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In Western medicine is disease like type 2 diabetes is considered a chronic disease and not amenable to treatment. The judgment about the presence in the body of diabetes type 2 - is the existence of life on tablets or other drugs that increase insulin levels in the blood and thus reduce the level of sugar. Patients with this disease in addition receives other concomitant diseases that develop over time, and be cured of diabetes type 2 western medicine does not give any chances.

Modern highly developed science of man can not find a way to cure disease, but it does not even try to look at the body in terms of integrity, and the relationship of all processes in it. The only way to recover from this disease can only alternative ancient alternative healing technique.

Tibetan Buddhist medicine or definitely knows how it should be the treatment of diabetes. To question its effectiveness, therefore, agree to live life on the artificial drugs, and not give your body the slightest chance of being cured.

Tibetan healing attracts the attention of people for centuries. Basic understanding on which it is built and the main methods of treatment of this ancient medicine, it is the integrity of the - balance of energy and elements in the body, as well as the human relationship with the environment. Even a person's thoughts definitely affect his health. Considering the Tibetan approach to treatment, it is necessary to take into account that in the ancient treatises of the human body is viewed as consisting of three elements - wind, bile and phlegm. They are also called principles or

┬źdoshas'. These three elements form a type of body structure, its features, and even character. Congenital or genetically shaped body of a man called "Prakriti" or "creation of the first." That condition of the body, which is a man now - it 'vikriti ". All states of the differences between "Prakriti" and "vikriti" caused by an imbalance or disease.

It should also be noted that the state of health in ancient Tibet was considered particularly important, what should not be taken lightly. For the treatment of diseases, Tibetan medicine uses only natural components on an ancient recipe that has not changed for centuries. Methods of treatment in Tibetan medicine can be water from local sources, recipes for food and drink, some dietary restrictions. Massage, moxibustion, acupuncture treatment methods are also helping to get rid of many diseases.

How to cure diabetes by methods of Tibetan medicine

Diabetes in the Tibetan medical treatises called "rank-no-for-khu" or urinary disease because food juice contained in the urine. The very direction of treatment depends on the prevailing "doshas" person referred to earlier.

These are three types: bile, phlegm and wind

. Diabetes often affects people with a type of bile, with excessive weight, reddish face, irritable or unstable character. The next predisposition to this disease are the people with the type of constitution Slime - good-natured, full-bodied, with a whitish skin, with characteristic calm character, and the delayed action

. Less frequently fall under this diagnosis people with the type of constitution Wind - mobile, cheerful, thin, durable. They have an inconspicuous appearance, but very lively facial expressions and gestures.

It should also be noted that diabetes has some prognostic symptoms:

festering in the corners of the eyes (barley, which is common);


poor sleep;


redness or inflammation in the small crotch, elbow and popliteal folds;

boils, "teal┬╗;

dry mouth and frequent crackle;

great thirst and excess urine, often too light and watery.

All this is due to a violation of lymph circulation, accumulation of toxins and incomplete digestion of food, the inhibition of biochemical processes. Such disorders can occur as a consequence of a poor environment, poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.

From the perspective of Tibetan medicine as a result of diabetes appears to increase mucus and bile in the body. Slime by nature consists of two elements - Earth and Water. Bile is a natural bodily Fire and Water. The first two doshas are responsible for the proper nutrition. As an additional factor appears dosha Wind.

Provoke diabetes can use the above rules are too sweet or salty foods (cool, heavy and juicy in its food properties). Further provoking factors can be: a sedentary lifestyle, prolonged exposure to high humidity, congenital predisposition

. Success in treating such diseases as diabetes mellitus methods of Tibetan medicine in many respects depends on the period of the disease (the more you support, the more difficult to treat). The acute phase of the disease is easily diagnosed and removed just as quickly. A certain share of the human therapy can play his age and wear and tear of the body, as well as personal efforts to change the patient's lifestyle and taking certain dietary restrictions.

Among the nutritional advice of Tibetan healers regarding patients with diabetes such as:

Increase the amount you drink, especially cold.

Avoid spicy and fatty foods, rich in condiments on.

Avoid bread and flour products (except wholemeal), vinegar and olives.

Eat more raw vegetables and fruits.

Completely eliminate sweets, which consist of white sugar.

By following these guidelines, you can suppress the action of bile, and the patient's weight will gradually decrease. If you want to work in the same direction on the mucus, the Tibetan medicine recommends to drink ginger tea throughout the day, eat solid food raw, or steamed. Eliminating fatty, fried and too sweet food also become a basic requirement for treatment. Little lamb, chicken and fish allowed.

For people with the Wind is a basic rule of the constitution compliance quiet steady-state, in every possible way to move away from stressful situations, and not to provoke their own creation. Because of its nature, people of this type only one nervous surge may disrupt the balance of bile and mucus in the body. People with the constitution of the Wind must by nature be calm and harmonious.

The approach of Tibetan medicine in the treatment of diabetes original contemporaries. However, where a couple of hundred years ago, these diseases are much rarer, as a healthy and harmonious combination of the basic elements of the body has been given great importance and people seriously comply with all the recommendations of doctors. The lack of synthetic additives and drugs based on them, has been replaced by organic components. Among other methods of treatment of diabetes - receive special decoctions or infusions of herbs, the body warm and moxibustion 18 and 19 vertebrae

. Successful recovery from illness - it is primarily the adoption and execution of all sacred teachings, even if they may seem insignificant or unimportant. How, for example, the recommendation to "walk barefoot 3000 km with a herd of cows." Modern medicine can not boast of having cases of complete healing of diabetes drugs. But you can find thousands of cases of healing of alternative or non-traditional methods, such as Tibetan medicine.


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