. Tibetans should be in control of this state by monitoring the presence of H. pylori, because many of us have elevated levels of the bacteria that leads to stomach cancer.

It is also necessary to control the risk of cancer of the urinary tract. If we practice Tibetan medicine for Tibetan medicine – it's not right, it should not be. We need to practice any kind of medicine for the benefit of our patients, for the benefit of people. Therefore, we must first think about how to help the patient.

Diet and lifestyle are the same medication and are important at all stages of cancer treatment. Diet and lifestyle are always important – we can live without drugs, but I can't live without food. We live to live and to do the work, not only that which we enjoy. That's what our way of life. Diet and lifestyle are equally important and as a way of prevention and as a method of treatment.

In cancer treatment it is also important that the impact that you get from the social environment. It is important to support the patient mentally, to prepare him for possible upcoming trials: pain, sadness, nervousness, depression. In Tibetan medicine we say that the patient, a doctor and a support group (nurses, family, environment) are equally important. The doctor must be professional and possess sufficient skills in their field. The patient should be calm, confident, and trust the doctor. And the support you get from family or someone else needs help, give the right food at the right time.

In addition, we prescribe medications from herbs, to improve the quality of life of patients and prolong their lives. Our texts States that the use of natural remedies helps to minimize possible side effects during the treatment and to optimize the healing process.

In our medical tradition is actively used heat. We apply heat in the points that allow you to awaken energy and to direct it to the diseased organs and tissues... I believe that the radiation therapy that we use now in traditional medicine, and our heat is very similar. The difference in intensity and aggressiveness of treatment, and the choice of the affected side for treatment. The approach is the same, we use it since ancient times. Treatment should be personalized and empathetic, every patient should feel supported.

Dietary recommendations.

From the point of view of Tibetan medicine it is necessary to consume all kinds of food, but in moderation, whether we're talking about taste, texture or something else. You must eat in accordance with its Constitution. Therefore, every diet can have its features, but we need to determine if it would fit or not.

If you have the type of Constitution Water or Land, you should avoid large amounts of cold food, garlic in the morning because if you eat garlic in the morning, he will make you even more tired. Moreover, it will make you more sick. You should eat most natural food in the form in which it grows. This is our serious problem today. Today so much and everything looks so appetizing, especially in grocery stores. But grocery stores are not for us, we don't have to buy food. They are created in order to sell, and we, in turn, should know what we need. If we know this – we're safe.

We always say that it's important to change the tastes of consumers, there are many foods we can eat. Marketers know that people can be controlled if properly present the product. It's not their fault, it's ours – if we will not buy, they will not sell. If you prefer a more organic, naturally grown food, they will have to sell it. And when we buy everything on sale, we are victims. Unfortunately, we are all victims. Always.

It is very important to eat warm foods that preaches Tibetan medicine. Not every time, of course, because sometimes we need warm food, sometimes cold. Of course, much depends on age, season, weather, etc. But make sure you don't eat only cold food, you should eat warm food at least once a day. And need to drink more pure water.

There are certain types of food that we all know — you can find them in any book on dietary nutrition. This is the food that I think is useful. I also recommend it because it warms and balances the energy. In India people use many different types of vegetables that are considered harmful to the digestive system. As soon as there are problems with the digestive tract, chronic diseases, especially cancer, you need to ensure that the person eats the right food.

Need to know if the patient's diet black lentils, also called makandal (dal – lentils). Also rajma brown kidney beans, potatoes, cabbage. It is believed that all these products lead to increased gas formation in the stomach. Ensure that patients with digestive problems do not use these products. All Tibetan doctors advise patients to avoid potatoes, white rice, cabbage. The reason is that when cancer develops, our body goes through a stressful phase, and at this time, the food that causes the formation of gases that render harm.

In turn, the diet must include berries. For example, such as berry or Goji turbo. Today they are very famous throughout India and even in China. A lot of research is carried on these berries. For many centuries we actively use in Tibetan medicine. In Ayurveda they are not as popular, but now the Ayurvedic doctors are actively pursuing research beneficial therapeutic effects of the use of this berry. Especially Aquino studied its use in the fight against cancer.

In Indian medicine, this berry has no name. The Indians began to call her "charm", but it is a Tibetan word meaning "spike." We have a Tibetan name for this berry – "turbo" and has a synonym "Lucerna". As this plant has thorns, they just called it the Tibetan word, in order to identify the plant.

Turbo or Goji – one of the most important ingredients for cancer treatment, also used as an anti-inflammatory.

During treatment it is recommended to pay attention to the maintenance of the heat of the digestive tract. That's fine provide the spice. Turmeric is well known, it has antitoxic effect. Also, it perfectly removes toxins from the body, heals wounds. Coriander also has anti-inflammatory effect in the digestive tract. Cinnamon improves digestion. Ginger has a similar effect, and also adds strength. Cardamom is particularly helpful for improving blood circulation and metabolism. It is widely used in kidney cancer. Garlic and onions do well with the stress, soothe the energy of the lung. Is also helpful black pepper.

