Disadvantage of the invention, which is afraid of the world

Progress, as we know, does not stand still, and moving forward. But somehow, over the last hundred years has not found an alternative to gasoline, a cure for cancer or a way to feed the population of this planet. or found? No, if found, make sure you have applied to, and we all would live happily ever after. It's so?

Alternative fuel

Discussions about more eco-friendly and cheap fuel has been underway for several decades, but was still talking. The same hydrogen burning is not much worse than gasoline, and its combustion products are much less toxic. As for extraction of this gas, it is very much in nature, and methods for its production are known and widely used in industry.

As excuses the use of hydrogen, leads his explosiveness and the fact that travel with the tank filled with explosives, at least uneasy. But is not explosive gasoline? In addition, there is an old method of producing hydrogen from water - electrolysis. Certainly, the desire for a certain amount of funding and can build a small plant that could produce hydrogen from water and re chasing him into the combustion chamber of the car. And then the problem would be solved explosion.

Who and why is not profitable transition from oil products to refuel vehicles with water, we think, explain too. We note only that the Russian revolution of gasoline and diesel is "modest" 62 million tons per year, and the export leaves an additional 140 million tons of fuel. And, in addition to Russian oil companies, as you know, there are others.

"Incurable" cancer

In early September, an international nonprofit organization "The World Cancer Research Fund" has published data showing that in the world every year there are nearly 12 million cancer cases. The cost of treating new patients with cancer at the moment is estimated at 286 billion dollars a year.

However, in 1983, Tulio Simoncini oncologist treating an Italian named Gennaro Sangermano, which doctors predicted death a few months later of lung cancer. After a short time, this person is completely cured. Cancer disappeared. Flushed with success, and with other patients, naive Simoncini presented his data to the Italian Ministry of Health in the hope that they will start clinical studies and see how his method works.

But Italian medical establishment is not only considered his research, but also stripped of his medical license for "treating patients with drugs that have not been approved." The media launched a campaign against him, making fun of him personally, and his method of spraying mud. Soon, he got three years in prison for having allegedly "killed their patientsĀ».

The medical establishment said that the treatment of cancer with sodium bicarbonate is "delusional." This at a time when millions of patients die an agonizing death from "proven" and "security" of chemotherapy, physicians continue to deny treatment with sodium bicarbonate.

Some time later, he continued his work. Who knows about it firsthand, and thanks to the Internet. This doctor treats even the most advanced cases of Oncology simple and cheap sodium bicarbonate. In some cases, treatments last for months, and in some (eg, breast cancer) - just a few days. Often Simoncini just tells people what they need to do over the phone or by e-mail. He did not personally present in the treatment and still result exceeds all expectations.

Once again - the cost of cancer treatment today make up 286 billion dollars a year, or 783 million dollars a day. A pack of sodium bicarbonate (better known as baking soda) is from 2 cents to a dollar per kilogram. I think that comment is superfluous.

"Inadequate" amount of food

There is absolutely false given that the planet is overpopulation. Frankly, to overpopulation Earth as long to get as from Moscow to Beijing on all fours. And the problem of hunger in Africa, Asia and South America is not that the planet can not give them enough food.

It is not even that you need to send to Africa that you do not eat up. While this would solve the problem, there is a much simpler and more reliable way to do it - to grow enough food.

Again - in 1960 in England it opened seed treatment method, giving increased yields several times. This method was discovered by L. Ron Hubbard during his experiments on plants. He then discovered that plants can feel pain. This fact became widely known, but the results of experiments to increase crop is called "hushed upĀ».

Theories and conspiracy

We do not advocate the spread of the theory of global conspiracy, whose goal is the extermination of mankind. At least, simply because this theory gives a person a sense of insecurity and offers no solution to the problem.

In fact, the problem is not - there is a conspiracy or not. Even if it is, this plot is only a consequence of another, much larger problem. Name it - selfishness. When a person can not see beyond their own needs (and it is short-term needs), there is a defense of its business to the detriment of thousands and millions of people. The funny thing is, at the same time the saddest thing is that such a person consumes, in particular, and their future.

In fact, the only way to change what you do not like - to stop doing what we are so actively impose stupid soap operas, "popular" detectives and psychologists in fashion magazines. Namely - to cease to be closed on itself. Look around - every person you see affects your life. Some more, some less, but affects everyone.

And every time you get up in front of a choice what to do - ask yourself, would you like to have someone close to you did well. Incidentally, if the answer is "Well, I basically do not care", you can consider it as a negative.

I am sure that if at least half the population of the country will start to not care about their own interests and the interests of society, which is, life will be very different. Then one day we will see an abundance of food, and the lack of incurable diseases, and low-cost environmentally friendly fuel and much more.


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