The whole truth about men

You just do not like him. And no need to invent him opravdaniya.Muzhchina can say, "I have a terrible blockage in the workplace; I recently experienced a serious relationship gap that was for me a great blow; parents' divorce left in my soul an indelible mark and brought a lot of new trouble; now I need to focus on my career. " It is easier to jump out the window, what to say, "You're no good for me." Stop coming up with excuses for us, our actions speak for themselves: you just do not like.

That's according to the authors of the book "The Truth About Men" by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuchillo. They made a list of excuses, which should be avoided for every woman, hoping for good luck. Website was read.

1. Not so much he likes you, he just does not invite you to svidanie.Potomu that if he likes you, he will definitely prescribe you vstrechu.

Justification: «Maybe he did not want to destroy our friendship» «I guess he does not dare to take the first step» «Maybe he does not want to rush things» «But he did not give me your phone number» «Maybe he forgot about me» Note:

Any excuse essentially means that you are his little wonder. Men are not afraid to "destroy the friendship». Do not fall for his tricks and did not invite him on a date. If he likes you, he will invite you. If you can find him, so he can find you. If he wants to find you, he will do it. «Hey, let's meet at such and such a party / in some bar / home of a friend" does not belong to the category of invitations for a date. You are good enough to have been invited on a date.

2. Not so much he likes you, if you do not know how to use telefonom. zvonitMuzhchiny

Justification: «But he's so often is on the move» «But his head is occupied with other things at all» .Samy important question here is: "It is normal if a man forgot to call me?" I replied: "No". He must never forget that you promised to call. Can not you wait for a guy who will soon forget about all that was in his life than to forget about you? Justification: «He does not speak what he thinks actually» «But he's very busy» Note:

If he will not call, then he is of you do not think. If he makes promises and then leads you on trifles, to be sure: the same thing happens when it comes to more serious things. It is not necessary to build a relationship with someone who is not able to keep his word. If he does not want to make any effort to calm you and smooth the emerging conflicts in your relationship , it just does not respect your feelings and needs. You deserve to you the hell called.

3. Not so much he likes you if he does not recognize the fact that you vstrechaetesProvodit time together - does not mean vstrechatsya.

Justification: «He had just gone through a painful breakup» «But we really meet» .Muzhchiny, as women tend to gain a sense of safety and security, when they see that the relationship becomes serious. One of the common ways to do this - claim their loved one. The man who really impressed you, wants you to belong to him completely. And what's wrong with that? Justification: «It's better than nothing» Note:

The men talk about their feelings, even if you refuse to listen to or believe their confessions. "I'm not ready for a serious relationship" means "I'm not ready for a serious relationship with you". "Better than nothing" should not suit you. If you do not understand, what's going on in your relationship, then there is nothing wrong to slow down and ask him a few questions. There's one guy in the world who wants to announce to everyone that he's your boyfriend. Stop fooling around, go and get it.

4. Not so much he likes you if he does not want to deal with you seksomEsli man likes a woman, he always wants to touch it.

Ladies, you have already met and will meet a great number of men. I hate to tell you this, but some of these men just decide that you're not in their taste. But the truth is simple, brutal and bitter, clear as day: you're not attracted to, and he does not want to hurt you.

Justification: «He is afraid that he will hurt again» «I take my mind it that he did not show any interest» «But it's so cool» «It is all a bunch of explanations» Note:

People are always talking about what they really are. If a man tells you that monogamy was not for him, there is no reason not to believe him. Communication - that's fine. But if communication is combined with sex - that's even better. Call a spade a spade, rather, to call each other. And find yourself such a friend, who can not resist to touch you. If you have low self-esteem, then you have to spend on its rise more time than to find a new boyfriend. Li >

5. Not so much he likes you, if he sleeps with other zhenschinoyNe there is no really convincing excuse for infidelity.

Justification: «He has no justification, and he knows about it» «But I have put on weight» .I fully confident that you need to lose 90 kg of your useless boyfriend, not the twenty kilos, which he says. Immediately get rid of this loser, or I'll come to your house and throw him out. Justification: «He needs more sex than me» «But at least he knew it» Note:

Treason is no justification. Let me repeat: there is no justification for change. Now say it yourself: there is no excuse treason. The only thing you are responsible with the moral decline of another person - it is your own feelings. Treason is treason. It does not matter who it is you changed and how many times it happened. Cheaters are never happy. (Because they are all scoundrels.) Incorrect man first change himself, if he can not build a normal relationship with you.

6. Not so much he likes you if he wants to see you only when pyanEsli he likes you, he will seek to see you, when his mind is not clouded by pairs of spirits.

Justification: «But I like it when he tipsy» «At least he's not the drinking spirits» Note:

His words mean nothing if he made them drunk. "I love you" or the like, said under the influence of any drink, a stronger than grape juice, has no force in law and in real life. The use of alcohol and drugs - is not the way to the innermost human feelings. You deserve a man who does not need to be pumped to spend time with you.

7. Not so much he likes you if he does not want you zhenitsyaKazhdy of your former men, who told you that does not want to marry, or not believe in marriage, or has doubts about marriage someday certainly bind themselves sacred ties. Not with you.


«He does not want to marry" and "does not want to marry me" - are two different things. Make sure that you have correctly identified which category belongs your choice. If you have opposing views on marriage, then certainly there are other issues that will lead to controversy. If your relationship does not change, then what are you waiting for? Somewhere on earth goes a man who wants to marry you.

8. Not so much he likes you, if you brosil

Justification: «I need it» «After this decision a lot easier» «But everybody does it» .About yes, sex after breaking up - this is good, because it's great to sleep with a man whom you know. And great to sleep with the person to whom feel strong feelings. Justification: «But then he wants to go back» «I refuse to accept the fact that he left me» Note:

You will not prevent the separation by means of a call. Discussions here will not help. The gap relationships - decision is final and the appeal is not subject. Sex after breaking up does not mean that you are together again. You do not need to remind him that you are great. He also can take care of your cat. Somewhere you will find a young man who is just happy that you again failed to agree with his awful nasty ex-boyfriend.

9. Not so much he likes you if he just picked up and ischezChto Well, here everything is clear. He made you realize that you are so not to his taste, he did not even bother to leave you at least some news about myself.

Justification: «Maybe he died» «So, it turns out, I can not even quarreling with him for the last time?» The first time, perhaps, it will appear that you will feel better if you call him and scandal. You may feel that you let him get away with it. But believe me, nothing of what you want to say to him, there will be a revelation. And to you, and so there is something to spend your time. Justification: «But I just want to get the answer» Note:

Did he really is in the hospital, suffering from amnesia, but most likely he's just not that you fascinated. No response is his answer to you. Do not give him the opportunity to reject you again. Let his mother arranges for him to scandals. And you are too busy for that. There is no mystery: he just walked out of your life, and he was not worthy of you.

10. Not so much he likes you if he is married (this includes all the others, the most incredible reason) If you can not love each other freely and openly, it is not true love.


He is married. If he does not belong to you entirely, then it belongs to her. In the world there are a lot of cool and gentle single men.


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