In Tibet, there is no papaya and avocado and other healthy vegetables and fruits, but now we live in a world where everything is easy to get, so they too need to eat. In our opinion these fruits are warm in nature and easy on the stomach. Especially it is famous for garnet – it we often use in our Tibetan formulas, because it retains the warmth of the digestive tract and supports the health of mucous membranes. We believe this is the best fruit because it is known that it harmoniously combines all the five elements.

In the Tibetan books there are individual chapters dedicated to the treatment of cancer, which States that it is necessary to avoid very sweet, sour, salty foods. They act as a toxin as a poison. It is clear that everyone has their own tastes, but everything should be consumed in moderation. Especially sweet! It is necessary to reduce the consumption of sweets in any form, because if you eat a lot of sweets you consume a lot of the elements of Earth and Water, and in excess they are toxic. You need to eat more natural foods and avoid overly hot, alcohol, coffee and carbonated drinks in large quantities. Sauces, mayonnaise, foods with excessive fat – all this is also necessary to exclude.

We also recommend not to eat fried food. We recommend you to prefer cooked foods or steamed. These are some dietary recommendations for everyone, especially for cancer patients.

The locomotor activity.

And finally, our main recommendation at all stages of cancer – regular exercise, regular movement, because our modern society is the victim of a sedentary lifestyle. Of course, a particularly good exercise like yoga or tai Chi, because the main purpose of yoga is to balance the five basic energies of the body.

I am personally familiar with tai Chi, because I had a student who trained with this exercises from the best masters, and a couple of years I studied with him. Sorry, I'm not a very athletic person, I have stopped doing after he left and now I just don't know what to do. But it's a great sport! Always when I was practicing tai Chi in the morning, I felt completely different – young, fresh, even my memory has improved. So we have to move, it's important.

It is also necessary to control weight. When a person has cancer or heart disease in the first place, it is necessary to reduce weight. And we can control it through sports, of course.

The study I pointed out that it is very important to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, white rice, bread, etc. At least when we're talking about the diet, carbohydrates should make up 30% and vegetables – the remaining 70%. I think it's a wise decision to monitor the weight.

Bad habit, addiction, drugs, chewing tobacco – we all know what that leads to cancer.

It is very important to go to bed at the right time. In fact, here the formula is simple — as soon as it gets dark, we should go to bed. At least we got early to sleep and early to rise. This is especially true for cancer patients.

The patient should immediately change your lifestyle as soon as was diagnosed. The patient himself, his family and friends must be ready to face these challenges. One of the most important psychological preparation. You have to be psychologically prepared! Once we made the decision and began mentally to prepare for, we'll find a way to beat cancer.

Let's try to make life as easy as possible. Managing emotions is very important! As soon as you woke up in the morning, wish all prosperity. You all know that the Tibetan people are poor, but when we pray, we pray for the welfare of all mankind. It's not because we don't get cancer, it's because the welfare of others more important than their own. When you have this mentality, it will help you to minimize problems in the event of a serious illness, to minimize suffering. The simple practice of mind training is very useful. I voiced this phrase: we need to motivate myself with the thought that all living beings are more important than we are, and everything has a higher purpose. When I'm in company, I consider myself the lowest of all and sincerely perceive others as more intelligent, strong and main...

In each action I will appeal to the mind in that moment, when my emotions will take over me. I will firmly confront them, because they can hurt me and others. When I see ill nature of the creature, suffering from the disease, I refer to it as a rare and priceless treasure.

When someone angrily attacks me, I will surrender and let him win. If I really believe in someone and had high hopes, but they did not materialize, I will treat this person as a true spiritual master.

As you know, Tibetan medicine — the Buddhist philosophy and practice, Tibetan doctors, clearly, Buddhists. But it is our duty to treat not only Buddhists, but anyone. And this exercise of consciousness, which I mentioned earlier, is suitable for all. When we are faced with a patient who is not a Buddhist, but wants to find a way, I always recommend this training of the mind. It does not have to believe in Buddha. Through this practice the person opens himself, opens his heart. When we open ourselves, we go beyond limits and restrictions.

With regard to treatment practices, would like to share with you one name of a plant which we use. We have Healium Cardigans (Botanical name), which we do warm compresses with the addition of other herbs such as long pepper, polygonally CARIFORUM etc. we Also use the extract of oat grain. All this is effective in the treatment of cancer at an early stage, but when he becomes more aggressive, it is very important to purify the body. On the slide you can see the herbs that we use, but many of them grow very high in the mountains. Some herbs are very rare.

The last stage of treatment of cancer according to Tibetan medicine – the healing and harmonize the body energies. You see, we use a lot of multi-compound drugs. We're talking about integrative medicine, so we are talking about the integrated components. Some packs are made in broth, consisting of more than 25 herbs. The main reason for this multicomponent approach is that we need to harmonize mind and body.

I would like to mention one of the components that were investigated in the laboratory and which proved in the result of a very strong anticarcinogenic effect. If you go to the page of our University, you will see the publication about this study. Compliance with dietary recommendations and recommendations on lifestyle, will help not only you but the people around you, people you trust who are stronger than you mentally – they can also help you prepare for treatment. When we are mentally ready, we know how to better manage and cope with our emotions. In my experience, when the patient is ready, it responds well to any treatment, including Tibetan. Tibetan medicine is, first and foremost, integrative approach.

II conference on Integrative medicine, Barcelona, Spain
translation with minor changes


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